Alice in Chains: The Untold Story


by: David de Sola


Hey everyone long time no post… So, I thought I would check in and just mention some new news on Alice. There was a book recently written called Alice in Chains: The Untold Story by David de Sola.

The author David did approach me to participate like he did a LOT of people so I wasn’t special but at the time.. I was still a lot leary of all the previous book writers so I was just a little sketched out hearing from another one… so I declined an interview. Plus I may want to write my own book someday and I have already shared so much here with you guys which I loved doing by the way… I really enjoyed all the conversations and writing this blog actually really helped me to heal.

Grief is why I originally started this blog and then people started to respond to what I was writing so I wrote more and wow… it helped me so much just sharing about my friends that I lost and having people be genuinely honestly.. Thanks to you to all who have read this website and I will continue to keep it up as long as people continue to visit it.

This is the first time I’ve posted in 2 years I think…. Crazy how time flies but it also does show how far I have come in my grieving process. I have finally come to terms they’re all gone and I truly believe they’re all at peace and so am I.

Anyway, I have not read this book (or any of the books) yet myself…and not sure I will yet.. but I have talked to a few people on the facebook groups who really supported the book… but this is was also coming from people who didn’t actually know them. So who knows.

So… the jury is out. You guys tell me.. Is it good?

Click below to buy it on Amazon. Leave a comment in the comment section if you’ve already bought it and read it. I’d love to hear what you all think.

Alice in Chains: The Untold Story

Alice in Chains: The Untold Story


  1. Ibex FL02-08-23

    There are still so many rumours about Layne Staley that should be debunked 100% by people who knew him….but it doesn’t happen for some reason.
    Many people still believe Layne didn’t have his upper teeth when doing MTV unplugged, though it is not true and can easily be proved by the videos taken later that year….
    It is circulating that he had the smallest penis in the whole rock scene ever….of course, it is not something that can be or should be debunked publicly but these rumours were written by someone and can be easily confronted at least in the comments on those sites where they were published…..but there is no any single comment that would say ‘bullshit’.
    And most important, this Rubio book….hard to believe that there is no way to prove it is a total and absolute lie….or what? Is there a slight possibility it might be true? This book is constantly cited by the media… is absurd. And I do not get it why Layne’s friends and family do nothing about this.

    • Admin04-29-24

      Well.. I’ll gladly stand up for Layne and testify Layne basically had what I’d call an “average sized” penis… not small, not huge just a perfectly normal penis.
      Not that it should matter to the public but I’m pretty sure he’d still appreciate it if I came forward to tell the TRUTH when it comes to such a stupid rumor.
      I honesly had no clue that was even something being said. I am not shy and I don’t think he’ll mind.
      And in regards to Rubio….
      I personally don’t like FAN FICTION so I never read her silly book of lies but I think most of us expected it to be garbage before it even came out.
      Laynes sister actually did come forward about Rubio’s book and while she admits to speaking to Rubio at length about her brother (unfortunately) she also claims she’s sure Layne never did.
      Because her book made claims her book included his “last interview” which is very convenient since he can’t deny it but Liz told Layne about Rubio wanting to speak to him and He told her he didnt wanna speak to her because he didn’t trust any journalists, that they had never been honest. He also told Liz to tell Rubio and I quote, “Tell her if she wants to write a book about someone, she should write it about herself.” Anyone who knew Layne would know that’s definitely something he’d say and knowing Layne myself… this sounds exactly like what I’d expect especially during that specific time in his life.
      I also heard that in this work of fanfiction she claimed Layne was using his own lyrics and song titles in their casual conversation, and quoted lines from previously printed interviews which REALLY doesn’t sound like Layne. He was not one to refer to his own lyrics during normal conversations which he would consider tacky or even “uncool”… just very anti Layne like. Period.

      Staley’s last known interview was actually for the radio show Rockline on July 19, 1999, with the other members of Alice in Chains, to promote the release of the compilation album Nothing Safe: Best of the Box

  2. tori03-19-22

    I think you helped everyone heal through this blog, Barbara. Thank you so much.

  3. Sarah04-25-21

    Love this site!!

  4. Skye04-04-21

    You have such a beautiful website that I stumbled on accidentally while looking up Mother Love Bone lyrics. I’m a huge Layne Staley fan, he’s my #1, so to be able to discover your website is just incredible, I’m always searching to learn as much as I can about him. I’ve read some books, but ironically, not this one yet… I found a bunch on Amazon actually, they just mention him in small snippets though. I am currently reading Mark Lannigan’s “Sing Backwards and Weep”. It’s a trip. He talks about Layne, Mike, and Demri a lot in it. Not in a very nice way. In fact, all the books I found on Amazon just talk about mostly negative, rude things in very mean and unflattering ways. It can be depressing. Which is why I think it would be really cool if you wrote your own book to accompany this website. I’ve only read a few pages of your site. Hope to read them all soon when I find the time. I hope wherever you are right now in life, you’re safe and doing well. I’ll try to follow you on Facebook soon. Take care, and be well. Bye for now. Much love!

  5. KittyFreak02-09-20

    Hi Barbara–
    I’ve been reading your site, and like everyone else, I find it fascinating! Even though it’s been a while, I find your candor and attempt to tell your version of the story very commendable! I appreciate that you try not to step on anyone’s toes and go through great measure to not inflict any further pain on these families!
    One thing I want to chime in on that may help those to understand the confusion about Demri’s death. Endocarditis! So much misinformation has been posted about it, I wanted to clarify. Part of the story is right: Endocarditis is a bacteria that damages the heart. It’s more common for people who has already had some sort of heart damage (such a a surgery or a virus that damages the valve) or for someone who has a congenital heart defect. It can happen through a dirty needle or mouth bacteria (hence the reason everyone who has has a valve replaced must take a large dose of antibiotics before going to the dentist because they are more susceptible).
    The bacteria causes vegetation to grow on on/in the heart, and it sounds like in Demri’s case had valve damage (my guess would be pulmonary or aortic valve). The heart surgeon would have not only replaced the valve, but they would have removed the vegetation (as in it has to be scraped off).
    If it endocarditis isn’t stopped it kills you. It doesn’t linger for years. My guess about Demri is that the infection, along with her drug use caused a permanent thickening of parts of her heart, which blocks electrical pathways that causes improper rhythm, thus needing a pacemaker. However, pacemakers do not keep a heart beating though every instance. Valve replacements are not permanent. They have to be replaced ever 10-20 years (than God they can do some in a cath lab today instead of open heart). A surgically replaced valve usually has some leaking (regurgitation). If you don’t take care, you can wear out a new valve quickly and can be in some level of heart failure without knowing it.
    So, to say she died from endocarditis is probably incorrect (it might have returned been very symptomatic shortness of breath, unable to walk for more that a few steps) and I don’t think this is the case . Her past issues weakened her heart, and her “new norm” heart could not sustain her substance abuse like it did before. Most likely she had a cardiac arrest and her heart wasn’t strong enough to salvage. 🙁
    That is my two cents on the subject. I hope I don’t upset anyone by clarifying. I think misinformation can hinder and productive awareness on the subject!
    I think (if you could ever find the strength) you should write your story! I can imagine it is very painful and draining to give a lot of energy to. In many ways it is a blessing that Layne and Demri’s struggles were before smart phones and the internet. On the other hand, it leaves a lot of false info and confused stories.
    I wish you continued healing and a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing part of it!

  6. Andrea10-19-19

    Hi, Barbara!
    you have an amazing site. Just gorgeous soulful homage to not only Layne Staley but other people that touched you and many others.

    I have discovered your little nook of the internet about a month ago. It has been such a rich source of information on Layne and Alice in Chains but mostly it has been a kind of super rich sample of what were these people like and also was was this time like.

    I am Brazilian so I literally live in the other side of the world but thanks to MTV I was able to listen to all grunge bands and be blown away by them.

    Anyway, I’ve just read the book and I thought it was very good, very journalistic. So it was also without much of a soul but maybe this was so because no one from the band and Layne’s mom helped the author. Tough job indeed. But it so rich of facts, have you read it? Having read your blog I think you would like it. There are very good parts on Demri. It would be just awesome to get you and De Sola and you two write the most profound biography on Layne. What a riddle of a person and what a blessed job that would be.

    So I just would like to thank you for your effort of maintaining this site. What an incredible love you have for them.Thank you. And please write that book! I just hope you can get everyone on board. Fingers crossed! Wish you all the luck in the world.

    ps: In the book there’s this girl Michele that in my view did Layne wrong, I think she wasn’t up front with him about her intentions so he ended up thinking they were an item. If I was Layne I would think that too. And he discovered they weren’t in a very humiliating way. I think he wanted to be with that girl to escape Demri and the drugs but she probably didn’t see how important she was to him in that period. Do you know this girl or this story?

    • Jupiter Child12-25-19

      This Michelle girl really pissed me off when I read the book. She wanted to hang out with him, a famous rockstar, but without having to deal with his addiction problem. And why the hell she thought he had AIDS?

      And there’s also another two quotes from her that I didn’t like: “He talked about her and then when she finally died – even though they weren’t together- he was devastated” the fuck? Who uses ‘finally’ to refer to someone who has died? As if she was expecting Demri to die or something.

      And this one: “Intellectually i guess I did the right thing for me – not trusting a junkie” poor Layne. He liked this girl enough to let her visit him and spend time with him at his apartment and yet she only saw him as a junkie.

  7. Mary-Jay02-22-19

    Barbara, if you write a book, I will for sure read it!

    • Nina08-25-19

      Me too!!! Please Barbara, do it !

  8. Prina06-15-18

    Well I’ve read the book. It is great . there are plenty of sources listed at the back of the book need anyone question what is written. I could not put it down. I read it in 1 day. Not to say it’s a vague short book…not by any means. It would benefit any fan of Layne Staley to read this book. Demi did not die of an enlarged heart according to this book and I believe it. She died due to an overdose under some pretty seedy circumstances. Plain and simple. There are a lot of misperceptions about Layne’s death as well. Worth every penny this book. They were a couple that were ultimately bad for each other so if you choose to believe otherwise …that’s your choice. To glamorize what happened between them and Demi’s really crazy lifestyle by calling her a ” free spirit”…well go ahead if that’s what you want to believe. My best friend became a junkie and I saw and witnessed the awful life choices and things she stooped to get her drugs. Th eres nothing good about it. Demi had a really awful couple of years before she passed and she didn’t seem to care too much believing she’ll be part of the “27 club”. I think this site needs a shot of reality when it comes to Demi. Layne left her for good reason. They were not together for years for good reason. Then again he also succumbed to his addictions and knew full well what was going on with him.
    I recommend you read this book Barbara. Layne is sadly missed by his fans and this book is the closest thing a fan can get as to the details of his death.

    • Admin08-21-19

      Well Demri didnt exactly die of endocarditis true… but she had just gotten out of the hospital and she already had a pig valve in her heart. She was only 27. Believe me this is 100% facts. The doctors told her she could NEVER go back to shooting heroin. That it would absolutely kill her. She got out of the hospital… she asked a friend to take her over to another friends house… she went inside.. she got high… she came back out…she crawled into the back seat of his car too “fall asleep” and she died. He drove around for awhile before he noticed anything was wrong. That was the story I was told from a close friend right after it happened… of course I was not there
      I am close to her Mom to this day but out of respect for her I have never asked her to confirm this story for me… so is that the the story in the book?.. Either way… just a very sad story of a lost and magical girl. A GIRL. Not even a woman yet in my opinion. She was so child like. I am glad the book is good though and you are right… it was a drug overdose due to complications of a severe heart condition.

      • Caroline02-16-22

        Iam just recently learning about demri and I had to add, I had the same infection and had open heart surgery n had both my heart valves replaced with pig skin, I was clean for 6 months then gradually started using heroin again. At first I snorted it, then was smoking it, then went back to the needle within 3-4months the endocarditis was back, I was in the hospital with IV antibiotics for about a month.. thenI had to wait until I was in heart failure stage before they would operate on me again. So I waited, was good while I waited put heroin down for good.. In Feb of 2017 I went through another open heart surgery and they put mechanical valves in. I haven’t touched a needle in 5 years. But I haven’t really heard of this infection in other people, so I wanted to reach out and share my experience with it. Having it twice within 2 years was exhausting. When your heart is failing so is everything else. I was in excruciating pain 24-7 and at first I thought it was dope withdrawal so I would shoot more and more and nothing would take the pain away. Until I hit 90 lbs and my father saw me not being walk, stand, and I was literally dying. He took me to my Dr and she said I cannot believe you’re even alive right now! You need to go to ER right now. And all I could think of was my last hit was around 7am and I’m about to be going into withdrawal any min, so I said can I just go tomorrow? She said you probably won’t make it to tomorrow. So that was my first run in with endocarditis. May 28th June 9th of 2014 I had my first surgery. N like I said before I stopped using anything for about 6months. Then that ended n had my second surgery 2 years later. I’m doing alot better today! N i thank the amazing surgeon who performed my last surgery becuz it hadn’t been done very often on someone who had just 2 years prior had the same surgery. Iv always loved aic but I never really got into the back story, to layne I obviously knew about the addiction but I just recently started doing research on him and I have been obsessed with him, his talent, watching clips of him before his awful decline. It breaks my heart so much
        I wish so badly I was not 4 when they first came out lol. I feel as if I knew him and my heart aches when I listen to his words, and picture him before and after his addiction took his life. It’s so weird how you can actually feel such a great amount of love for someone you’ve never even met! I cry for him and wish so badly the last couple years could’ve been been better and maybe we’d still have him. Anyways I hope this reaches you at some point! I’m late, I just today found your site! It’s 2022 BTW lol. I hope Layne, Demri, and Mike are resting easy now. And all the millions of other people who lost their battle to addiction. So many people are so greatly missed

  9. Prima05-29-18

    I’ve just ordered this book. I think that it’s important when writing a book that the truth be revealed. Not someone romanticising a situation. The facts good and bad. Reality. Of I needed fluff I’d go to that fake writing site…I have forgotten the name…where people write about how they think things were. No one is free of faults and to glamorous Layne’s life and make him sound perfect is doing the opposite of what a bio is supposed to be.
    That’s my opinion and I’m sorry it some don’t like that. I’m a huge fan of Layne Staley btw…

  10. helene09-17-17

    Why has there not been a movie? I always was à huge fan and grew up in the generation of AIC, pearl Jam etc. Was the best Era musically. I just loved the sound and the passion. I only recently started learning more about Layne and his life of disappointment in people. I mean told your dad is dead and he only comes back when you’re getting famous and to get high with and drugs from. What à kick un the nuts that must have been. Your girlfriend gets you hooked on drugs and she stays on them and won’t get clean with you and then dies, your band mates are frustrated with you and you become more parinoid and with drawn due to drugs. I feel so bad for Layne, and so mad. How could you let yourself melt away? Why did you let all these people effect you this way? Bit as someone who has delta with addiction and is diagnosed with panic / anxiety disorder with depression, ADHD, and hypersensitivity, I know there was any inner struggle that he had. Weither it was to be truly loved, truly appreciated and excepted doesn’t matter. He was in pain and you can hear it in his music. I have read of how his struggle and his death has saved lives over the years, it is touching, but to think he didn’t know how people felt about him or believe it was true is such as shame. He was and still is so much more than an addict, he was human with real human issues. Media can be the death of people and they never should have made Layne feel unloved or unappreciated just because of his struggle. He’s not the first music an to ever use drugs and he won’t be the last. I just believe the world should know that he was more than lyrics, more than just another grunge rock star who overdosed and died. He died alone, no one with him, no one to say it’s ok to let go. No one knew for weeks. I hope and pray with all of my heart that Layne, you have found whatever peace you didn’t have, and that you can finally sleep. Your wings will never be denied anymore

    • Nina08-25-19

      Amen. Thank you for this comment, absolutelly agree with it.

    • Tina M Martin09-08-19

      I couldn’t have said it better. Everything you said is sadly true. I to hope that he has found peace.

    • Hezakiah12-09-19

      You know, everything you stated in the first half of your comment was accurate as far as I’m aware. Yet I’m in question as to whether you fully realize that those choices and decisions which you mentioned, i.e., ‘Getting your b-friend strung out on drugs and then wholly resisting treatment for yourself,’ Those of us in the throes of a serious heroin struggle are absolutely unable to make sound and reasonable life decisions for ourselves nor for those whom we care for or love. I read this book in question and personally enjoyed it allot. I can’t make any claims to the authenticity of all of its content – but I found it an enjoyable read.

    • Mary05-18-23

      Layne was doing H before he met Demri. He introduced it to Demri. Consider he was a musician who had access to anything he wanted. They were both addicts in the end. Layne was destroyed when Demri passed and refused to leave his condo. There is a quote out somewhere, that Layne gave to the media, I think. He knew he was dying, and he refused help by everyone who tried. The relationship was great when they were sober which never lasted very long. It was also horrible, when they weren’t. They are the only two people w ho know the details of their relationship. It’s heartbreaking, no matter what.

  11. Neil06-15-17

    I really liked the book and it gave me an insight into AIC and all that Seattle scene back then. It looks like there is not a lot new for all those close to it all. I’m the same age as Layne and spent my youth following them from the beginning and loved their music all along. As this was the days before the internet took hold, we’d only get snippets over here in UK in the rock press as to what was happening and Layne’s slow painful demise.

    I never saw them live and vividly remember the disappointment when it turned out they wouldn’t be opening for Metallica in 92

    Hopefully one day there will be a more personal biography from the people really close to him (assuming there will be some left!) . Until then, I think this is a good book and a great read.

  12. mel11-18-16

    Barbara, I really miss your posts. 🙁

    • Admin08-21-19

      4 years later… Haha! THANK YOU MEL! I will think of something to write about. This blog was the most healing thing I have ever done and I am so glad I did it even if no one ever reads it again. Big Hugs!

  13. Amanda08-03-16

    Just watched the MTV Unplugged I taped Monday on MTV Classics. Opening with the soulful “Nutshell” just gets me every time. I can’t listen to it without crying.

    • SASSY08-03-16

      That live version gets me every….single….time. I heard no one was sure Layne would even come out and the back up plan was that Jerry would sing everything. Of Jerry was sick with food poisoning.

  14. ik08-02-16

    The only book I would read is a book co-written by Darin Lamb, because he was Layne’s best friend, understood him, and loved him unconditionally, as he says often here. Reading this website has given me so much insight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. St07-18-16

    Bought it and re- sold it on Amazon the same day. He took everything that had to do with Aic from Everybody Loves Our Town and Grunge Is Dead….nothing new….he had some pics I’ve never seen….it wasn’t special to me at all or else it would’ve stayed in my collection.

    • SASSY07-27-16

      Dang….I was thinking about purchasing this.

    • Xty02-14-18

      He interviewed me. I wasn’t interviewed for any other book. I think he got my name from Grant I don’t even know but there are tons of old junkies around. Amazingly. Wish there were a few more…

      • Admin08-21-19

        GRANT! WOW! Haven’t thought about him in YEARS. Is he still alive? Not to be morbid but Grant was pretty hardcore even 25 years ago…hard to imagine he actually made it but if he did… I would be very happy to hear that! I was contacted for the book too he found me from my website…I believe. Do you remember me? Red headed Barbara? I cant recall if I knew you… but most likely. HAHA!

  16. Cari02-10-16

    I read the book twice and liked it very much.. It was fascinating, interesting, sad, a lot of things.. I think it was well researched and I think de Sola only had the best intentions in writing it. I wish people close to the band would agree to interviews. It may stop everyone speculating on this and that and stop some of the awful rumors. I emailed de Sola to tell him I really enjoyed the book and he actually replied to me, I thought that was cool.

  17. Chris01-06-16

    The book is well-written and well-researched, for sure. The only problem is the availability of people who would go on record to talk to de Sola, which given the shittiniess of previous authors, or those who attempted to write a book (in the case of “Itch”) I don’t blame people for not wanting to talk. I enjoyed it, but probably won’t be re-reading it. Its focus is really on Layne and Mike Starr, primarily on Layne. I’m sure Jerry, Sean and Mike Inez had lawyers going over the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb.
    One of the big takeaways from the book is that Layne was living with Hepatitis C, but it doesn’t make clear when he was diagnosed or if he even knew about it.
    If you do write a book, I’m sure I’d read and re-read it many times!

    • Admin08-21-19

      Basically like 95% of IV users have Hep C. I have it. I got it when I was 19. I am 46. My aunt and uncle died from it. Everyone I knew back then had it. Thankfully there is a cure now. Wish Layne was here to get it. Layne may of had Hep C but we all did. You’re not usually symptomatic for like 20 years. I cant say if he was sick with it or not though… I had already left Seattle like 5 years before he passed so it had already been years since we had spent any time together. I was busy having 3 children and staying as far away from Seattle as possible. He ultimately died of an overdose and it is HARD for a junkie like Layne to die from an overdose… unless you REALLY want too… just saying that it is also a possibility that he meant too. No one knows but Layne. I am just happy he’s at peace now. Our energy never dies. Layne wasnt living a life worth living or a life he was happy with and he never saw a future life for himself without drugs and he never planned to stop… and he said that many times. It’s very difficult when you’re brain receptors are so fucked the only time you even feel slightly Ok is when you’re high and getting high is a chore in itself… you just feel “normal” after awhile hence all the other drugs he took just trying to feel something! Doubt he had veins left either so he was definitely muscling it which usually causes abscesses all over your body and it hurts to move. You cant have that big of a habit and still find veins that work. Period. That’s just my guess though guys. Like I said I was long gone but he wasnt doing great when I left either.
      Layne was down to earth and sensitive. I know he regretted ever trying heroin. That is facts. He was a real and genuine dude. No bullshit. Definitely not a “rock star” type. Farthest thing from it actually. I honestly think he wanted to enjoy his fame… but was so far gone down the rabbit hole of addiction and so full of shame he didnt want to be recognized by people anymore…get the up and down glares and judgmental stares and the RUDE questions… hell no…SO… He hide pushed everyone away who worried about him and made him feel guilty and ashamed…and buried himself in despair. Alone. Such a very sad story.

      • Tinamarie Martin09-25-19

        It is very sad. I’ve read interviews with Layne on your website and one stated that he wore black gloves. Probably to hide needle marks. Again, it is very sad such a talented beautiful soul had to go through what he and many others had to. Thank you so very much for your site. Although I never had the opportunity to meet him I feel like I know him and how special he was and still is today.

      • Mili Diluca11-25-19

        Hi Barb, i’m a big fan of Layne Mike and demri, i spend hours reading this blog and another From Chile (im from Argentina). Look, i was always one of those who wanted to experience life, but i never try heroin. i wonder what Seattle was like in the 90s, and why were all the young people into heroin??? after seeing all these cases of self-destruction never in my life i would try that drug. Did you, or your friends know the serius consequences it had? or was there simply in all groups, all meetings, all parties, that it was very difficult to say NO.

  18. Jaclyn12-25-15

    I just received it for Xmas I’ll let u all know how it is

  19. g-man12-22-15

    I haven’t read the book, but I did read the chapter one excerpt that anyone can view online. The book does repeat some things about the band’s and Layne’s history that you can read online, or in some of the other books that were written about the Seattle scene; however, it does quote unique sources like Jamie, Jim and Ken Elmer (Layne’s sister, step-father and step-brother). Their information helps provide some context for many things we’ve heard or read in the past. For Example, we knew early on Layne practiced singing to Black Sabbath records and other classic rock bands. The interview with Ken Elmer, Layne’s Step Brother, fills in more detail about this early time in Layne’s Music career, and he provides more specifics as to the What, where, Why and how of Layne practicing his vocals. Apparently both Ken and Layne wanted to be lead singers.

    I will probably purchase the book in the future. So far it seems to express things in a considerate and respectful manner. The chapter I read online seems to focus the camera a little clearer on the band and Layne than we’ve had up to this point.

    As the years pass we should see more books with sources close to the band that can add to the landscape of the lives of AIC and provide us curious life-long fans with a more detailed and accurate history of their careers.

  20. g-man12-21-15

    Thanks for posting, I thought, perhaps, that you may have said what you wanted to say and had abandoned the site. I’m glad to hear from you again.

    You responded to a post I wrote about moving to Seattle in the mid-80s. I talked about how nice the citizens of Seattle where; in fact, people would say hello to you on the streets. I was somewhat stunned at my first experience with this after moving to Seattle, but I truly enjoyed the genuine friendliness and kindness displayed. I have no idea if Seattleites still express this courtesy, since it was invaded by outsiders after the Microsoft boom, and so many transplants now live there. Some day I will go back and visit my old haunts, and remind myself of all the great living I did there. Seattle in the 80s, for me, was emphatically the best place I ever lived.
    I appreciated your reaction to my post. I don’t remember where it is on the site since it has been so long, but it’s in here somewhere.

    Anywho, I would encourage you to take on the project, when you are ready, of writing about your friends Layne, Demri, Mike, Rosheen, your participation in the music scene, etc. When you are ready, and your looking for an editor, I would love to help, free of charge. (That’s my shameless plug.)

    And, this site is the most heartfelt and honest representation of those wonderfully creative, and selfless givers of talent,musicians, and artist anywhere in the vast and uncharted frontier of the internet. Sounds like we all need to boldly go where no one has gone before!

  21. Lisa12-16-15

    Thank you so much for the website. I’ve been looking at info around the internet and wondering which stories were true. My husband Joe and I loved listening to AIC. He died of Alcohol abuse at 44 and there are a lot of similarities to our relationship and theirs and birthdates (cool and freaky).

  22. Sarah12-09-15

    Hey babz! 😉 glad to see U updated on here. For my two cents, no I didn’t read it but I would if I came across it at a library or goodwill or something. I agree with raven (above comments^^) that it seems to be another interview book with the same old info but I’ve also heard good things about it, in that this author wrote with credible resources and direct quotes which is more than any of the other books. I also agree with Raven’s comment about how it’d be AMAZEBALLS if YOU wrote a book. Maybe sometime in the future if u get to that point, although from what I know of U, you’ve sort of said/implied that a lot of it is private and U haven’t seen the need to put it all down on paper ( at least in book form ). Maybe that’ll change and maybe not. Either way I love Ya! Thanks for posting. Xoxox

  23. Katie12-09-15

    This book by DeSola is the only book I’ve ever read about AIC, as I heard the rest were crap and untrue. I read that book in a day. To me, it was clear that he did some pretty thorough research, and there were lots of things mentioned that I, as a huge fan, didn’t know. I enjoyed it very much. I didn’t know them personally as you did, Barbara, but I think you’d like the book should you choose to read it. I really hope one day you do decide to write your own book, because as someone who knew them well, you’d not only have facts, but really wonderful memories to add. I sincerely hope you do read it. And if you read it, and some of the facts are untrue, you’d be given the opportunity to set things straight. But I thought it was a great book. Much love and hugs to you! I love this page! I read it over and over all the time!

  24. Raven12-09-15

    Barbara! You’re back! Great to see you posting again. I have had this book on my Wishlist since it was announced but I’ll tell you why I haven’t read it yet–I’m tired of hearing from people who weren’t there. As a fan, I feel as though we have enough “interview” style books. I want one written by the bands themselves or at least people who were there and/or had a vested interest in the story. I’ll wait until one of you guys (hint, hint) writes a book.

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