New Demri Photos


I received some new pictures from one of the moderators at the Layne Staley Forum, Nicole.


This is Demri and one of her best friends Fabiola..adorable. I love their boots and their smiles are so bright and healthy. Fab was a great friend to Demri. I guess you’d call her Demri’s rock in a crazy world.


Demri acting silly and being her loving self…


Demri and Billy Idol.


Hmm..I wonder which one she is..(wink) Maybe the one with the biggest smile? Yep, that’d be her.

  1. ?03-08-09

    if you guys dont know that a biopic from layne is being made read this

    My bad habits aren’t my title…

    Thank you for hearing my heart…

    Layne Staley

    This biopic is being made in a very independent way. We are fully
    determined to do it. We won't allow any brainwashed Hollywood clown to
    make fun of Layne's story or put him only in a "junkie" spotlight. We
    spent enough time trying to explain what the movie is about. It was all
    in vain. We have sadly learned that for Hollywood Layne Staley is
    another overdosed rock star. They don’t want to show him differently or
    should we say…they don’t want you to see the real side of the story.
    The Film and Music industries and the Media are mostly managed by the
    Mockingbird Project. Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Anna
    Nicole among MANY others were VICTIMS of it. They were mockingly
    KILLED. The “Get Born Again” Movie will show you the true story of a
    human being who expressed himself frankly with his heart wide open
    through his music and incredible voice. He died of an “ACCIDENTAL”
    heroin overdose after being obligated to live like a hermit for six
    years. Stop being the Zombie they want you to be. Open your eyes and
    see where the real message is.

    Actor to play Layne Staley: "Lathan McKay"

    Actress to play "Ghost" Demri: "Cara Mastrey"

    If you are in an unsigned rock band please contact ARTS Publications.
    Send a brief bio of your band, a picture and contact info at

    Thank you!


    ARTS Publications

    • Mina02-03-11

      It's usually nice to see some resemblence when it comes to someone portraying somebody else…after google-imaging 'Cara Mastrey', she looks NOTHING like Demri. Actually, the only thing i see in relative, is the fact that they both have long dark hair. So do thousands of other girls out there. doesn't mean they look alike.

    • Gun Ball12-13-15

      Layne’s cause of death WAS an accidental overdose. Don’t be a disrespectful conspiratard.

  2. ?02-18-09

    i have a tribute video i made if you want to put it in your website
    here is the url

  3. jessica02-03-09

    definately the brightest smile i've seen in a while <3

  4. Jacque02-01-09

    Wow, those pictures of Demri smiling, especially the yearbook photo, the picture with Fab, and the one with the Billy Idol lookalike sure bring back memories. I never really liked the "posed" glamour type shots of Demri. The everyday photos where her smile totally lights up a room are the one's I love. She had the prettiest smile I've ever seen.

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