In Memory of Layne Staley & Demri Lara Parrot

This is the Videos page for our main site RememberLayne.com.. This website is dedicated to Layne Staley, Demri Parrot, Mike Starr and my best friend Rosheen Raugi who all lost the battle of drug addiction. Lovers, soul mates and best friends all gone forever. All were extremely talented and vibrant people who I was blessed to know. If I were asked to describe them all in just a few words (this would be extremely difficult) but I would say that they were are cool, laid back, down to earth, silly, outrageous, stylish and seriously talented. Haha! See I told you a few words would be difficult and maybe impossible. I just consider myself truly lucky to have known them all and spent time with them during their short lives. They all had a lasting impact on me, my personality, the paths I took in my life and their deaths caused me deep pain and scars that are just know beginning to heal… I will miss them always…. an maybe I will forever be damaged from their deaths.

I created this website as a way to personally heal, to share my stories, to reach out to others who are curious about learning more about them as people. I hope you enjoy this site. This site is for all the AIC fans, personal friends and family and for the memory of them all.

Barbara Dearaujo

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RememberLayne.com is a website dedicated to Layne Staley and the music he created.... Enjoy!

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