Why I made this website...

  1. In Memory of…

This website is dedicated to my friends….

This website is dedicated to Layne Staley, Demri Parrot,  Rosheen Raugi and sadly now… Mike Starr who most recently lost the battle of drug addiction in 2011. Two lovers, 4 soul mates and 2 best friends.

Three extremely talented and vibrant people who I was extremely blessed to know. If I were asked to describe them all in a few words (this would be extremely difficult) but I would say that they were ALL cool, laid back, down to earth, fun, silly, random, outrageous with loads of style and they ALL were seriously talented.

I consider myself super lucky to have known them all and to have been lucky enough to be able to spend time with each and every one of them during their *very* short lives.

They ALL had a lasting impact on me, my personality, the paths I took in my life and their deaths caused me deep pain and scars that are just know beginning to heal…

I will miss them always and hopefully someday I will heal from their loss. This website and your comments have helped me a lot. Thank you.

I created this website several years ago as a way to heal from my pain, to share my stories, and to reach out to others who were curious, in pain, missed them or were just interested in learning more about the TRUTH but also to learn more about the people they all cared about. I hope people enjoy this website.

This site is for AIC fans, friends and family of our lost and for the memory of them all…

Enjoy and Respect,

Barbara Dearaujo

Rest in Peace…

Layne and Demri

I took this picture of a print out I had received of Demri and Layne from Demri’s memorial… I did not have a scanner at the time so I just taped it to my wall and took the pic..  That was about 14 years ago. This is a photo was taken at an AIDS benefit concert in Seattle.. notice the red ribbons. I love this picture and I will miss them both as long as I live.

Layne Staley - August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002

Layne Staley – August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002 – 34 years old

Layne Staley was a sweet, funny, shy, loving young man. He was an incredible artist but also an incredible friend. He never let his fame go to his head. He always stayed the same Layne. In fact he would of rebelled against anything else.

Demri Lara Parrot

Demri Lara Parrot – Feb 22, 1969 – Oct 29, 1996 – 27 years old

Demri Parrot was like an older sister to me.. she looked out for me, we fought and we loved each other. Demri was an amazing creature who I learned so much from… most importantly I learned to love every minute of every day and smile through it all..even the pain.. I will always remember her strength.

Rosheen Raugi and Demri Parrott

Rosheen Raugi – Dec 17, 1974 – June 19, 1997 – 22 years old

This is a pic of Rosheen Raugi and Demri Parrott.. Rosheen and I grew up together in Laguna Beach, CA she came to Seattle to be with me and I introduced her to Demri… then they became lovers. Demri passed away and 9 months later Rosheen followed her. I will forever miss my best friend and my sister, Ro Ro. She was the best friend anyone could hope for in this short life.  I will never forget the dedication she showed for the ones she loved.

Mike Starr - Alice in Chains - RememberLayne.com

Mike Starr –  April 4, 1966 – March 8, 2011  – 44 years old

Mike Starr was my boyfriend when I was 19 years old and I loved him dearly.. we remained friends until his death and he was an amazing artist and person. I will forever miss him and his smile.  He had the gift of laughter and joy.

Lord……      Please don’t let this list get longer… I can no longer handle the pain