Mad Season – Live At The Moore (Full)


54:34 minutes

Mad Season – Live At The Moore (Full)With “Lifeless Dead” rehearsal, and music video for “River Of Deceit”

Set List

01. Lifeless Dead
02. River of Deceit
03. I Don’t Know Anything
04. Long Gone Day
05. X-Ray Mind
06. All Alone
07. November Hotel
08. Lifeless Dead (from Self Pollution Radio Special)
09. River of Deceit (music video)

  1. Kelly08-29-12

    And whoever said Clapton was God never saw Layne and Mike on November Hotel–HOLY F!!

  2. Barbara07-06-11

    Mad Season was my all time favorite Layne..

  3. Alexandra, PL06-25-11

    Is there "Wake up" performed? I watched the video in a hurry but I didn't notice… I wish to see Layne singing
    this song live.. When I see it, I can die.
    I browsed through the whole Internet and nothing. Just a soundtrack without the image…

  4. Taylor06-24-11

    fucking amazing. november hotel has to be just about the best live performance i have ever seen with layne in it (there arent o whole lot of live aic on youtube) that entire time i had chills running up and down my back and i am pretty sure it gve me and orgasm lol

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