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Alice in Chains is coming to the Roseland Theater on September 26th. Tickets go on sale Saturday but buy your tickets starting now! There is no password, just click the link!

Alice in Chains Presale

I live in Portland and I’d like to go but I think it would just make me sadder then I already feel..seeing them with out Layne and me and Jerry were never really close.  Sean was always cool to me and he always made me laugh. I wouldn’t mind seeing them but I doubt I could even if I did go. Are any of you planing on going? and Presents Alice In Chains at Roseland Theater
8 NW 6th Ave, Portland OR
All Ages. Bar with ID. 8:00pm.View Map

ALICE IN CHAINS tour dates:

July 18 – Detroit, MI – Comerica Park (with Kid Rock)
Aug. 01 – Dublin, IE – Marlay Park
Aug. 02 – Stevenage, GB -Knebworth House – Sonisphere
Aug. 04 – London, GB – Scala
Aug. 06 – Cologne, DE Essigfabrik
Aug. 08 – Berlin, DE – Columbia Club
Aug. 10 – Hamburg, DE – Grunspan
Aug. 12 – Amsterdam, NL – Melkweg
Aug. 22 – Pomona, CA – Epicenter
Sep. 04 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
Sep. 05 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts
Sep. 07 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
Sep. 08 – New York, NY – The Fillmore
Sep. 15 – Toronto, ON – The Opera House
Sep. 16 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
Sep. 19 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues
Sep. 20 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
Sep. 21 – Minneapolis, MN – First Ave
Sep. 26 – Portland, OR – Roseland Grill
Sep. 28 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore

  1. Slops03-25-12

    You’re so right! the celebrities of today seem so vain!!! they seemed and seem so…HUMAN! 😉 but I so wanted that music could be that great again you know? well at least memories live on! 🙂

  2. Slops03-24-12

    Ok…so now I get it!!! 🙂 thanks a lot Barbara…I got your point, and you’re dam right..thanks!

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-25-12

      and to be honest.. compared to the celebrities of today.. they were all very normal and down to earth.. I mean all considering. The celebrities of today are completly untouchable with paparazzi following them every where they go and celebrity reality TV and MONEY the rock stars of the 90’s were not rolling in money like they are today. They did not drive around in super flashy cars or live in super fancy houses or where all designer clothes.. for the most part they really did seem like just regular guys who also happen to have a video on MTV. If you saw them at a club and you were not familiar with their music you would of NEVER know. It was way cooler back then and being flashy was really UNCOOL. Thank God because I know I would of been turned off if they had been different and I’m happy they were not because I actually got to consider them close friends and was not always slapped in the face with stardom. 🙂 It was an amazing time that is long gone and will never be repeated. at least not for me.. in this life

  3. Barbara Dearaujo03-24-12

    They were young guys thrown into super stardom so of course it went to some of their heads a little but I don’t blame them. It happens to the best of us. I was closer to Layne and Mike. I knew Sean and Jerry because they were “around” but we were not tight or super close friends.

  4. Slops03-23-12

    And when I said that I thought that aic guys were all cool…I mean, I really had this image of them being all very nice…you know, I never imagined Jerry putting off this “rockstar attitude” and Sean being like obnoxious..although like you said in your 1st comment maybe it’s was just his way of deffense or something like that…who knows? 😉

  5. Slops03-23-12

    🙂 oh let me try to be a little bit clearer…it’s not like he had a crush on you or something right? when you say he was around…you really mean that…he was obnoxious…always around…pissing people off…and probably, alcohol is one of the things to blame! and yes I know…redheads have a temper! 🙂 But I totally agree…we all shoud be respected, things don’t change just because you’re around rockstars, but in the end, you were only really close to Mike and Layne…? Once again thanks for this blog…this is awesome!! 😉

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-24-12

      When I said Sean was around.. I meant he was in the scene.. going out to the clubs, hanging out at friends houses etc.. he was around.
      He was not always being obnoxious. NO! I do not want to give off that impression of him. He’s a great guy it was just that one night in Montana he got out of line. That was it. We were all drinking not just him.. not in the slightest. Haha! I just wanted to make a clear point for all guys in general to know not to touch me inappropriately because I hung out with guys who also happened to be musicians. It was important to me not to be considered by anyone as a groupie including the guys in the band. I was a girlfriend of a member of the band or an equal. Not an object. Also I did not praise the floor they walked on and did not want them to ever think that. I was young but not stupid when it came to boys. 🙂

  6. Slops03-14-12

    Barbara, when you said that Sean was around…you mean around you? pissing you off? I always thought that the Aic guys were all cool too…thanks for all the information that you have in here.

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-21-12

      I’m not sure what you mean.. Sean was a little obnoxious at the time but I believe alcohol played its role as usual. 🙂 and I did slap him after all so whatever I get it. Just.. hands off buster is all. I am a redhead after all and I have a temper too. 🙂


  7. Alex07-18-09

    I am not going to see them live nor am I going to buy their new album. That hurts. I belong to old-fashioned fans which can not imagine AIC without Layne Staley, even though I am aware of Jerry's musical contribution to the band.

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-21-12

      I understand how you feel.. honestly.. I did not buy it or listen to it. 🙁


  8. ibdreamy > Barbar07-10-09

    Well let's just say he did put off that vibe.. like he wasn't super friendly but who knows maybe he was just shy around pretty girls… haha! I don't know. I was very young he was like 5 years older then me and even though we hung out in the same circle of friends he never made a point to talk to me and of course either did I because I didn't want him to think I cared. Like I said I was very young and living in a very crazy enviroment. I grew up in Laguna Beach in a very sheltered enviroment and then I was kinda thrust into this crazy Rockstar, clubbing everynight, drinking, drugs…
    I was like a kid in a candy store just walking with her hands out and her eyes wide.

    I'm sure he's grown up.. we all do eventually and I'm sure he has a good heart if his writing says anything about the man he's a deep guy I just never got to see that part of him. I was just never close to him myself. Layne on the other hand I was close too and same with Mike Starr.
    Sean Kinney and I didn't talk much either but he was around. I remember slapping him once in a bar in Montana after a show they did at some college there I think in Mosola(sp).
    I remember slapping him and my boyfriend grabing me out of the way so Sean could not slap me back because he looked like he was about too.
    He had grabbed my butt and so I just twirled around and slapped him.
    It was always very important to me that they all knew I was not one of their groupies, I did not see them as super human and they had to respect me and act normal but it probably wasn't very cool of me to hit him. Once again I was young and I was drunk. That same night Layne was flipping around this switch blade that night in some guys face who looked like a lost puppy dog. He was following us around the bar asking him stupid questions. Basically acting exactly how I never wanted to act. Finally when we walked out of the bar and down the street he continued to follow us and Layne lost it he was like "get the fuck away from me"!!! He was all stumbling with this silly switch blade held out in front of him. We all laughed but I felt bad for the kid even though he was a dork and very annoying.

    Ok got to go Thanx for the comment. Remember to subscribe to the blog!

    <abbr>ibdreamy > Barbara’s last blog post..ADELE – Cold Shoulder (Live)</abbr>

  9. Magda07-10-09

    Hej! I didn't know that Jerry acts like a rockstar I thought they all are quite normal but I see that I was wrong.
    Your posts are really interesting so keep writting 🙂

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