Jerry Cantrell – The Lost Interview Uncut Part 1 of 3


  1. Hi Barbara! Again I would like to say you guys are some truly amazing friends, makeing this website and all. I know Layne and everybody who’s no longer with us would love it. But anyway I was watching some of you videos and I came across one on YouTube that I have never seen before so I thought I would share It with you, just in the off chance you haven’t seen it. And again I love this site, so much so that I usually read till I have a migraine, but always worth it. And I was wondering if you could post so funny story’s about Mike, I would love to hear more about him. But I’m gonna end this post now or I’ll just keep rambling on. But hope you enjoy the video.

    Keith, 9 years ago Reply

  2. Right onth-is helped me sort things right out.

    Nephi, 7 years ago Reply

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