Layne Staley Fan Art


This post contains artwork by fans of Layne. I was highly impressed with these and wanted to share them. Please respect the artists which are all linked and let them know if you like what they’ve done. If you personally have fan art you’d like to share of Layne, AIC or Demri I’d love to add it to this page.. just send it to me.. contact me.

Fan Art

LAYNE STALEY once said:” I hate this paper with every ounce of hate in me;and if this pen were a gun;I could much more easily express how I feel”.     Hate by n0morewordS

Layne Staley by ~Shredric on deviantART

Check out even more Layne Staley Fan Art at after the cut, there are a ton of these amazing art pieces dedicated to Layne and a few even to Demri which is awesome, Layne has touched a lot of hearts in this world it is obvious. If you have something to contribute send it to me.

..Layne Staley..
by ~rachey-roo on deviantART

Alice in Chains – Retextured
by ~ritwikr on deviantART

Layne – a man of all seasons
by ~Nin44 on deviantART

Layne Staley tribute
by *uselesshumanwaste on deviantART

Layne Staley 2 by ~Lilith413


We Die Young
by ~silenthero1 on deviantART

08.01.12 Layne Staley by ~Wojtky

Layne Staley
by ~coldveins on deviantART

Layne Staley tribute gig poste
by ~mrbobcr on deviantART

Layne finished, or nearly
by ~Nin44 on deviantART

by ~SarahJess on deviantART

by ~Cornellian on deviantART

  1. ibdreamy03-12-11

    As for the movie.. I think theu canned that idea.. but I'm not positive.

  2. crystal07-27-09

    i just wana say first off that, wow, it is so so so so (ok you get it haha) cool to hear everything you have written about them. Not only here but on the other site before, its a brown page or whatever. Wow there is so much info! And its all so great and beautiful to read. I know it sounds stupid and retarded, or probably like some crazy fan haha, but I feel like ive fallen in love with the kind of person Layne was. Yeah, so i probably would not have known him if he wasnt famous, but i mean the PERSON he was. Just imagine he wasnt famous, he was such a great guy, according to all the things i read. He seems wonderfull. and of course what makes him different from so many other people, and all the more beautiful, is how talented, amazingly so, he was at what he did. But anyway, and about Demri i wanted to say, im glad i could find some good peace of mind through the stories youve written. Ive been searching and searching for info on her, and i know that one story about loving to make decoupage, lol by heart! so yeah, it was just, like i said, like getting closure and having things answered, by reading what you wrote. im so very interested in her, and i think its probably because im so taken by Layne, that its nice to know what kind of person he was with and he loved. i also think its a little funny, and a little not so great, how many things i have in common with her, even our taste in music and especially clothes. i always wear long dresses to my feet and long skirts haha. some people say i look like i couldve been her sister but theyre just patronizing hahah. i think we wouldve been great friends though, or maybe good for each other because of our personalities. what you wrote about her knowing how to use her charm to get what she wanted, wether it was good or not haha, thats me to the pinpoint haha. i know i did some stupid stuff becuase sometimes you get people to give you some free hits here and there. and i know what you mean about not caring if people believe you or not, the fact that you say that shows that you actually knew them, i mean lol why would you start all this if not? your stories are all obviously very personal, and its not like youre doing this for a bit of fame either haha. and anyway i guess this is just one long thank you comment, which i hope you read. i dont really understand this page haha or how to send a personal message(not that i need to) so i hope you read this. thank you so much for all the pictures and the stories. and i agree with some other people who have been asking for you to share how they met, and what it was like to spend time with Layne. basically, any new stories, any new anything is totally wanted.

    oh and, what you said "when your on drugs you have extreme shame and guilt and people begin to isolate themselves, " i can also directly relate to so thats why, in my opinion, i think i know thats exactly why layne hid away. its really only half a choice, in my experience at least. its half choice and half obligation….i duno, when youre like that, sort of withering away or wanting to, its awful to see and even to think about the people that would beat your ass for doing what youre doing and becoming who youre becoming. and i think according to what youve written you also know what im talking about in regards to all the drug issues…..anyways.

    and on a kind of stupid side note, do you have any info on the movie about layne? i just wana know if it really is being worked on and if it will come out or not. i hope it wont suck like last days, the kurt cobain one.
    and if i have some art, where can i send it?

    • ibdreamy03-12-11

      Sorry I did not respond back to yo sooner. I think it's cool actually that you like the site and your getting something out of it. That's what it;s for. For the people who are interested in learning more about Layne and his life. I don't claim to know everything about his life of course but I like to share my experiences with AIC.. Layne, Demri, Mike and everyone involved. I hope you continue to enjoy the website.

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