Mad Season – Lifeless Dead


Mad SeasonLifeless Dead 1995

Mad Season – Lifeless Dead 1995

Mad Season was my favorite project of Layne’s. I actually like Mad Season’s music more the Alice in Chains.. but that might just be because I listened to AIC.. WAY too much..I’d never say I’m sick of them because they f*cking rock but.. I LOVE Mad Season. If you’ve never heard them then you must check them out asap. Click the video above to begin..your trip into heaven..

I believe this song was written about Demri and her death and his lose.. pretty sad.

  1. soulmate08-13-14

    does anyone know more about the relationship of Lane and Demri? i was looking today a long time to her pics and she looks in one way very sweet and innocent and on the other side she has this dark looks and i wonder if Layne was really happy with her. i know several people addicted to heroin and for shure you can never stop if you re wth a partner who is still a user. mostly all users had real familyproblems in their very early childhood, all people i know using heroin had been left by her mothers in an very early age and someone said h feels like a hug from a mother (just in the first times, after your addicted and it feels like nothing, only stops the physicals pains caused by the abuse)
    so i wonder what happened to him at home and what role demri played in his life.
    sorry about my poor english

  2. Astraios04-13-13

    Internet sites abound where demri praise, but honestly I think it was more a girl and negative problem, and I also believe that demri not deserve to layne, although many hate my comment because most want to believe more in a story love pink in the unvarnished truth.

  3. JJ BB02-29-12

    Well I got a bit of info from someone who knew them. We all got the impression of a beautiful relationship. I researched a bit. and the true is that their relation was a toxic one. I’m still checking out if they had an open relationship or they were unfaithful to each other. While with Demri, Layne got it with a mtv reporter and maybe with Hole’s bassist, Kristen (RIP). I though she just walked off maybe because of his infidelities in 94. but apparently was him who broke with her in 93 while he was on tour.

    From 94- to her death, her addiction increased to the point where she was arrested in different counties for prostitution. Apparently she had a boyfriend when she died, who was her dealer too.

  4. Klauzi02-14-12

    Why did she leave him?

  5. erica02-02-12

    I always thought this song was about her & their breakup, even when there was very little information about Demri around. I would love to know why they broke up, but the song explains most of it. I think Laynes sounds depressed, heartbroken and bitter on this album, as well as the self titled aic album from around the same time. Thats one of the reasons I think he is such a great singer the way he conveys his emotions through singing.

  6. JJ BB01-13-12

    I think the song is meant for her but not about her death. she died on Oct of 1996. The song was written 1994-95. This video is from 1995 as you can see. “”They”” ended their relationship. I do think she was is the reason of his depression, sadness, loneliness. From 94-96 (before her death) this man wasn’t happy at all. And when I listened to the song I could see why. she didn’t married as promise, cut the relationship, leaved him alone and broke his heart. They had a pretty relation but appears she just walked off. Her death just screwed any hope he had.

  7. aldo01-12-12

    no non è stata scritta per demri i mad season hanno pubblica il loro lp nel 1994-95 demri e morta nel 1996

    • JJ BB01-13-12

      Totally true! Like I explained bellow.

  8. jessica02-03-09

    ..gee.. i wonder who this song was about.. 😉

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