Demri Lara Parrot


Demri Lara Parrot was a beautiful woman and most people who will come here looking for information will come because they know her as Layne Staley’s girlfriend or because they knew her and are curious what they’ll find online about her. Well, unfortunately there’s not a lot of information online about Demri. Very few people have posted pictures and even fewer of her friends have come forward to talk about her. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe they think it’s rude to write about her online.. I don’t share that opinion.


She was my friend and I know people who love Layne and his music are interested in finding out who she was and I think she’d think that was cool. I also know that she would like it if someone she knew posted her pictures and talked about who she was. Demri was incredible and she deserves to be remembered.

Demri passed away Oct. 29, 1996 and those who knew her.. miss her. I think about her often.

I’m dedicating this page to Demri and Layne and their love, life and friendship.

You can view all my pictures here.. (not my account but basically all the pictures I have are there as well) My account is

I hope people enjoy the pictures and leave a comment.

Pictures of Demri:

Birth: Feb. 22, 1969
Death: Oct. 29, 1996

Here are my Favorite photos of Demri.. there’s not very many to be found online and I’ve lost all of mine so this is all we have to remember her by. I wish her family and friends who have others would share.. 🙁

Rosheen Raugi (my best friend and Dem’s girlfriend) and Demri Parrott

Demri was a close friend of mine for many years and losing her hurt everyone that loved her. If you’ve read some of the stories about her online, please take them with a grain of salt and take heed to the sources.
Pay attention to the ones that say she was super funny and beautiful and a very sick “tiny” little girl who was basically seduced and taken captive by heroin. She was a talented young woman who died before she even turned 30 or got the chance to have a child or have a career or get married. She missed out on so many things because of a little bad luck, drugs and her stubburn ass. I always used to say she burned her candle at both ends and that was truly how she lived her life and no one could reign her in. No one.

If I could say one thing to the people who are searching her out online. I’d say.. never do hard drugs and I’m not just saying that because that’s the right thing to say in this situation I’m saying it because that’s what Demri would want me to say. She loved people and she’d never want to think that people romantasized her life and her death and maybe tried heroin to see what it was like because her and Layne did it. Just remember you can die the first time you do it and never forget that. If your already addicted then please get help. Soon.

If you ever need to talk please feel free to contact me and please leave comments below in memory of Demri and Layne.

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery

Please leave a comment in memory of Demri Parrot.

Tribute Video

People have even made tribute videos to Demri and Layne which I think is really cool.. this is one of them..

  1. 바카라사이트10-11-23

    I was more than happy to search out this website.

  2. Laura01-07-20

    We all know that Demri died from drugs. We know that another brother died from drugs, and the youngest brother from a car accident/crash. I heard that the last remaining brother died by suicide, leaving a wife and kids. How can her mother go through this all, even though she was a drug counseler, to have some of her children die by drugs/suicide, and the youngest by a car crash, which may have been ammiliated by drugs or alcohol. She has no children left, but never mentions any but Demri, maybe because she was affiliated with Layne? Don’t know, only wish her peace, and wish she could’ve helped her other children in drug/ alcohal addictions. Yes, she was young when she had Demri, and then married numerous men, after Demri’s father, and had children by these men, but being a counselor, couldn’t she have helped any of her kids? Yes, Kathleen is beautiful, Demri was beautiful, her brothers were handsome, but the good looks didn’t save her children from their nightmares. Different dads, different days. Yes, many a family is like that today, but not with the same death rate that is in theirs. Seems all the children, not just Demri, were running from something. Were the different fathers harmful to them? Did they want to disengage from life, but loving their mother, doing all they could after Demri died? Demri ran to and fro, from friends to friends, were her brothers like that, too?

    • Mili Diluca01-07-20

      that’s not true, her mom kathleen still having onw son, DAVE MURPHY

    • Sophie W06-11-20

      I understand exactly what you are saying here..BUT that is why so many of ‘ us’ end up working in adult social care / social services ( as we say in England) or in drug counselling projects IS because we have been heavy drug users for years ( myself included) or have lost our partner,lover,friend of family member to class A’s..Just because someone works in the profession and has never been a user it also doesn’t give them some sort of ‘ immunity’ from personally experiencing that pain from losing our loved ones too.I will be very candid with you here but I had to walk out on my own marriage and leave the man I loved ( still love) 20 years ago because of his prolific cocaine use and indeed we BOTH worked in adult care! I did everything in my power to make my man get help and he chose a bag of white powder over me..Chances are Demri’ s mum couldn’t get through to her ,I myself thought I.could take any drug ad was impervious to its results in m teens and twenties….am in my 50′ s now and I’ ve paid the price ,I have MS.

    • Lia09-11-21

      Your obsession with Demri and to a lesser extent Layne, is causing you to waste your life being a weirdo. Seek help.

  3. Laura01-03-20

    what did Demri do in her off time? i’m not talking drugs, not talking modeling, not talking hanging out with friends, or going to shows. I’m talking about her private time, like decoupage on old lunch boxes that she covered with old Victorian art and gave to friends for gifts. What other things did she do, to bide her time til Layne came home? Again, not drugs, modeling, or any of that. Did she visit her mom, some places say that she did, did she make more artwork? When she was alone, by herself, no Layne, no friends, no family, no drugs, what did she do to entertain herself? Especially the no drugs. How did she get through the day? Besides decoupage, making things for others, and shopping for vintage clothes, writing letters to those near and dear to her, what did she do? Not meant as a bad comment, just wondering. She had more to her than Layne, going out, Heroin, and such. More to her than her modeling. So much more. Just asking what she did on her own time? Bless all of you. Happy 2020.

    • Mili Diluca01-07-20

      laura, reading you is so overwhelming, really, every time i go into this page to read things about Demri that i love, i cross your shit comments. there’s no way to block you?you are insufferable woman, go out ansd fuck with someone and please shut up for a while!!!! go solve your traumas with a doctor, FUCKING CRAZY WOMAN: no body answers your comments, realize!!!!!

    • Sophie W06-11-20

      Do you mind me asking how old you are ,not being rude ,net curious? Some of your comments lead me to think you are quite a young person ( believe me anyone is young compared to me!) lol.I ask because I’ m wondering if you where ‘ around’ the music and drug scene in the 80′ s and 90′ s.? Life/ society has changed a help of a lot and not necessarily for the better in some ways we have less freedom now than we did then ,not being rude about your age it’s the way you phrase things ,sounds like a younger person obsessing about a person or ‘ scene’ they never experienced..yes that’s what I meant to say !

    • Oonaghx11-20-22

      She didn’t accomplish anything really!

  4. Laura12-27-19

    I have never used drugs in my life, only alcohol. But I’ve developed IBS and Colitis and Chrone’s disease. Other than that, the doctors say I’m completely healthy. But I’m sick every day, throw up, use the bathroom to an extensive amount, but still healthy according to my docs. I go into the ER at least once or twice a month, not fun. This started about 2 1/2 years ago. Im sick and tired every day, I fight to get through the day, often alone. So you see, drugs aren’t the only things that can kill you. Eating can. So can cancer. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. On this website, everyone talks about drugs, not other things, which is because Demri and Layne ruined their great health with heroin and cocaine. What they would have done if they had another disease, is not known, nor will ever be, not even by their family. My next trip to the ER, will be soon, I can’t take the pain. If I had the means, I would try drugs to ease it, but the nurses can’t even find a good vein in me for the intravenous tube that they use. It usually takes them 3 tries to find a vein that’s good. Apparently Layne and Demri didn’t have that problem. Good veins on them, til they fucked up, using too many drugs. Still love them both, whether in heaven or hell.

  5. Laura12-27-19

    I know that people have said that Demri was brutally honest, meaning that she told people what they didn’t want to hear about themselves. My question, was anyone brutally honest with her, besides her mom? Layne, I don’t know, because he was caught in the same game as her, not trying to say heroin is a game, never. But I’ve read in the De Sola book, that she and Layne had both tried mushrooms, and acid, in high school, and cocaine once they met, before trying and becoming hooked on heroin. Their friends knew, the ones they had in high school, and the ones after. I’m sure that they all tried, interventions and everything, especially Layne’s and Demri’s mothers. Layne eventually wanted off these things, but Demri said “No”, wouldn’t give them up. Then when things turned bad for her, she told her mom, I’ll be dead before I’m 30. Other men that she was with, supplied her with drugs, way before she was hospitalized. Layne had other women on tour, but never loved them. His love was kept for Demri. They went to rehabs together, and apart, but if only…. cause the love they shared on and off drugs was immense. If only.

    • Sophie06-11-20

      PS..WE ALL did acid and mushrooms ! .Didn’t matter if you where here in Europe or across in the US…if you painted ,played guitar and had long hair then taking psychedelics was part of the course..Took my 1 st acid at Stonehenge summer solstice 1983 just 3 days after my 16 th birthday..last mushrooms I was 50 yrs old ! One cannot get addicted to tripping .lol

  6. anna11-07-19

    Hi Barbara! Thank you for this wonderful site! please tell me – what color were the eyes of Demri? in different photos they are of different colors

  7. Laura Wal08-09-19

    it seems that Demri was sent away during High School to a reformatory center, or something like that, sort of like Courtney Love was. Then her friends said that she came back a lying, manipulative, stealing, on drugs, not heroin at that time, she was still under 18, but doing whatever she wanted. Apparently, she finished school, and then went out to try and be an actress. Her friend at the time said she never made it to the audition. What happened? She loved being in front of the camera. She modeled, but never got paid. Then she met Layne. And Layne fell for her hard, even though she loved women also, and could never commit herself to any one person. He wanted to marry her, she shied away. And then she tried Heroin, and she introduced Layne to this drug. She OD”d many times, people saying that while Layne was on tour, they’d take her to the hospital, be shot up with Narcan, then start shouting at the doctors and nurses til they kicked her out. Did she want help????? Her friends would say she’s fine now, take her to their or another person’s home. Why she couldn’t go back to her mom, who would have helped her immensely, I don’t know. I’m sure her mom doesn’t know, and spent many a sleepless night wondering where her daughter was and if she was ok. This is just a small thought as to Demri’s life, she was artistic, creative, but did she need the Herion to be creative? Many people need drugs to get their creativity flowing. or other things. Then theyre many who don’t. But its interesting to know that most of our creative people, painters, writers, and everything in between, have tried some drug at one time or another. Sad, but true. Layne’s muses were Demri and Heroin, probably more so the heroin, as one can tell by his songs.

  8. Laura Wal08-07-19

    okay, everyone talks about how Demri was so beautiful, and how can anyone be mean to her? She was sweet, lovely, with many friends, and her beauty carried her on to Layne. That’s what ive been trying to say, she got caught up in herion, introduced Layne to it, but everyone, including Layne, forgave her, because of her beauty and personality, although her persona changed when on drugs. Layne wanted her clean, but she didn’t want to know or stop. Her beauty, at least til the end of her short life, kept her friends around, Layne around, and drug dealers she kept as “boyfriends”. Again, why she couldn’t go home to her mother, when her mother would have gladly helped her, I just don’t know what else to say. God bless

    • Mili Diluca12-30-19

      shut up, are you talking alone!

      • Laura01-08-20

        Have I said something that offends you? Please tell me what it was. Most of the info I received was either here or the DeSola book. Her mom was in on that book. I mean no harm, but if you can’t take the truth of someone so pure that became a junkie, don’t like that word, but Demri became someone different after she tried the drug. I wish that she hadn’t.

  9. Laura04-09-19

    Maybe her mom thought of Demi Moore, and decided to make it more unique with adding an R in the name.

    • Kitten10-08-20

      Uhmmmm. No. Demi Moore was also born in the 1960’s. Her mom did not name her after Demi Moore.

  10. Laura04-09-19

    Then again, could Demri have children, after the damage to her heart? Even if she’d been clean for a few years? If her heart was so damaged by the drugs, a child may damage it more to the point of her having a baby but dying who knows how long, after the fact. But they’re could’ve been a little girl or boy of Layne and Demri’s running around today. Sad thought. I am sorry.

  11. Laura Wal03-13-19

    I wonder what Demri and Layne would look like today, if they had lived? Would Demri have cut her hair shorter? Would Layne have kept his hair short like in the Unplugged vid? Just saw a pic of Jerry Cantrell with short hair, looks different, but good. Demri would still probably dress in those fantastic vintage clothes that she loved. And maybe they’d be grandparents, showering their loved ones with gifts. As they did their friends in life.

  12. Lisa07-23-18

    I enjoyed reading all these comments (the negative ones I dismiss). Many people do not realize addiction is a true disease and messes with the chemicals in your brain. When I was 32 and found out my daughter’s father was using behind my back, I became angry and used hurting myself, I had a total of 10 years clean then messed up and trust me it is the worst life you can imagine being a slave. I watch a lot of AIC videos they give me strength to do the right thing and I feel Layne and Demri would have been grateful that this site actually helps others like myself. Thank you for taking the time to do this site. and P.S. I know of a lot of women and men who prostituted and got clean and went to COLLEGE!!!

  13. Jennifer Smith06-09-18

    Is her name pronounced as Dem Er y (3 syllables) or is it pronounced as written demri w two syllables?

    • SASSY06-28-18

      I believe it’s 2. Wonder how her Mother came up with the name.

      • Laura12-27-19

        Her mother wanted Erin, but her husband didn’t like it. He liked Lara. Then Mrs. Austin remembered a Demery, but she shortened it to Demri. A day later Demri was born.

  14. VoodooChile7605-06-18

    Thank you for putting this site online. Being a lifelong Alice in chains fan, Layne was a big influence on my guitar style. Demri I believe would be proud of the site & the outpouring of love from everyone that passes through this site.

    I believe both Layne & Demri are in a better place & I personally feel blessed to have grown up at the time of AIC becoming a force in the music world.
    RIP to two beautiful souls.

  15. Nathan03-15-18

    Demri was absolutely beautiful. It’s the first time Iv ever seen photos of her today and I don’t think anyone has actually made me feel The way I’m feeling right now. So innocent and beautiful I couldn’t imagine how layne would have felt when she passed if I’m feeling in this way by Just looking at her photos
    Y Y Y

  16. Dor12-18-17

    I don’t have much to say, just wanted to support this site, even that late.
    AIC music been influencing me both as a person and a musician.
    And as Singer, Layne just blow my head off.

    Thank you site owner for great and important site !

    • Gilad01-08-18

      Its never too late for that:) I`v always loved AIC, but recently i`v grown my gratitude for them as I learned the sad truth about Layne which is simply tragic. Like Chris`s Cornell voice, Layne`s voice is one of the most powerful and unique voices of rock i known that helps me to drift away and sink into my headphones – holding my hand through tough times. words cant express my gratitude.

  17. Laura06-21-17

    I agree, great website. Lots of info on Demri, and the people putting in their own opinions from research, others disagreeing. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it??

  18. Heather02-17-17

    Hi guys,
    I’m planning on visiting Seattle some day and was wondering if you knew where Demri is buried? I find her story very moving and would like to visit her grave to leave flowers.

    • SASSY02-18-17

      Ivy Green Cemetery Bremerton Washington.

      • Heather02-19-17

        Thanks Sassy xx

    • jamie05-23-18

      Demri is buried in the south east corner of miller woodlawn memorial cemetery in Bremerton Washington.

  19. Gaby01-03-17

    Hello Barbara, I just discovered your website so I’m new here. I love reading stories about layne and the band. I think it’s really cool that you actually knew him! I bet he was a good person. I read somewhere that layne and his girlfriend demri were engaged but broke it off. Do you happen to know why? And how did you meet demri and layne? I don’t want to be nosy I’m just curious.

  20. Gaby01-03-17

    Hello Barbara, I just discovered your website so I’m new here. I love reading stories about layne and the band I think it’s really cool that you actually knew him! I bet he was a good person. I read somewhere that layne and his girlfriend demri were engaged but broke it off. Do you happen to know why? And how did you meet demri and layne? I don’t want to be nosy I’m just curious.

    • SASSY01-03-17

      Wow it’s been a while since anyone has commented here! Just fair warning, Barbara rarely comments. The reason I heard they called off the wedding wasn’t a sweet story and they’re very picky about telling the “bad” stories here. But I did read that LAYNE was the one that broke it off after one of his friends saw Demri doing something and told Layne. After that they were on and off. I think the last picture anyone has of them together was at a Pantera concert in July of 1994. After that he wrote the lyrics for the Mad Season project. ABOVE and LIFELESS DEAD are pretty telling IMHO. Maybe Barbara will answer you. The people that really know aren’t saying.

    • Angiegirl01-08-17

      I read a story that said they broke up in early 94, soon after Demri was diagnosed with her heart problem. The friend said it was Demri that broke it off. She didn’t feel she was worthy of Layne in the condition she was in. I think Layne wrote about it in Sludge Factory, which would have been around that time. “Out of date for me….” She passed in 96, and it’s been known her serious health problems had been going on for a couple years, so I think it’s totally possible.

      • Kelley A07-01-20

        Sludge factory was about the music business controlling every movement and decision the artists had to make.
        You insult me in my home you’re forgiven this time- this was referring to Susan Silver- AIC manager- calling Layne at the recording studio he was in , working on the self titled album- to “congratulate” Layne in his award with Mad Season, and then threw in- by the way you have 9 days to complete the album you are working on. “There’s no pressure besides brilliance – let’s say by day 9” Layne’s sarcasm about putting a set time on him to make a brilliant album.
        Also, his sarcasm about putting his picture on a milk carton if his management didn’t know exactly where he was, at all times.
        Discolored skin gives you away -a complex most addicts ( myself included) have.
        I just wanted people who read this site to know what Sludge Factory was about.
        I’m a retired musician and my husband is too because corporate ignorance- your art, your music no longer belongs to you when you sign a level…. We know full well why Layne left the music biz alone.

  21. Laura11-06-16

    I think that Demri had plans for Layne. She had known him before & after the fame that he came into. She started using herion, & introduced him to the drug. She traveled with them, for a while, doing herion with him. That’s why the band hated her, & called her Satan. She was pretty, petite, loud & lovely. But she was forever on drugs, except when in the hospital, which Layne paid for. After put, back on the herion, no matter what. No one could tell her or control her. Layne tried. His money helped her hospital bills, I’m sure her mom is grateful, or she better be, for that. Her bills must have been enmorous. Layne paid for all that. God bless him. She didn’t stop, feeling that she was dying anyways, with all her heart operations, so why stop? She eventually died, young & beautiful. I believe she didn’t want to live to be old. She’d rather die, listen to some AIC songs which mention this very thing. Her wish granted, Layne was left with….nothing.

    • Mili Diluca12-30-19

      it would be nice stop reading your bullshit about demri. everybody loves her, unless you,asshole

  22. Laura10-14-16

    Demri is the one that you’d wish to be, Beautiful, funny, lovely, and bounding with joy and life. She did painfully, but with friends galore, to help her on to the place that she went to forevermore. She’s now with the one’s that she loves, pain-free,and living care-free. With Layne, and all her friends that have gone before and after, she has a place full of laughter. Her and Layne’s bodies renewed, they rejoice in the love that surrounds them,from God and their friends, too.

    • SASSY10-14-16

      I for one wouldn’t wish to be Demri. I mean she was pretty and petite but she was fvcked up and lived off of others, particularly Layne. If they are together somewhere, I hope they’re treating each other better than they did when they were alive…especially on Demri’s part.

  23. Laura08-15-16

    I’m so glad that Demri had so many friends & a mother that truly loved her, through the good & bad times. From what I’ve read, yes, she could be difficult at times, but she truly loved people, everyone including family & friends. Thank you for keeping her memory alive.

    • SASSY08-23-16

      Ok…so apparently there are 2 Laura’s. Can one of type your name in all caps?

      • Laura08-24-16

        I am one and the same. I love info on Demri, but sometimes, especially in my own situation, get angry at the help that Demri had from so many. I’ve been called beautiful, but in no way am I as lovely as Demri. I live my life being kind to everyone, but sometimes that backfires on one. But this is me. Laura

  24. Laura08-10-16

    This site doesn’t answer any questions. None at all. If you’re busy, why have this site at all?? Just asking, and close this site if you’re too busy to answer questions. Too tired anymore, and to Demri’s mother, God bless you, but with so many kids passed away, what went wrong that you couldn’t help them??? Something was wrong, for Demri to run away from you & her family. Why??? Again a question never to be answered. Why did Demri run from you, & never wanted to return to your/ her home?? Why? Ah well, guess something you’re too ashamed to answer. Must be.

    • Isabelle09-01-16

      Hi Laura, the page administrator doesn’t really respond to anyone’s questions. When I first started visiting this site she used to comment more often. She did state that everything that she needed to say was said. She told her story the way she remembers it. She probably won’t answer any questions. It’s the fans that answer the questions now.

      • Laura10-14-16

        Ok. Any questions, I understand won’t be answered by you. Barbara, who used to be such a friendly, open person. I know that you gave a busy life, sorry to bother you. I just find Layne & especially Demri facsinating, & I’m sorry to bother you for info.

        • Isabelle10-24-16

          Laura I forgot to mention that her friends have also left comments and stories about Layne and Demri. One of Layne’s best friends did have a question and answer session once but I think it’s been taken down.I’m not really sure. You should try to find it.

    • Tami09-17-16

      Wow… Your whole comment is so impudently… Do you know any person with drug issues? Probably not. And I wonder too, how this could be any of your business, why her mother can´t save her? Because nobody can save an addict, no mother, no father, no sibling, no friend, no husband…. It´s the addict who can save his/her life – if he want to. And this ” why don´t you tell, maybe it´s something you´re ashamed of” – WOW!!! This is so rude. You have no right to tell her, she has to eyplain herself. It´s the same shitty thing with these last photographs from Layne, with his art and poems, which were found in his apartment when he died – nobody has a claim for art, poems or personal stories of Layne or Demri, except her families and close friends – and no weird, rude fans!!! Especially photographs – if Demri were my sister or Layne my brother ( I´m not old enough to imagine them as my kids – this must be so hurtful…) I would freak out about people like you, who are rude and impudently! Maybe Layne or Demri touched your Life, but you don´t have the right to be so disrespectful to their familes. Some storys are private and will be, some photographs are keeping by moms and they will be exactly there – at home, by mom and not by people who never knew them in person!
      Apparently, there were problems at home. People who knew Demri describe her as a funny, lovely and artistic person, and some say she had a dark side, that she could be very self- destructive. If you start with drugs at early age it`s so difficult to get away from it, especially drugs like heroin. Her mother says in ” Alice in Chains – the untold story” she never thought her daughter could be an heroin addict, anytime. Because she had this ” anti-drug speak” at school and was aware, what damage comes from drugs. But there something called ” puberty”. Everything turns around, problems are getting bigger, emotions getting bigger and weirder. Her father was not there, her mother had three little boys and maybe she was hurt, like many other kids wo live through divorce oder something like that. I don´t know the whole story, but i won´t ask, because it´s none of my business. I´m interested in some peoples biography and I love to read more about her, but i would never be so RUDE, especially to her mum, who lost 3 of her children. Don´t forget, mothers are humans too, mothers can make mistakes – she was concerned about Demri and when things gone the worst, she was there, she even was there when Demri died and thats the point – she did the right thing, she was there when Demri needed her mum. Maybe she wasn´t always there when she was a kid, or when she was a teenager but sometimes, it´s not possible, I know this. Her mum was so young when she got pregnant with her. Also, some people were born with trouble or with a big hurt. It´s a thing called destiny or karma and you will live your life that way. Demri loved life, but in my opinion when things got ugly and weird and you are a tiny, sensitive person who should live in light and love – but your dark side takes over, it´s over. I believe her uncle said she was a wildflower and landed in the desert – not a good place to grow for her! Maybe it´s the way she needed to live, a fight she had to lose to have a “better” life in the next life or the next world. I read a lot about her, that she´s appearing in dreams of her family and friends, even before Layne died she appeared in his dreams, 6 month before. This is interesting, the number 6 or 9 are linked to her birth date/death date, if you write it together it will be the “endless symbol” – a great sign that an old soul will come back to teach love. Before you post any other rude questions – imagine the pain YOU cause on her loved ones. She´s gone now for 20 years, but especially her mum miss her in a kind of way, I hope you will never expierence. In my eyes, she´s so f***ing strong, to bury 3 of her own children and to get up every morning, live the life – it´s not easy. In ” Alice in Chains – the untold story” she tells about the time before Demri get sick, before her body was so damaged by drugs, she needed heart surgery. She also tells about the time, she and Layne tried to get her in rehab, about Demris guilt feelings, about the darkness in her, when Demri said ” I´m dead before I´m 30″. Demri also said, she can´t live without her mum. I don`t know YOUR age, but I am 24 Years now, and I remember the fights with my mum, I remember why I ran away and I remember why I take drugs and I remember who was there when I got very sick. And I would be so ANGRY if someone will ask my mum : “Why did she act like that? Are you too ashamed to tell?” Maybe i give you something to think about. BLISSEH.

      • Laura10-20-16

        Yes, something to think about. I’ve said many a time how much I love Demri. She fell through the cracks, for one reason or another. I had a rough childhood, & so did Demri. But I didn’t turn to herion. She did,& with a rockstar boyfriend, I can see it happening. Life on the road & all that. But SHE started it, despite her popularity before Layne, & then her extended popularity after Layne. She loved life, so did Layne, but she didn’t want to live beyond a certain age, which Layne wrote about many times. She wanted to be famous in her own right, but that never happened. Layne tried many times to help her, as she started & continued using herion, but it was not to be. Instead, she got him hooked on it.

      • Laura10-21-16

        If this comment was directed at me, yes, in the past year I’ve found out about drugs & stuff. Not me with the drugs, but alcohol, which is deadly in itself. With my poor medical care, Anthem, that doesn’t cover anything, I’m afraid to go to the doc. Lost my job last year, & besides applying, medicating myself with that aweful stuff. Before you judge me, remember Layne & Demri, had many friends to help them. I have no one. Go on with your judgements, & I’ll go be sick. Going through this alone is too hard.

        • Laura10-21-16

          Sorry I bothered the group. No one knows what each person is going through. Demri was beautiful, & yes, that gets you the friends & attention that you want. Also the help, from many, many people. Minor bad looking, never was, but I’m no model. Many have told me how pretty I am, @ at 110lbs to gain weight. No! But Demri was a great person, I also believe in people, meeting new ones, children especially like me. I’m no model, & dealing with a disease, but I ….

          • Laura10-21-16

            Being 45, I’m not the young one Demri was, but people tell me I look 10 years younger. Demri, such a beautiful soul, but I’ve had people still send gifts to me from my old jobs. Just saying that I also empathize with people, not only Demri, & I continue, no matter how hard, to live. Demri did the same, but she didn’t have to work or as Koa said, ” Not very independent. Always relied on others, to help her. She never grew up.” Koa.

        • Alana10-31-16

          So you don’t feel like judging you is the right thing to do? Makes sense. Only if you weren’t the one passing judgements left and right. How ironic…treat others as you expect to be treated is still the best way to go about it. Who are you to judge Demri’s mother, for example? Or their friends, or families? And I get it, we all get mad and frustrated but it doesn’t mean you should go on a website dedicated to the memories of these amazing people, who were so much more than just their addiction, yet addiction seems to be the center of attention anyway…and posts like yours only feed this sad trend. Everyone has a story. How we deal with those is what makes us who we are. No need to rage here just because you had a bad day.

      • Laura10-21-16

        Layne’s pics & art were the ones stolen, not Demri’s. As far as Demri being a sick person, that’s well known. She was sick from what she did, as was Layne. She introduced Layne to herion. But she was surrounded by friends who would help her, some did & died in the process. She wasn’t that much better looking than you or I, but her coupling with Layne made her famous, in the Seattle circle til her & his deaths, when info on both was at a peak. She modeled, but not for anyone famous, & she never became famous for such. A shame, maybe could have been an actress, which she first wanted to become, but never pursued after meeting Layne. He became her crutch, in so many ways.

        • Tami10-21-16

          Laura, I was very upset about what you say to her mum ” Something you´re ashamed of?” Now it´s clear – it´s your own anger at your mum. I grow up in trouble, like everyone else I know – most of us end up with drugs. But bad childhood is no apology to fuck up life. In the end, nobody wants to die. Her friend Amber wrote a lot about her, especially the hospital-time. Some of Demris Art, her pictures and loveletters were stolen from Amber – she had them in a box, I think in Vegas(?). She was pissed about a girl, who wait for her to die or to leave, so she can be with Layne ( Demri was worried about that). Laynes Art was stolen too – it´s a shame. Some people are so obsessed of others, they stole their things, stalk them, think they ARE them. Like the people, who want to see private photographs of Demri or Layne – it belongs to the family. I have a question to you – why are you obsessed with someone who dies at age 27, 20 years ago – when you´re now 45, there should be other things in your life. Maybe there are things, you can learn from Demri´s Life and Death, but there are a lot of things which are typical for People in there Twenties. Like ” I try this drug” ,, I don´t know if I want to live anymore” ,, I can´t live on my own” Typical things for young people. If Demri had survived, she wouldn´t be the person, which is portrayed here. People change. So should you. Stop comparing to Demri and live your own life. If you are ok with yourself, people will come and becoming good friends. Demri knows a lot of people, because she was always around and it´s not true that everyone liked her.

          • Laura03-22-18

            Tami, I meant no disrespect towards you, Demri, her mom, or anyone. I check this site for the same reason we all do, we’re interested in Demri, the life she led, and the enigma she remains. God bless you, Barbara for this site, her mom and family, and especially Demri and Layne.

          • Laura12-27-19

            If Demri had survived, she would be a different person? It”s very hard to change anyone, once they’re set in their ways, and Demri was set in her ways. Always would be.

          • Laura01-02-20

            Many people respond to this site, it’s their basic info on Demri and Layne. This site was put up for a reason, for more info on both. Many times, there is nothing new, but that’s normal, for two people gone, but I think that Layne, loving Demri as he did, would like others to know about her, and her influence on his life. The love he had for her, the muse of the music that he created, all due to Demri. Her mom would hopefully also like that, knowing that her daughter gave hope to someone and influenced them into trying to be a better person.

      • Kelley Jane Antolik02-03-18

        I just wanted to speak out from a fans perspective and an addict as well. I am very fascinated about Layne and Demri myself but, I could never play the blame game for my addiction or choices I make. My fiance and I are battling this addiction war right now. I can’t say it’s his fault and he can’t say it’s mine. I have not read the Alice In Chains book yet but, even with reading it, It’s still a spectator thing. I didn’t recieve the blessing, to have met them. I want to remember the beautiful music and the beautiful pictures that were taken of them and how pictures can speak a thousand words. I’m so thankful for these pictures and the music that inspire me for a better chance at life. I hate to see people fight over things and wish for peace on every one’s sides.

      • Laura Wal05-02-19

        are you from England or Australia? Cause both pronounce their mothers as mums.

      • Laura Wal05-02-19

        ive never called my mom other than mom. in Europe mum. So why do you get on me? Yes, all those countries, it’s different for everyone.

      • Laura Wal05-02-19

        Yes, I hate the word mum. it should be mom. But ive followed royalty enough to know that the British love to use mum. Do you still like shepard’s pie???

      • Laura01-06-20

        yes, I know that Demri said im dead before I am 30. and she was, wasn’t she, with or without your or her friends help. She died, with only her mother and aunt there, no friends of Layne or friends of her present. Her friends failed her, they really did. Layne also. He had his demons, I love him,but he failed her. if only, Layne, I would believe in people. Yes, I have my own problems, way too many, but so did Layne and Demri. No, I don’t do drugs, but im wishing too, the WAY MY IS LIFE IS GOING BUT MY KEYBOARD HAS GONE HAWIRE. ALL CAPS. LOVELY.

    • Lolo Jones05-15-17

      Am I the only person writing here that believes just maybe the record label pulled all the strings here? My belief was based on all of the events both personal and professional that happened after Staley’s departure from AIC. I actually believe this in several other entertainer deaths also

  25. Laura08-06-16

    Question? Why did Demri need so many people to take care of her? If she was the independent person who did what she wanted, why were there so many people who needed to babysit her while Layne was gone? Yes, herion had her, controlled her, unfortunately, but her family, her mother, was someone she couldn’t go back to? Why? Her mother would have welcomed her with open arms, yet she stayed away. Why? Reading about everyone who took care of her, not going back to her family, something was wrong. But family would have helped her.She loved them. Can this question be answered? Or yet again, no. Her mom seems so gentle, why didn’t Demri ho back to her for help? I guess yet again, no answer

    • Laura08-06-16

      Any answer, at all, please.

      • Victoria08-08-16

        Her mother said that Demri couldn’t live with her friends because they were afraid that she would die at their place. I was wondering why she couldn’t live with her mother too. I guess after all her arrests and hospitalizations her mother just could not tolerate her daughter’s lifestyle anymore. People talk about unconditional love, but I know it would be unbearable for me to watch someone I love dying by his own hand. Some people think that Demri died of endocarditis. Nope. She died of overdose. She had two lung surgeries, two heart surgeries and still continued using. What is it if not suicide?

        • SASSY08-08-16

          Wait, 2 lung surgeries?!? Was that to do with drug use as well? First time hearing this.

          • Victoria08-09-16

            It was mentioned in Alice in Chains: The Untold Story . Demri’s mother supported the book, so, I guess this information is valid. She also said that Demri was sick and dying for two and a half years. Drugs destroy the body.

            • Laura10-21-16

              And I never put down her mother, who has gone through so much, she’s the one who deserves loving care after all she’s been through. If we could start a community savings for Demri’s & Layne’s moms, for them to relax or something. They both need it. Some comfort for them. Amen

  26. Laura07-09-16

    Actually, without Layne’s money to help her in the many times she was in the hospital, surgery after surgeries, finally her heart being replaced by a pig valve heart, heartbreaking, but awakening. She did what & whenever she wanted. People loved her, yes, she was beautiful & when you’re beautiful people forgive you, no matter what. That is the way our society works. She eventually died, I understand the tiredness she had,& the pain she was in per her mother. Layne, ” You had always told me you’d not live past 25…” . Wanting to join the “27” club, as she always talked about. Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix, Cobain. Well , she did die at 27, per her wishes, & yes they were her wishes. At least it wasn’t age 25.

    • Laura07-10-16

      Re: beauty can get you anywhere and anything that you want. Before dating a rockstar, she was the star, afterwards, he was, but she was close behind. Beautiful, as Layne was, you never saw a model or rockstar that wasn’t very good looking, and their kind, sparkly personalities, which beautiful people tend to have, only made them both more famous & loved by many people. I say this because they both had a seemingly easy life, only to be ruined by herion. Live fast,die young, and leave a beautiful corpse, as they say. But for both, that’s not what happened, unfortunately.

      • Laura07-10-16

        Would like to hear from others if they believe beauty, both inside and out, held the way for the both of them, but especially Demri, to get what they wanted. For her, many, many friends who love her to this day, no matter what she did and how she lived. An angel that remains with them, appears in their dreams, as I heard back in 2002, and still appears to them. If she was ugly, would we still be talking about her???

        • SASSY07-12-16

          No I don’t think it did. I also feel neither had “easy” lives. Both had issues from childhood. Both did drugs before meeting. I do think Demri was able to get away with alot because she was pretty and tiny.

        • Victoria07-15-16

          Demri wasn’t famous. She wasn’t really a model or an artist … In my opinion, the main reason people are interested in her is Layne, their twisted relationship, a tragic outcome. People love such stories.

          • SASSY07-17-16

            Agree 100%. I find it so refreshing to see at least a few people speak about her REALISTICALLY warts and all.

  27. Nathalia06-10-16

    She was so beautiful and from the stories I’ve read here and in other pages she was also a lovely person. So sad how she died so young, but at least she touched so many lives. I hope she’s in peace.

  28. Laura06-07-16

    She is in the Sea of Sorrow video. On the bed. Layne blows cig smoke, and then she blows the smoke out. Looks very cool.

    • SASSY06-07-16

      Don’t think that’s her. I thought her Mom confirmed she never appeared in their videos. If so then she finally made it into one of there videos.

  29. Laura05-21-16

    Demri is in the “Sea of Sorrow” vid. Why are people so afraid to admit that she’s in a couple of AIC’s videos??? Anyways, live life & love, be kind to everyone.

    • Victoria05-22-16

      No. Demri did not do any modeling for the band. Her mother said it many times, the directors/produces said the same.

  30. Laura05-16-16

    I seem to find new info on both Demri & Layne almost every day, thanks to this site & others. Both had wonderful, kind, sweet souls. Wishing they both were alive today, married with kids. I think Layne would have made a great daddy. Wishing doesn’t bring them back, unfortunately.

    • Kelley Jane Antolik02-03-18

      Listening to “Died” right now as I read. No matter what, I can see the appearance and lyrics drastically changed surrounding the events in their relationship. I also heard she wasn’t in any videos of AIC, but of course the MadSeason album cover for Above, is the two of them

  31. laura03-02-16

    Ok, question never answered. So, Demri never looked for a real job. She did heroin, didn’t want to stop, even though Layne tried, and lived how she wanted, no matter what. My question was about a job, I’ve learned so differently over the years. Demri instead wanted to make her decoupage and special gifts, model for different photographers, still do heroin, and die young. Per se, AIC’s lyrics, “You’ve always told me you’d not live past 25.” Plus friend’s saying she wanted to join the “27” club, with Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain, etc. Layne tried to get her into rehab, and most likely paid her ENORMOUS hospitable bills, yet pig valve heart or not, she wanted to die. And she did, making the “27” club. So sad, both her and Layne. Layne for being sucked in and paying for everything, unless her rich family did something. I love Demri and Layne, but not receiving an answer after so many years, realizing she wanted no job, lived off Layne or others, and did and died as SHE wanted. Demri lived and died on her terms, no one stopping her.

    • SASSY03-21-16

      Was her family rich? Doesn’t seem like it. I think Demri dropped out of high school in the 11th grade and had a retail job and when Alice In Chains signed a record deal she quit working.

      • Isabelle04-20-16

        I have read that she did go on tour with AIC in the beginning. I can see why she would have to quit her job since she would have to miss work months at a time.

        • SASSY04-22-16

          I don’t want to come across as rude but Demri didn’t seem to do anything but live off of Layne. The other guys didn’t bring their girlfriends then I saw the quote from Layne explaining the cover of Dirt. I’d love to know what exactly she did to him. When it come to these two the whole story is never told.

          • Isabelle05-17-16

            I’ll have to check that out. I didn’t know anything about that Dirt cover.

            • Victoria05-22-16

              Layne’s exact words: “This album cover … i like to refer to it as ‘revenge’,” Staley begins, laughing hysterically. “The song ‘Dirt’ was written to a certain person who basically buried my ass, so the woman on the album cover is kinda of the portrayal of that person being sucked down into the dirt (laughs), instead of me. The picture is the spitting image of her, and it wasn’t even planned. Actually, I was pretty angry about it when I first saw it – she’s not happy about it either (laughs).It was real eerie.” During the concert: “This is about a bitch that destroyed me”, snarls Staley as he introduces ‘Dirt’ itself. “So I destroyed her back with this song.”
              I noticed that Layne often sounded kinda negative when he mentioned Demri in his interviews (for ex. Jerry never said a bad word about his ex-girlfriend). So I have been always wondering about the real nature of their relationship and their personalities.

          • Victoria05-22-16

            In the new book it’s said that Demri was dating one of Layne’s friends when he was on tour. Maybe that was the exact reason for his anger or maybe it was something else. I really want Jerry or Sean say something about these two together, but I heard they did not like Dem at all, they never even mentioned her.

            • SASSY05-22-16

              New book????? What book?

              • Victoria05-23-16

                Alice in Chains: The Untold Story by David de Sola.

                • Ry07-05-16

                  How do you know they didn’t like her? Where did they ever say that?

            • Victoria07-15-16

              Demri’s mother said that the guys blamed Layne’s problems on her (actually it was Demri who turned him to smack). One of their roadies (Randy Biro) said that they thought Demri was Satan and tried to tear them apart. I think it was one of the reasons why Layne’s relationship with his band members deteriorated over the years.

      • Laura Wal02-22-19

        Family, rich or not, the person, Demri, goes to work for independence, and for extra money. In the mall shop that she worked, she met Layne, or as her friends in the ’80’s have said. I’ve heard from other sources that she was in and out of high school, using drugs, not heroin. She was put in a juvenile facility for a while, but was not there for long. She was looking for security, running from something. Her remaining brothers may have an answer. But her oldest brother committed suicide after dabbling in drugs a few years ago. God bless him. What were they running from? Certainly, not their mother, a beautiful soul, but what did she have against her mother, who said that Demri’s death arrangements would only be known upon her death? Sad

    • Angiegirl06-05-16

      I don’t think that’s fair. Her boyfriend was a musician, and the life style they lived at that time didn’t necessarily require a job. Also, as a former addict myself, when you are using a job is the last thing you prioritize. Not being sick takes most of your time and energy. From the stories I have read, Demri was very proud. I don’t think for a second she ever meant to use Layne for money. She knew Layne before Facelift dropped, she didn’t show up after looking for a hand-out. She was with him from the start. And they both went down the rabbit hole together. Whether she had a job or not doesn’t really explain anything…..I feel you are being a little disrespectful to her memory. They loved each other, and they loved heroin. In the end it was both of those loves that ruined them. And made a lot of beautiful music. She was his one true love in life, that much is clear.

      • Laura06-10-16

        Amen. They both were… Hopefully together and happy now.

      • SASSY06-10-16

        I think it’s a fair question…I’ve asked it myself. When I found ouf she really didn’t get paid for all those “modeling ” shots I thought “well what the hell did she do all day.” When they first met they weren’t strung out. Layne was the musician not her. They seemed to fight more than get along and they both fvcked anything that moved. She was certainly polarizing. I find it interesting that the people who think she was a special pattoulli pixie are mostly female and the people who think she was a manipulative “succubus ” are mostly men.

      • Laura06-16-16

        Yes, she was. But with no income, and all the surgeries she endured, open heart surgery, big money, & finally a pig valve to replace her own heart, wow, hard to think about, considering my own heart. Have to have been a lot of pain, lots, but she didn’t quit. Someone said she was too stubborn & I heard from another source that she wanted to join the”27″ club, along with Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix, & Cobain. Beautiful, sassy, sexy, & young. Following any info from her for years, she’s older than I, and way back when, in 96, when I heard of her passing, well, I wanted to be like her. I got pills, but…..

      • Laura07-10-16

        Demri introduced Layne to herion. She was using it before him.

      • Laura08-06-16

        Being so proud about money, yet, she still used him for that, as much as her love was for him. She and Layne were a combustible combo, can’t live with or without you thing, and Demri dragged him down into the hell of herion. Sure, he grabbed onto the drug right away, but sadly both were dragged into it. And done.

      • Laura Wal05-02-19

        I was not being disrespectable of her memory. She was beautiful, got away with a lot, with her friends, boyfriend, and others, because of her beauty. Models are generally 5′ 9 “. Or more. Demri was 5’1. she understood her suffering, but what about Rosheen? One of her best friends that she loved, but not mentiond in her funeral or by her parents, although she loved Rosheen. Her mom makes no remarks about her, sad to say.

        • Laura Wal05-02-19

          so why is only Demri being the only one memorialized? Is it because she was beautiful? Rosheen and her friends were not? Or is it because a homeless Demri , with a Rockstar boyfriend, was considered more special than all others? The question is asked, but most likely not answered , cause her friends consider her to be a goddess of some sort. Sad. And yes I know I”ll get many comments. Please prove me wrong, and say nice things about Demri and Layne.

      • Laura06-13-19

        Yes, but just living a life, let alone using heroin, requires money. A place to stay, which Demri moved around a lot, the money for clothes, food, and heroin. Her relationship with Layne made a lot of this possible, as his rising success brought untold money into his hands, and finally hers.

      • Laura Wal06-13-19

        And being a beautiful woman, Demri could do what she wanted, people forgiving her, because of her beauty and wit, her fun loving lifestyle. Her friends loved her til the end, but her beauty, not so much Layne, had a large part in that.

  32. Susan02-22-16

    Happy Birthday may you and Layne have met in Heaven and be happy forever

  33. Lisa Vondane08-02-15

    I love this site. I came upon it earlier & have read everything on it. Thank you for putting this together.
    Obviously, I didn’t know Demri, but in a way feel like I do. Her stunning smile is so welcoming & comforting. I can tell that she was a one of a kind spirit. She & I have the same body type (tiny/petite/short) & hair as well. I tried to email you directly but the link is down. I’d love to speak more to you. Please email me:
    Or find me/add me on facebook.

    Thank you so much. I wish you well.

  34. Alex03-07-14

    Nobody knows how hard it is! Happy one minute and crying the next. Knowing it’s wrong and the repercussions are dyer but none of it matters when you’re on. You become for the moment. Slowly lose the most important things, your loved ones, your life meaning and total existance. In the end that is what he felt! Just a wild guess. Great site of 2 people that loved one another till death do us part. Sad but they are in a better place.

  35. crystal02-25-14

    Nice site you have set up here. I enjoyed reading about Layne’s great love. They were two very beautiful people. Layne was so incredibly talented. I know he is in a better place now as is she.

  36. Sadie01-03-14

    Do you think it’s possible that Demri or Layne were Reincarnated? Also how tall was Demri?

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  38. MARTHA12-05-13

    1. A drawing made byLayne shortly after the death of Demri. (Fabiola’ profile)

    2. For those who love Demri (Layne’s Girl) Here she is in the late 80’s with her close friend Fabiola.

    3. Layne Staley, Demri Parrott and Debbie Murphy at the Pantera show in the Mercer Arena, Seattle. 7/19/94.


  39. migrantwing11-12-13

    I found this blog a few weeks ago and noticed that a few people have posted videos thinking there is footage of Demri, which Barbara said were not clips of Demri. I recently watched Pearl Jam 20 again and there is possible footage of Demri with Andrew Wood (RIP) from Mother Love Bone. I didn’t know the girl at all (I’m from England) but I hope it is her, mainly for Barbara’s sake 🙂 I have enclosed a screen capture below.

    • Barbara11-12-13

      I wish it was her but nope again not her.. sad huh? She was never acknowledged anywhere.. why do you think I made this website?

      • Adrienne07-08-15

        This is a wonderful site. Value does not lie in fame but in people themselves, yet I’m glad Layne was famous because otherwise I would never know anything about him or Demri. She sounds like someone I’d be friends with, if the timing & circumstances had aligned for us to meet. I understand that her loved ones lost A LOT when she died, but it’s nice to know she’s NOT “gone.” I’m glad I could read about who she was.

  40. Barbara09-28-13

    Testing commenting on the site

  41. Emma09-21-13

    Hey Barbara

    Well done on such a great website, fantastic! A question for you if that’s ok… How long were you friends with Layne and Demri, what year did you meet them? Thanks! 🙂

  42. Be09-08-13

    Hi Barbara, do you know if this is Demri walking down the stairs at 0.46seconds in the River of Deceit clip?

    Also I read somewhere that AIC wanted all the girlfriends in the Sea of Sorrow clip but they couldn’t get Demri at the time. Not sure if it’s true, but what a shame.

  43. laura09-04-13

    I love Demri. I’ve started doing decoupage like she did, besides trying to write a children’s book, but the one question i always had was, was Demri wanting a real job or any job? It hasn’t been answered so i guess the answer is “no”. Still love her. What was she like in the early years before Alice in Chains became famous?

  44. christine Harto08-28-13

    Why are people saying that Layne and Demri had a child? I have never actually seen any reports of it and it is kind of disturbing that people would lie about something like that. I know that there are alot of false stories and things like that out there. I was just wondering if there was ANY truth to it. They were two very beautiful people and an ugly drug took them. I FINALLY overcame my addiction to it and it was a very hard battle. I hope they are at peace now.

  45. susan07-31-13

    love this.

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  47. becca cornwell06-05-13

    I thought that Demri was so beautiful and sweet and layne and her were made for eachother rip to 2 both beautiful wonderful people

  48. Shaun05-15-13

    Does anyone know where I can order professional prints of Demri? I’ve been a big fan of the love she had with Layne, as well as Xana. I would love a portrait of her professional shots. I also a decoupage artist and she her pictures would look fabulous in my projects…not for profit of course.

    I just love their dark but beautiful story….people can say that toward the end he wanted nothing to do with her and she was bad for him,,,whatever people choose to believe. But I have seen and felt love like this…and it does not go away. Spirits find each other…they belong together. Laynes mother had said that you don’t need to be a rock star and take such a path…I think her words were to live a boring predictable lifestyle because your life is the most important thing. Of course I believe this, they would be alive today….but I believe what happened was a morbid destiny that would find them somehow, no matter what. They paid with their lives, but they are together in a place we cannot feel…. They were geniuses, and like many of the greatest artists of our time, died a young and tragic death…but their legacy goes on forever.

    Barb, I am so glad I found this page. Thank you for what you’ve done. I hope we can hear more from Demri’s friends one day….she means a lot to us, she is magical.

    I went to Aic this week, reluctantly, because I do not like Will, but I was able to get a single ticket for very cheap. I was quite an emotional night….I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but they only played a couple of songs that were laynes creations,not Jerry’s….I still had a great time….and this guy came up to me and told me my Mother Love Bone was the “shirt of the nite, by a long shot”….it was great because someone else knew of better days….

    I’m so emotional because of this site. An I’m so grateful. I am excited to be an active poster, and will help spread the word about it….

    • Christine01-25-14

      I am FB friends with Jack Plasky and he has a website where he has prints of Demri, layne, Xana and several more! As always thanks for such a great site Barbara I come back a few times a month to check it out or reread. Hope 2014 has been great for everyone so far, just passed my 4 year clean date so it’s been great for me!
      Much love,

  49. Vlad04-13-13

    The problem with this story is that is based on passion. One can not have divine result which is derived from lust. In the case of Layne, he said it clearly “My pain is selfchosen”, thus he prefers to suffer, endorsing his ego, “concentrate on dying”. I think though he had some guilt in him, but i could only guess. Demri i don’t know at all, she is full of mysticism, which i concider the reason for her admiration by everybody. People worship always that which that they can see, but can’t understand, and in the same time they like it.
    I suspect she had emotional problems on her own. Probably… oh what am i doing here screwing around with people’s lives and deaths. Don’t mind me i still have flesh

  50. Bran04-12-13

    Jealousy is messed up to begin with.
    but when you’re jealous of someone you’ve never met, to the point where you make a personal attack (especially since that person is deceased), you’re beyond fucked in the head.

    I guess some people don’t believe in Karma.

  51. HML04-11-13

    The way you talk is like she did something personal to you. Otherwise, why the nasty attitude? You seem like quite a bitter chick.

    • admin04-12-13

      That girl is obviously nuts so next time you see posts from someone like this just let me know ASAP so I can block them. That girl is now blocked from even viewing the site let alone commenting on it and the weird thing is she spent close to 3 hours on the site and left 5 comments all with the same theme.. all about what a piece of shit Demri was and how she deserved to die etc etc… so, obviously she has serious boredom or worse issues to be saying things about someone who she does not know and that died probably when she was a still little kid so yeh .. weirdo’s are everywhere… so please everyone just let me know so I can block them please. Email me at

  52. Pauline Lazo03-30-13

    Love that you created this site in memory of them. Yes we do wonder who they really were. I love seeing pictures. Thank you for sharing. two beautiful people were lost but i know they are together again somewhere i feel it.

  53. Anna03-12-13

    Hi…I doubt your friend was a “Sucubus”. She was in the same boat as her deceased lovers. Not a solid boat and they all drowned. An addict often is surrounded by addicts. IMHO, I don’t see interpersonal blame, just tragedy. The tragedy is they died before/after they could be helped or were in a place to help themselves. I don’t think it’s because one addict is “worse”. Look at the past of some recovering’s a mystery to me why some get a second chance here and other don’t. i.e. John Frusciante and his ex gf of formerly of RHCP fame. Epic addiction saga. Not ANY better than Layne & Demri, just luckier. I find it impossible to believe that a person would freely choose to feel how it feels to be a slave to opiates for years on end.
    While would I guess any of this? I have my life, but that’s Seriously, my ex bf died 18 mos ago of an OD at the age of 37. Herion had been his drug of choice and he was never happy on it..just chasing pain of various sources. He hurted. Badly. I often get the feeling he’s found relief, heart-rending as it is.
    I sincerely apologize if anything I said is way off base, since I didn’t know your friends. Clearly you were and ARE a true friend. Peace 2 u & urs

  54. john03-02-13

    thank you for providing info on Demri, I always loved AIC and always felt the passion and pain Layne conveyed through his music. Im sure her death was behind the song “died”.
    I am glad I took the time to find out who she was and help be a part in keeping her memory alive

  55. Melissa Calderon02-28-13

    I have always liked Alice in Chains as a band but nothing aside from appreciation for the music. I professionally work as an Astrologer. Lately I have been doing research astrologically on the Seattle scene. I have an understanding of the spiritual side of life doing what I do and I am also very intuitive. Last night before bed I asked for some guidance on this research and the person who popped in my dream world was Layne Staley. I was generally shocked because honestly of all the Seattle bands I was sort of leaving that research until last because my focus was elsewhere. I was more concentrating on Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone stuff because I am a huge fan of those bands. So to put this in perspective…. I have never even seen an interview with Layne. I have had more exposure to Cantrell through various videos. So I had no idea what his persona was at all. I feel he is trying to reach out and I wanted to help him because I could tell he was such a gentle beautiful soul. I woke up and watched a video on him right away to see if the persona I encountered matched his and I was pleasantly surprised that it did.I love the music I don’t usually focus on people’s private stuff but I always surmised that Layne was more of a tough guy but I also genuinely did not know either way. I am not seeking anything or being some weird kooky fan because of this experience. I just have a compassion for him and feel he was trying to talk to someone. If the people who knew him personally would like a full detail of the dream feel free to contact me. In the dream I actually witnessed some things that don’t sit right with me about his death but not sure I would feel comfortable sharing it on the forum until his friends approve it out of respect. I would like to know If Layne followed any kind of spiritual path or mysticism or even had an interest or discussed it with anyone.

    • Gilad01-08-18

      holy shit, sounds interesting

    • Toni08-27-18

      I’d love 2 hear about ur dream, I’ve had my own experiences with Layne in my dreams also. I’d love 2 chat about it!

  56. Kimberly Kramer02-20-13

    Good for you for carrying her on. To me that’s the best tribute to a persons life and the greatest way to honor a friendship by not letting their memory die with their body, especially when you know they should still be here, and would want to be if they could. Keep that beautiful woman alive on the only level you can, she deserves nothing less from the people who loved her. Thanks for sharing.

  57. Alexandra02-15-13

    It’s very sad story.. Beautiful man and woman.. Please write me, if you can! I miss them but I don’t know them. I’m from Russia)

  58. tricia02-06-13

    Amazing and tragic story….these were real people…just like people we know minus rock star status….a lot of broken people. It doesn’t have to end this way.

  59. Michael10-31-12

    I need assist in completing information for the movie I am producing ..”Shadows”,…as I have said this is a love story and I would be honored to have someone ask me to read the opening scene for the movie. We are casting now, but…I need input from people that knew these angels personally. Yes I am an old man and “grunge” was not my thing but love and life cross all boundries. Please be nice to me, I have had a few hateful comments like “I am just doing it for glory, or money” but I am giving all the proceeds to the Layne Stayley rehab center.
    I have lost three children in my life and visit the graves as often as I can. I miss them too. I know the loved ones pain.
    Two of my boys have exp. abandoment and I have seen the pain and hell they endured. They are my life and I theirs. “Love your children well”
    So please help me do this correctly and honorably.

    • Laura05-29-19

      Michael, did you ever get your book finished? Would love to read it if you did.

  60. Wendy Odum10-26-12

    ….and more of a HUMAN as a ghost…than such a cruel and hateful living thing could hope to ever be.

  61. Wendy Odum10-26-12

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that some judgemental…jealous hag would try to cast an ugly pall over the legend of a girl so beautiful…so adored….cherished by friends and strangers alike. Demri was certainly the true North for Layne. When her light ceased to burn…I believe Layne lost direction…motivation. What does it say of Demri that…even in the brevity and pain of her life….she can stir jealousy….and feelings of inadequacy in a woman whose heart still beats?? Even in the grave…Demri is a powerful spirit…..and mpre of a w

  62. Draya10-18-12

    Just wanted to say Thank you for this site. I am a huge AIC/Mad Season fan and love reading about Layne, Demri and Mike. I also want to thank you for pointing out that they wouldn’t want others to do as they did concerning drugs. I read their stories and I see myself in them. I have an addiction to prescription painkillers mainly morphine and I know that had I not quit I would have ended up with needles in my arm. Reading about them and how they wanted to stop but couldn’t makes me realize how lucky I am that I never got to that point cause I know I wouldn’t have been able to stop. Demri was a beautiful woman and deserved much more than the short drug fueled life that she stumbled upon, Layne and Mike too. I watched Mike on Celebrity Rehab (he was the only reason I was watching) and seeing him go thru the withdrawals and the toll that drugs take on you mentally was something I could relate to and it made me feel like I knew him, even though I didn’t. I wish people would realize that drug addicts don’t start doing dope because they want to be addicted, it starts off as just getting high and thinking you can handle it.It changes who you are as a person and after a while it takes over your brain 100%. My heart hurts everytime I hear their stories because I know the hopelessness that goes along with being addicted to something that you want to stop but you can’t let go of. I wish they could have gotten clean but I know just how fucking hard it is when you’re a normal person, I can only imagine how hard it would be if you have the money and “yes” people around you all the time. I really think this site is going to help people because it has me. Thank you for remembering the great people that they were and not the people they became after the drugs.

    • Ellie09-14-16

      Draya your post struck me.. even though it was from 2012.. I also had a pain pill addiction and am slightly obsessed with AIC, but not a in a crazy kind of way, well except I am pretty obsessed with Mike Starr, always have been, and I’m not the ‘celebrity crush’ sort of person. This is probably all a waste of time since you probably won’t read this comment- <3 you Layne and Demri (but especially Mike Starr)..

  63. late as usual09-25-12

    I’m heart broken for Layne, Demri and anyone who is suffering from addiction to ANY DRUG. A lot of people know heroin is addicting but when trying it for the first time they more than likely say “naaa, not me, I won’t get addicted, I just wanna try it once” needless to say, and as the friend of Demri pointed out, it can kill you the first time – no need to worry about getting addicted if THAT happens. This is a wonderful website. Thank you, owner, for sharing. I was hit out of the blue on 9-11-2012 with some kind of Layne Lightning Bolt. I hear him singing in my head now. I’m trying to get to know him via the web, watching him and reading about him has become like a drug to me, very addictive. I’ve cried everyday. I’ve taken a few days off work just to surf the web about and studying him, combed Youtube, joined forums, asked questions, cried some more, downloaded every song that man sang (that I know of so far), watched endless hours of concert footage and now I’m here. I’m not sure what’s going on with me and Layne Staley but I’m hoping this addiction will somewhat let up because it really is starting to worry me. I mean why me, why now, why him? I’m willing to travel to his condo and ask the land lord if I can please go inside and just take photos of the place. I love Demri and Layne together. She is so beautiful.

  64. Lisa08-11-12

    Yeah that chicks an asshole. Being an artist is something that’s in your heart, not in a school book. All of our famous artists and authors had little or no schooling, it’s a God given passion not made by a student loan. Do your best, make your cash however you want too, just make sure you’re ahead of the game.

  65. Liza06-29-12

    I love reading about Demri. She was so cute and funny and witty and pretty. I talked with Jack Plasky about her and he loved her so much. Said she was such a joy to take pictures of and that it took him a long time to get over her death. Demri loved Xana and that’s where she got the ideas for photoshoots and modeling. Poor Xana has had everyone taken from her, I hope she makes it through okay. I sure wish Demri’s family would release more pictures of her but I know her mom must be hurting since she has now lost 3 of her 4 children to drugs and a car accident. I hope Layne and Demri are together again in the afterlife…RIP to them, Mike Starr, Rosheen, Andy, John Baker Saunders, everyone we’ve lost.

  66. gigi06-10-12

    barbara, thank you so much for this….like another person said above, i truly don’t feel i am just a regular fan. i’m more connected to layne and demri because she was connected to layne. if there were books and books about them and their lives, i would have read them all….i cry daily when i listen to AiC. the pain overwhelms me. all i can think, is that they are together now and all the pain has passed away…but it still lives on in his voice. some days its too much to handle. some days i have to cry, even in public, riding my bike, and sometimes the sadness comes over me even at work and i have to go to the bathroom to cry. i need peace of mind.

  67. Juggy06-07-12

    This is the best site about Layne, you’ve done a wonderful job. Can you help us fans solving a mistery about Laynes life? L told Spin magazine in 1992 he was dating an australian model, could she be this chick, Simone Starr?

    • Barbara06-08-12

      They did not date they did hang out though as friends.. I had to verify this with one of his best friends because i had never heard of her. His friend said she was a “wing-nut” haha!

  68. Todd06-06-12

    …….and to add to my previous comment, what I mean by “real reasons” is, as someone observing it from the outside, was it the pressure of the lifestyle, etc. “the big picture” so to speak. Thanks again.

  69. Todd06-06-12

    Hi……have always been an AIC fan, but just recently became interested in Layne and why someone so talented left us so soon, which led me to Demri, who I knew nothing about. I am an addict myself, and there is no judgement going on here or anything like that, I just have a question that I have not seen answered anywhere . Why did they part ways ? I didn’t want to hear any bullshit about 1 doing something to the other, was hoping someone that knew them could maybe email me with what they believe to be the “real” reasons. I have become fascinated with these two and was just really curious. This is a great site here, by the way, and thanks for sharing it.

    • Liza06-29-12

      I have always read that the real reasons are because of drugs. Layne wanted Demri to get off of them so he stopped giving her money for them and Demri got pissed and decided to make her own money by doing things that addicts do sometimes when they have no other choice (stealing, etc). I think heroin ripped them apart and Demri was dating someone else at the time of her death. This is the guy that dropped her in front of the emergency room after taking her to get a hit of heroin inside some house and didn’t know she was ODing….thought she was sleeping. He took all her possessions too. I have this from a verified source. Also, Layne and Demri had a really passionate relationship and argued and fought and got back together and broke up several times. They were not engaged or dating the last 2 years of her life – but still friends.

      • Todd07-01-12

        Thank you, that was the kind of answer I was looking for. Appreciate it.

    • Barbara07-03-12

      Todd that question was answered on this post yesterday by both me and Layne’s and Demri’s best friend Darin Lamb. Layne never turned Demri away.

  70. Scott05-11-12

    Ohh my, where to begin?? Wat a great website! I only wish I had found it years ago! For all those out there who know nothing of addiction I can only tell you that it is HELL on Earth!! Unfortunately two wonderful and beautiful people were overcome by their addictions! It saddens me so! I was lucky to hav had help to overcome! I could only imagine where the world would be if we still had these two (& others we have lost) with us! As a young teen AIC was the band to envy! I loved their music and I still enjoy hearing it 15 years later! I am so glad that you have shared all you can with us who only knew of them and what the media and sad lonely people who made stuff up about people! I dobwant to say that I want NO-ONE to judge these two for what they done while struggling with their diseases! As addicts we do things that while in a sober state of mind we would NEVER NEVER NEVER do! I can only imagine though loosing my girl and for Layne to live A’s long A’s he did really surprised me! Demri obviously meant the world to him and every time I see or read things on him and her tears begin to fill my eyes! Loosing the one I love would destroy me and I’m not sure that I could stay strong! Only he knows how that felt! This is a wonderful site and I could not be happier that I stumbled across it! I only hope that people can take this tragedy and turn it into positive outgoing message to the people struggling with addiction today! Please do not let your addictions take you away from us! It does get better I PROMISE!! sorry for going on and on but we have lost so many and this is a great site to remember two of God’s greatest masterpieces! Unfortunately they have left us! RIP Layne & Demri you are and will be forever missed!

  71. Debra Feczko04-03-12

    Wish there was a way to filter out these negative comments. Weak people prey on others, especially those who are no longer in a position to defend themselves. Well, I guess these weak people stumbled upon the wrong web blog to spew their venom, as there are a lot of people who will happily defend your friend, even though we did not know her. Barb, you are a selfless person with so much heart to carry on her legacy unconditionally. Thank you for not letting this candle blow out so easily.

    I am curious if you are going to do a blog on 4/5 regarding Staley’s 10th anniversary of his passing? If you do, I am sure it will be much more endearing than what’s out there on other sites.

    • Barbara04-04-12

      Yeh maybe I will.. I don’t consider myself to be selfless or whatever but I did think it was important that Demri’s story be told and since no one was telling it I thought I should. I’m happy to know more people have come forward to share their stories about her. 🙂 Stay tuned on April 5th

  72. Melissa03-31-12

    Well said Barbara! It’s funny, I view your site often and have never commented before, but I could not bite my tongue on this one! But your very right, she is an attention seeker who is not worth our breath! I pray that Demri (Layne & Mike too) have found peace…I can’t imagine the pain they went through.

    • Jane04-09-12

      Barbara, Thank you very much for your website. I didn’t know anything about Demri nor much about Layne until one day I stumbled across some information on Wikipedia. Demri was briefly named but there was no more information and that got me to searching and I found your site. What I think is so fascinating is that if she and Layne were in their very young 20s today, everything they did would be all over the Internet, like Snooki or any other star. But there is so little information. Obviously she was an extremely talented, beautiful person full of spirit, you can see it in her huge toothy grin. It is lovely that you are honoring the person she was before drugs changed her. Drugs can turn a person into someone they are not; this is a terrible fate and so very sad that it happened to her. You are a lovely person to honor her as you do. She is a mystery in so many ways, and you are remembering who she was, not what drugs did to her. They are resting in peace, thank goodness for that peace for them.

  73. Melissa03-31-12

    Eleanor: seriously…who are you? What have you done, what have you contributed? There is no one worthy to stand in judgment except god himself. It is very clear that you are completely uneducated regarding the disease of addiction. It turns you into a completely different person, and makes you commit unspeakable acts….it’s ugly. You have no clue what Demri went through in her life and to sit back a basically make fun of someone who can’t even defend themselves is disgusting. She was young and impressionable, and human…sometimes we don’t make the wisest decisions, and unfortunately some mistakes are lethal. Whether she was a prostitute, college professor, or a burger slinger…she was a person who was able to give love and friendship to people…which is more than I can say for most people. I feel bad for you…it’s obvious your self esteem is so low. Why else would you pick apart someone else? Shame on you.
    Barbara: you have no idea how nice it is to read your stories…thank you for sharing the memories. They are special memories from a special time…you are a part of history! I hope sharing your memories helps you to heal…I feel like there are so many “why’s” in the world and I have faith that someday when it’s our time all our questions will be answered. Until then i hope you have found some peace in this ceazy world! Thank you again!

    • Barbara03-31-12

      Melissa, you know.. this is totally what she wants.. for us to respond to her and to pay attention to her.. I’ve been online long enough to know a TROLL when I see one..or maybe she thinks she’s telling us something new and shocking about Dem that we did not already know.. she was a prostitute.. well yeh OK maybe she did do that to get by or MAYBE she didn’t it’s not our right to judge her like you said.. ONLY GOD can judge her and I happen to know that her pure goodness out weighed her sins..and we are all sinners.. if people consider sex for money evil (I personally do not). Allot of women out there might be considered prostitutes….or worse just giving it away to who ever for free!!!! But again to each is own. We have no right to judge Demri.

      “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;” Luke 6:37

      “You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye”. Matthew 7:5

      • Laura06-19-16

        Amen. No one can judge another. We all have our problems. But judgement is reserved only for God. Demri did her best, as did Layne, in the mire they found themselves in.

  74. Eleanor03-23-12

    Quick comments from a casual observer. Did Layne introduce her to heroin? Is that why he had so much anguish when she died? Was she a professional girlfriend/groupie? Did she ever get a real job? How long was she going to be a prostitute?
    No offense, and I’m sure in her earlier years she was a nice girl and, yes, she was pretty (irrelevant though) but in reading about her – getting on heroin, becomming a prostitue to finance her habit, I guess going to college was never an option. She was artistic but did she ever produce anything artistic like a painting or poetry? How long was she going to coast on her looks and sexuality? Did being Layne’s girlfiend spoil her? In a way, she died better off young or she might have suffered the same fate as Mick Jagger’s ex-girlfriend Marianne Faithful who lived on the streets for two years, she was also a drug addict. Luckily she had musical talent and fought her way back to life.

    • MG03-27-12

      What a miserable human being you are.
      Shame on you for asking such smart ass questions in a place that was created to pay respect to the memory of dear friend. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I bet you’re ugly.

      • Barbara03-27-12

        MG.. Thank you so much for sticking up for Demri and please try to ignore the ignorant ugly comments like this one that Eleanor left us.. all she knows is what she’s obviously been taught which is.. Anything outside of the box is unacceptable.
        Just imagine going through your life judging others and not knowing what it feels like to be able to empathize with your fellow human and to love people unconditionally no matter what.. even people we’ve never met. I love Demri even more because I know how bad she struggled and the pain she endured. She was an amazing girl who was a fighter and she did what it took to get by. I can respect that about her. Miss you Dem.. Rest in Peace sweetheart. Sorry it had to be the way it was. I will continue to spread the stories I have about your life.

    • laura03-08-13

      I have the same question. Did she ever really want a real job or just live off Layne. I heard he paid her hospital bills. But did she not expect to live long and decided to live life to the fullest. Like a long vacation? I just was wondering.

    • Laura07-26-15

      I don’t believe that Eleanor’s comments were offensive, well, maybe the last part. But I’ve also wondered if Demri wanted college or a job. I know(thanks to Barbara), that she loved to create decoupage art on objects that she would give as gifts to friends. I’ve also read that she wanted to belong to the “27 club”, meaning that she wanted to die at the same age as Kurt, Jimi, Janis, & Jim Morrison. Having a pig valve heart due to the erosion of heroin may have played a part in that. Anyways, she was a beautiful, kind, sweet, mysterious woman that I wish I knew more of, hoping for a book by someone who knew her & Layne to come out with the facts or just a nice read about them both. :))

    • Laura08-06-16

      I agree to an extent. Demri was a person that, from what I’ve read, never grew up, did what she wanted, loved herion despite many surgeries & hospitalizations, never expected to live long, & what the hell, let’s do it again. Sad, but so understand the mindset. What I don’t get is that she always needed to be looked after, or babysat, while Layne was gone. Anyone????

      • Laura08-06-16

        Sadly, I’ve learned from this website, not to expect any answer at all. So sad. Why is this site here anyways??

        • SASSY08-06-16

          Girl calm down. I think she was more chilidish, stubborn and to a degree selfish than independent. I mean hell actions speak louder than words. She found someone to payr he way through life. Layne was better off without her. He fell for bull.

          • Victoria08-08-16

            I don’t know why people have the impression that she was independent. She had no job, no home. Her friends said that she wanted to be an actress but she did nothing for her dream. Actually, she dropped out of art school because she fell in love with some boy. I’m sure that Layne would’ve helped her if she had a real talent and desire to have a career. The sad thing is that my aunt reminds me of Demri a lot. She looks like her and is also a junkie. Once when I was a child she gave me expensive earrings for my birthday. My parents took them away. I was really upset and I later learnt that they had been stolen. Now she and her young son live somewhere on the streets. We do not know where they are because she is SO INDEPENDENT and does not need anyone’s help.

            • SASSY08-08-16

              It’s so difficult to care for someone and know you can’t do anything to help them. Then you have people wondering why you can’t help them. Very definition of helpless.

              • Laura10-20-16

                If they don’t want help, then you can’t help them. Demri wanted to die before growing old. No, she didn’t want to die, no one wants to, but she didn’t want to live past the age of 25-27. She died at 27, so she made her goal. Sad, so sad, yes, & Layne gave up without her. What kids, & the family they both couldve had, gone. I imagine them with a boy & girl, living safely in a house far away from Seattle.

        • Alana10-31-16

          You don’t like the website? I got a perfect solution for you – don’t come here anymore. We don’t want your negativity, how about that? Like Layne said in ‘Junkhead’ – you can’t understand a user’s mind. If you did, you wouldn’t even bother asking questions about jobs and such. Well, asking is one thing, and it’s probably good that you don’t understand. But demanding answers like you do is simply arrogant and disrespectful. I don’t think Barb should even try. No one can ever explain you or give you a good enough answer anyway, because again, you can’t understand a user’s mind.

          • Angiegirl11-02-16

            Thank You !! All this back and forth about a job is exhausting! I wish people would stop the judgement. It’s been 20 years. She is gone. Judgemental talk is missing the spirit and intent of this website. If Layne paid for treatment, that just shows how much he loved her and wanted her healthy. I want to think and hear about all the good things. I already know the depths that addiction will take you personally, so whatever she did as an addict is irrelevant to me.

            • SASSY11-02-16

              I actually love the back and forth. She wasn’t some special pixie angel who was too good to be here on earth with us mere mortals. She may have been a sweet girl but she also seemed to have a subversive side…..not damn thing wrong with discussing that side of her either. Maybe those of you who only want to hear the hearts and unicorns stories should ignore the ones who like to delve into the less sugary stuff. I just roll my eyes at some of the comments and move on because I’m not the only one here who has an opinion.

              • Angiegirl11-03-16

                I think you are missing the point of this site. Have you read Barbra’s posts? This kind of negativity is the opposite of what she talks about.

                • SASSY11-03-16

                  Oh I see. We’re only allowed to say she was special, sweet and beautiful. Don’t ask questions or have discussions about anything other than how special and beautiful she was……Got it. I’ll try to comply.

                • Victoria11-04-16

                  Negativity? So, if someone doesn’t think that Demri was the nicest person in the world, he is being NEGATIVE. How convenient…! I’m sorry, but I left my rose-tinted glasses in my childhood. Now the only thing I’m interested in is the truth. As long as people do not call someone names they are allowed to express their opinions. I believe that’s fair.
                  By the way, there was nothing wrong with asking about jobs. That’s how the world works for most people, you know.

              • Laura Wal02-22-19

                Thank you! Sassy, I wish more could be said of Demri, good or bad. Who are we to judge? And Layne also. May they rest in peace.

    • Laura10-20-16

      I think the herion, which she introduced Layne to, had a hold on her so strong that she could never break it. Layne either. Her popularity before dating Layne, & then it’s graduation upwards after, may have led to her downfall. She & Layne were both in a Seattle scene that encouraged drugs, living fast, dying young. A symbol of greatness as many stars have done the same. She wanted to be a star, join the “27” club, but Layne was different. He wanted to live a long life, with a wife & kids. Dem did not.

  75. wakeupchi03-07-12

    I read online that Rosheen Raugi died of a heroin overdose in 1997, just two weeks after completing a rehab program. Is this the same Rosheen that is the picture above?

  76. Ken01-07-12

    When it came to Layne’s life I never seemed to get beyond his music. After decades of listening to and feeling his pain I’m shocked to find out he had someone like Demri in his life. Thank you for hosting this site and the content, as I sit here drinking white wine and feeling maudlin, I feel better with the thought that Layne may have actually died of a broken heart.

  77. jesse12-05-11

    Haha man now that i read it..i was a sob story that night! And yes i got your emails as you know:)

  78. Jesse White12-03-11

    These photos are so beautiful. I know i didnt know them..bit ive been dreaming and they pop up in my head. I feel as if im connected somehow. AIC is my favorite band and layne my favorite singer. I cry when i listen to him. I wish to contact you through email if thats alright. Please..i dont wanna b a “regular fan”..something in my heart is telling me im more connected. R.I.P. Layne and Demri. Youre together again and no more pain.

    • admin12-04-11

      I wrote you an email, Jesse, and just remember your not alone. 🙂 ~ Barbara

  79. Xiola07-26-11

    Barbara,thanks so much for sharing this! This is the only site that has this much info on Demri. She was truly beautiful,& from what I just read,she sounds like a wonderful person.
    Again,thank you very much for sharing this,it was a pleasure to read it.

    I wish you luck,happiness & joy.

    Xiola 🙂

  80. Jort06-24-11

    Thanks for sharing this Barbara (is it, right?)

    I think it's immensly interestering you actually knew these people.

    She looks beautiful. I can understand Layne wanting to marry her, I'd be head over heels too.

    Barbara, is there any way I could get in contact with you, for a few questions? By email.

    Thanks alot.

    • john07-04-11

      Well, I gotta say that i learn more every day. That my hero had a fiance..and to see that she’s gone, to see they were so young really saddens me. I don’t really know what to expect in life or if you can expect anything but I do know it is sad. RIP Layne and Demri.

  81. Innex04-25-11

    I can't see any of the pictures too…

  82. Candace04-17-11

    How come I can't see any of the pictures?

  83. killer is me11-10-09

    Fuckin' awesome, love this website

  84. MayMay06-22-09

    I was reading a comment on youtube and it said that they met in a bar. I was wondering if you knew how they met?

  85. Charlotte06-22-09

    Thank you for sharing – this is a beautiful and interesting tribute. I will be sure to read more and hope there will be more photos and stories posted in the future.

  86. Matt06-15-09

    Just wanted to say that I think you're a good friend. I hope and pray that no one I love and know will ever have to be remembered posthumously – but rather exalt them while they walk amongst us. To you and your memories – I pray for peace and comfort as time passes. Life and talent wasted are the saddest things in this world. But nothing ever dies – when ever you feel a warm breeze…just remember to say "hello". It just might be your angels pushing you in the right direction. Blessings.

    • Anna03-12-13

      That is beautifully said. Helpful to anyone who has grief. It’s true, our ppl. don’t dissapear from the universe, just our perception of it if we choose to shut our eyes to other possibilities. Thank you!

  87. Nicole05-26-09

    Such a wonderful website, Demri and Layne would be proud. Please, if any of you out there have photos of either of them that are not on this website, please send them to the website owner. There are so little photos of Demri out there and we all love to see what we can.

  88. topher05-05-09

    i wish i would have found this site a long time ago..i havent seem so many good pics and info..i didnt know very much about demri..what i have learned was great.. i have read both the good and bad about them both..and agree..when drug are invloved people change wether they notice or not..i just you can never judge anyone..i should know i went through the same when i was younger..great minds dicuss ideas average minds dicuss events..small minds dicuss people..plz keep adding…i love this site

  89. Dan05-05-09

    I wish Layne and Demri is still alive today.
    They were so happy together, now they're gone.
    I listen to Mad Season and Alice in Chains frequently, and it hurts to listen to the songs.
    Because Layne is not here. I drive my car while listening to it.

    Layne Thomas Staley's music is a part of my life and will be rest of my life.

    I hope Jesus Christ has taken them out of darkness and saved them.

  90. 90's girl05-02-09

    Hey this site is awesome! Apart from loving Layne's music he seems adorable as well. What really got me was his sense of humor. There is a video of him w Seventhsign singing live and it is hilarious. This Janis Joplin wannabe singer is all-over Layne and as he turns around to listen to the music he turns back and raises his eyebrows then he starts singing "if you want to suck my CANDY I will let you". He had a broken leg at the time and then she sings "if you wanna do it one more time I'll break your other leg" and Layne just does this look like confirmed. People said he ditched her later that night. Anyway I wanted to ask if Layne was a good person? Or was he more of a badass? Jerry Cantrell's song Pig Charmer looks like it's about Layne and it's pretty nasty. And it makes me wonder if he was a motherfucker type of person or if Cantrell is a weasel who is disrespecting Layne like Pink Floyd fucked over Sid Barret. Not cool of him to pimp Layne when he was in terrible shape but Layne saw this. If you check out that video on youtube you can tell that Layne didn't miss a trick even when he was fucked up!

    • Brandi Mastroine04-25-22

      If you read all the lyrics from Mad Season and a lot of Alice’s words they will tell you everything you need to know! Jerry was anything but nice to Layne, especially considering he was homeless and Layne let him stay with him and gave him instruments and fed him. When Layne got really sick Jerry bullied him and PAID himself more by taking more credits because Jerry’s weapon is guilt! And in between song s on Unplugged, he made fun of him by singing a song about depression and later sang a verse saying, ‘I’ve been a addict for 30 years all with Metallica sitting in the front row after James Hatfield made fun of his growing addiction in front of at least a couple of their concerts. This can be seen on Layne Staley Dirtumentary on Utube. So that’s how he treated Layne after everything Layne did for him. Everyone’s who’s been interviewed including Ann Wilson of Heart said Laye didn’t have a mean bone in his body! AC songs, and anything on Dirt, the lyrics reflect Jerry’s meanness and all lyrics on most songs were Laynes, just listen to him in his own words describe how he works. As with Mad Season he listens to the vocal track in isolation in the sound booth then took them to the guys when he had a hook, after the last recordings of Born Again and Died when it imploded told Jerry who was fighting over lyrics Layne said, ‘I’ve never used your lyrics before and I’m not gonna start now! Read the lyrics of Mad Seasons Above, X-ray mind and Long gone day and Layne will very obviously tell fans what has been going down! You get a sense of what Eddie Vedder felt when he wrote the tribute song! Jerry took some song writing credits as a way for Layne to pay him when Layne was too sick to tour! After you research this, you will catch Jerry in many lies and he contradicts himself a lot! Also check out how little $ Laynes estate got because of what I said above, when his Mom sued them to ensure her sons legacy and see, on Wikipedia,
      See how Jerry treated and threatened her! I can’t stand him, he’s a talented composer but like Elton John & Bernie Taupin, one needs the other to create all the great music…

  91. Sahra04-28-09

    What a thoughtful site. They do deserve to be remembered this way, and although the gossip/negative facts about them may be interesting…this is much better. Layne was a very soulful and talented artist, and Demri must have been very special to be loved so much by this man.

  92. Carol Cardinali04-07-09

    Why is it that the more the years pass, the more they forget that besides April 5th is the date of Cobain's death, it is also Layne's?? Grunge Fashion?? This year I didnt hear anything remembering him. That's sad.

  93. Mike Opilot04-05-09

    I LOVE that you put this site up!

    Thank you so much for your time and effort in this tribute & preserving their memory…


  94. Butterfly03-19-09

    I applaud you for making this site available to the public.
    Is there any e-mail address to contact you? Thank you.

  95. ?02-28-09

    helo and thank you for extending your tribute website i always check it at least once a week for updates ive been insisting on a rare pic of layne i found if you dont want the picture or want anything to do with the subject please send me an e-mail and let me know

    i found the picture on a myspace page the person who posted it said that it was around 98 and 2000 i personally think that it was before that time becasue layne's hair is the same color as it was on aic mtv unplugged maybe you recognize the men standing next to him
    please reply tis message or send me an e-mail letting me know what you think here is my myspace

  96. christy02-15-09

    How did layne & demri meet, was it in high school or after?

  97. mrs. miller02-14-09

    I love the site, you did a great job. =)

  98. Jessie02-07-09

    This site is amazing! Loving Layne's voice and songs like I do, I can't help but be interested in the woman he loved. I hope the new pictures and personal stories keep coming, I can't get enough of 'em.

  99. admin02-04-09

    @jessica@Raven Twisted – Thanx to both of you for your comments it means a lot to me that people enjoy the site. I put a lot of time into making it something I thought Layne and Demri would be proud of. I hope people who are interested in knowing more about Layne and Demri continue to come here and find something that peaks their interest. I love the pictures and music just as much as the rest of you. Layne's music is amazing and I hope generations to come will discover it and bring Layne to life again and again. I can't see it coming to an end. I still hear them playing AIC on the radio everyday 15 years later. How often do you see that? Anyway, I plan on posting more so stay tuned. 🙂

  100. Raven Twisted02-04-09

    @Raven Twisted – –
    whoops my website url was wrong this is the correct spelling

  101. Raven Twisted02-04-09

    Great job! Wonderful site its so nice to see these rare personal pics and thank you for sharing with us . I love AIC so much ! i hope they both RIP

  102. jessica02-03-09

    hey! first of all, what a lovely website! i really have seen nothing like it, and the photos you included are truly beautiful and heartwarming.
    It's nice to hear someone's opinion of her who actually knew her, not mere assumptions. I think that i would want my story.. my true story told as well, if i were in this situation like demri. Thank you for feeling the urge to do this lovely memorial website, it's fantastic! I know i'll be back (and thanks for posting my fan art! 😀 )
    Keep them alive through your memories and love.

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