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I have no clue where this picture originally came from.. I found it on a fan site and he says he found it on another fan site but does not mention the site.

I think she looks beautiful. She was not ashamed of her nudity so that is why I do not feel bad for posting it. She was a beautiful woman.

demri parrott

  1. Laura Wal08-09-19

    Question: so many people have commented on how Demri stayed with them for a short time while sick before moving on, but she always left pics of her there? Was this planned, as she went from house to house, looking for another fix and a permanent place to live? But as she was always running, even from Layne, who bought her a permanent place to live, with gardens, she’d stay a few nights and then was off in flight, for another place, another fix, and another friend to leave her pics with. She was always on the run, going from one friend to the other, or friend’s parents houses, trying to get clean, but never back to her mom’s, and only a week at a time at Layne’s. Then the hospital, where she’d spend months at a time, but stories ive heard have people coming to take her out for a day or two to their house, where theyd shoot up herion and do artwork. Then they’d take her back to the hospital, how true that is, I don’t know, cause if youre in the hospital, your stuck in there. Although ive heard many people say she would sneak out to have a cig. Not in hospitals these days, no sneaking out for a cig or your out…

  2. Laura05-27-17

    Demri loved her friends, doing decoupage as gifts for them, and making presents for the people that she loved. She liked having her pic in friends homes, it made her feel special. She was one of a kind, never to be outdone. She was special, I’m thinking of doing heroin, it’s out of control in Youngstown OH. Please say a prayer, Thanks.

  3. laura05-06-17

    Barbara, you just said right there, well, up above on this blog, that Demri was known for being Layne’s fiancé and muse. Her fame has come from that, although when she was alive, I believe that she thought her fame would come from her only. Her professional photo shots, her possible movie career, which she gave up on, and again her professional pics. Then heroin unfortunately got a hold of her. But she chose that path, introduced Layne to it, and their lives were written in stone. Never to be undone, although others have gotten straight and lived. Why they two could not do it, well, like Layne said, “You always told me you’d not live past 25”, and how Demri always wanted to join the 27 club, those who passed at 27 like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin,& Jim Morrison. She wanted to die young, plus her body was giving out, and so she did.
    Layne was ill-stricken and suicidal until his own death. Sad.

  4. Rob06-29-15

    i never knew Dem or Layne…but Dem knew me…I just want to let her know that we found each other…the old soul brought our souls together…thank you Dem

  5. graham02-06-14

    cool site , but i’m pissed at adriana rubio for talking shit about layne like he was dirt , she wrote 2 falsified books about Lanye, and a supposed last interview which is bullshit layne wouldn’t talk about him self like that, goes to show rolling stones credibility at hiring journalists, i hope her movie never gets funded or produced , im a addict myself and i know how it feels to be drug sick for days on end , this bitch doesn’t have a clue what its like , and i think laynes mom is taking advantage of her son by asking for donations from white collar folks but then again she does seem sweet i dunno, and fuck cantrell for keeping the name alice in chains their new shit sucks its hard to listen to i dont care if u get elton john to play piano on a track it stills sounds like shit, willam duvall sucks i have little to no musical talent and i still think i sound better than him lol hes not even a lead vocalist he barely even sings on any of their tracks its like cantrell doesnt trust him or something. RIP ALICE IN CHAINS 1988-1999 and RIP MAD SEASON 1995-1996

    • Michael R. Ivy02-07-14

      I have become involved in the beautiful couple we know as Layne and Demri… I asked Ms. McCallum permission to produce a film about their beautiful lives…not their demons or struggles, but an homage to the grace, song, lyric, and presence…she refused, so out of respect for her, Layne and Demri, I will not use their names…
      I will be in the a Seattle area in July to begin filming Shadows, a screenplay I wrote loosely based on a famous Seattle grunge scene and two star crossed lovers.
      I will abide by Nancy request but at the same time true fans of this era will know my dedication is honest and be holding of a reputation born in the city of Seattle…please follow our Odessy…Ivy Leaf Film Productions Inc. ( our web page is down for bug fixes! Sorry!) I’m on FB, Twt, Google +, pinrest, tumblir, etc? I welcome you all….

  6. Michael Robert Ivy10-31-12

    I am honored to be working on a screenplay and script for the upcoming film “Shadow’s” a love story between these incredible souls. I am looking for first person accounts to make sure I have the substance correct. I have tried to contact family and I understand their lack of interest, I am sure they think of me as some kind of, well whatever they think I agree. But I am not doing this for glory but for honor, and what abandonment does to children.this is to a drug story! So if anyone would like to help contact me at that email or FB Ivy Leaf Film Productions.

    • S04-04-21

      Please don’t. You’ll never know the truth and it’ll mostly be fabrication. Only they knew the truth and they’re no longer here. So basically you’ll just be making fan fiction. Idk if you already made it (since this comment is from 2012) but please leave them alone and let them RIP.

  7. kathleen10-29-12

    On this anniversary of Dem’s passing I just want to thank all of you especially you Barbara, Darrin and Fabiola for making these bittersweet days a little brighter….when I am aching and missing her I can come here….Perhaps my niece will write about Dem’s life it seems some folks are interested….but I’ll need you guys for those times….we were so close as you know…the misinformation and assumptions out there just doesn’t get it…thanks for truth…love you kathleen

    • Laura Wal02-01-13

      Hello Ms. Austin,

      I would really like to know more about your daugher Demri. She seemed like such a beautiful soul. I do hope your niece writes something, as i would like to know her from your/her perspective.
      I was a fan of Alice in Chains and found out about her in 1996. I hope this doesnt trouble you, but your daughter is a facsinating personality. Laura

    • laura wal05-09-13

      Dear Mrs. Kathleen Austin, I have loved Layne since the early ’90s, and heard about your daughter Demri when she passed. I was engaged and pregnant before I lost the baby, but I was going to name her Demri. I just wanted to say what a beautiful,spiritual daughter you had, and I am so interested in learning more about her. I follow some old posts from Barbara about your daughter, but most of those are closed now. I enjoyed imensely reading about her and you also. I don’t really know why I wrote this to you, but I just wanted you to know that Demri has greatly influenced my life, as far as not being afraid of what others think of me. I have social anxiety disorder, so her stories are a great influence to read. Thank you for reading this.
      Laura Wal
      Youngstown OH 44515

  8. kevin08-07-12

    Barbara is the one that needs to write a book because her and those close to her we’re laynes true friends. get it done already Barbara and use the money to make sure they evil bitch never gets a word out. we don’t care about a trashy drug dealer and what they have to say. we want to hear from his friends. no one wants your shit book

    • Laura Wal08-09-19

      I wish that her mother would agree to a book written about Demri, but I dont’ see that happening. Hopefully not embarrassed by the way most of her children have died. One brother committed suicide, another from a car crash, circumstances of that known only to them, and Demri, which we all know how she passed. I know Demri was the oldest and she had 4 brothers, one still living. And all names started with a “D”.Devin Derrick David Demri. and can’t remember the last name, sorry. But I’m sure that most of you know. Anyways, my IBS has been kicking up today, and its helped me to go on this site and try to remember all that I learned from friends of Layne and Demri posting after Layne passed in 2002. God bless them and everyone.

  9. Erica07-05-12

    Sorry meant to say wised up.

  10. Erica07-05-12

    Does anyone know if the Paris chick decided not to write the book? I hope she wished up and changed her mind. I see that she never wrote you back on here. Smh

  11. Jody04-09-12

    I checked out on of your links, tiffloveslayne Facebook. She has some beautiful pictures of Demri that I have never seen before. She also has a lot of pictures of Layne that I have never seen. There is even a note from Layne to Fabiola. A site worth checking out!

  12. Ruthie04-06-12

    Barbara, this is a wonderful site. I listen to Layne and have often wondered who he was around and why he fell into such a lifestyle. Alice in Chains and Layne are icons to me. It is truly admirable to read of individuals such as yourself that have a close degree of separation ( which at one point were no degrees of separation). Much Love; especially on this day to Layne’s soul.

  13. aldo01-12-12

    ciao non so scrivere in inglese perdonatemi mi aiuto con un traduttore..gli anni 90 sono stati degli anni incredibili ho amato profondamente gli aic in particolare la voce di layne ..sono anni che nel mio piccolo mi occupo di ricordare layne (in italia)la sua musica il suo essere aritista è un piacere aver trovato questo sito ..ricordato da amici che hanno vissuto sia momenti belli che brutti con layne e demri grazie a barbara per le sue parole … se cercavate Jack Plasky ha un account su facebook e tra i miei amici li ci sono molte foto di demri ….
    hi I don’t know how to write in English forgiven I help me to me with a translator.. the years 90 have been of the unbelievable years I have loved deeply the aics particularly the voice of layne.. they are years that in mine small I deal me with to remember layne (in italia)la his/her music its being artist is a pleasure to have found this site.. remembered by friends that you/they have lived both beautiful that ugly moments with layne and demri thanks to Barbaric for its words… if you looked for Jack Plasky you/he/she has an account on facebook and among my friends them there are a lot of photos of demri….

    • admin03-16-12

      Thank you Aldo that is very cool of you to take the time to leave a message in english. Thank you! ~ Barbara

  14. Jon J12-31-11

    May god have mercy on your soul. If it wasnt for the fact there are laws you would be done away with if u know what I mean.

  15. Violet12-01-11

    Thanks Barbara for your site – an amazing site.
    I really love Demri and I tell you keep on with your site and your memories.
    It’s difficult to find stuff about her but it’s always welcome when it’s found.
    Much love!!!

  16. Pauline11-27-11

    Jesus this is unbelievable. I would have to agree with the others Paris. My daughter had an experience with another Seattle dealer recently like you… One who retaliates to hurt and probably kill. Her name is Iwayne or some other weird name. You probably schooled her. She is asian and sells drugs as rank as yours. I am part asian so this is not a racist remark. I only mention it to warn other parents whose younger children may encounter her. I truly feel it for all purposes evil to write about the people that you sold to… that you had a hand in killing. Because it reveals you are just using another method to make money from the misery you helped to cause them. As another commented, you were most likely not friends, just someone they got their narcotic relief from. When someone is high, they see their dealer as contributing to their relief rather than their deterioration. Because I am sure you probably let them get high at your house and planned to throw their dead bodies in the dumpster if they over dosed, you heard them say they were friends with you, so you would sell to them. Therefore, you most likely received a false sense that they were “friends” of yours because like any power tripper, you would with hold the “medicine” they needed unless they were nice to you. As we saw from the admin’s post, anyone who did stand up to you, you tried to kill. I would advise anyone who was Layne’s, Mike’s and Demri’s friends to not give this woman Paris any photos or stories of your loved one. This is not the 1960’s. Dealers like her did and do not care a whit about their “custies” (customers). That what they usually call them. They don’t test their drugs for safety, they do not help people. This woman Paris is just trying to make money from these wonderful people who had real potential and lives. Unlike her who thrived on their pain.


    • admin03-16-12

      Sorry I missed your comment Pauline because you made a very good point.. she is trying to make money off people’s misery and suffering… ONCE AGAIN! I feel sorry for her to be honest it must suck to be psychotic but then again they say that people with psychosis have no remorse or consciousnesses anyway and just watch and copy other people’s behaviors because they actually have no clue to show or feel real love or empathy.. all they know is how to pretend to feel these types of emotions….so I guess it’s pointless to feel sorry for her.. UGH she is so gross.
      I here people like her are GREAT actors for about a year and then they’re facade or the real them starts to show through and it all starts to fall apart. This girl is an attempted murderer and why I let her get away with it back then was because I was afraid of the police of getting in trouble for using drugs etc.. but I was young and nieve… Not anymore but now it’s too late. So all I can do is warn others that people like her and YES even women can be dangerous!! Thank you for your comment Pauline.

  17. Starr and Staley Friend-Livia11-27-11

    Wow Paris are you fucking nuts. How in the hell could you just write a book about two people who once loved each other but let their addiction get in the way. Then what fucking pisses me off is the fact you was a drug dealer and yet sold yourself so low to write a book that I know Demri nor Layne’s mom wouldn’t like. I say this because I have someone who is battling their own addictions and I love them dearly but you don’t fucking see me writing about about them. I would never do that never ever ever. You my deary need to think about Demri and Layne instead of thinking about yourself. I will be watching you along with other friends.

  18. Another Starr and Staley Friend-Silver11-27-11

    Paris, Wow..where do I start? First off, I’m the parent of a active heroin addict and I personally know the pain and despair caused by my childs addiction. Also, Im a recovering addict myself. I question your motives and your claim at sobriety for one reason…you make admins with those you hurt…remember step 3 and 8? Personally I think you have. Putting out a book in the hopes of making the wrongs you done right is a sick logic. If you were truly in recovery you would have made your admins in a respectful private. As I see it, its a win win situation you believe yourself in…money and your 15 minutes of fame. But in reality what you are doing is continuing the pain and hurt these’s families are already feeling. What you are doing will not benefit anyone but yourself.
    My daughters dealer was her own father and I make it my business to expose him at every avenue. And this much I can assure you will happen in your case. There are thousands of us here online that would like nothing more than to expose you for the parasite that you are. As a collective group we dont want or care to hear what you have to say about Layne , nor Demri…and as for myself I’ll be watching you and i’ll make sure you know how low we see you. Trust and believe this . I would suggest that if you are truly sober to go back and re work your steps, because i believe you’ve fogotten them totally!

  19. A Starr Friend~Shanna11-27-11

    You have no idea what the word RESPECT means..your not a friend of Layne & Demri and have no right to make a book of their struggles one wants to read trash from a drug dealer …you need to back off and leave their memories alone..have some respect for them and the families involved ..their heartache is enough to bear ..they dont need you to define their lives & memory with your version of what happened …you make me sick and once the word gets out …The family,friends & Fans will be all over you..and will make sure you think twice about what your doing…It wont happen so get over yourself ..

  20. shannon11-27-11

    Very very uncool.

  21. Whitney11-17-11

    I believe that top photo was used as Jack Plasky’s business card. He has many more of Demri and Xana deep in his storage. I hope he finds them!

    • Paris11-25-11

      Do you know how to reach Jack Plasky? He has a few photo’s of Demri I would like to get a hold of. I’m writing a book It’s about my recovery from addiction and as a former heroin dealer to the whole of Seattle’s heroin addicted musicians of the 90’s, Layne and Demri became good friends of mine. Layne and Demri’s story will be written and shared with the world. I was with her in her last few months of life. We were holed up at Layne’s place on Queen Anne for 3 weeks. I was getting ready to kick dope and Layne begged me to take her with me to my moms so she could kick too. He didn’t want to enable her addiction anymore, especially with the pig valve they had to put in her heart. He didn’t want to be a part of the possibility of death from her drug use as the doctors told her if she kept using in her condition she would surely die. I promised him I would but things didn’t exactly go as planned. I know exactly how she died. The apt she took her last fatal dose of heroin, The man who took her to the hospital when she ODed. She was a beautiful woman, with a big heart and the story will be well written and the world will finally have an in depth account of her and Layne’s relationship, their struggles with addiction blaa blaa blaa. Anywho, it’s nice to see Demri’s friends are carrying her memory on. Let me know if Jack Plasky is still around.

      • admin11-26-11

        Paris…. do you remember me? Well I’ll never forget YOU! I used to buy dope from you and then I hawked a very expensive ring to you because I was so sick and desperate and extremely young and stupid I might add… but when I came back to buy it back from you … well you decided you didn’t want to give it back to me because you knew it was worth a whole lot more then what you gave me for it.. so I told you to give it back to me or I’d make sure that you’d regret it and I may have implied that I’d call the cops on you (which I don’t regret) so you very reluctantly gave me back my ring but you were pretty pist about it even though it was the right thing to do but shortly after that…and GOD knows I REALLY regret this choice..I went back to you and bought stuff from you again against my better judgement but I never expected you to do what you did…anyway that night both me and a friend who I had shared my stuff with the same stuff that I had bought from you that night..we both ended up in the hospital and not because your stuff was so good but because there was something “bad” added to it something so bad that it made my heart beat 250 beats a minute. They did an actual cavity search looking for drugs I had possibly hidden up inside me because they could not figure out why nothing they gave me brought my heart rate down and I KNOW you did this on purpose. The doctors could not understand why if I said I had done heroin why my heart was reacting as if I had ingested some major amounts of coke or speed. Before you sold me the stuff you went into your bathroom so god only knows what you added to it. Ajax? Amonia? A dash of household cleaner? I called you 3 days later when I was released from the hospital (no one stays in the hospital for 3 days on a regular OD) I called to see if it had happened to anyone else whou bought from you that day and you just blew me off and said no… and you acted very strange on the phone. I knew for sure that my suspicions about your intentions were true. Your a very dangerous person and so me being excited about you writing the last story of Layne and Demri? Yeh obviously I’m not so excited about that and I will make sure everyone knows the real story about who you were to everyone back then.. nothing.. just an easy to access drug dealer on capital hill. I think you were a creepy, weird chick who looked like the walking dead never left her apartment and had ZERO morals. I went to your house with Layne and I know for a fact he had NO special feelings for you and did NOT think of you as a close friend. I feel sorry for you that you actually believed that but I guess.. you would.. wouldnt you. Just because you sold drugs to rock stars does not make them your true friends. DUH! You were just a drug dealer. Get over yourself. Go ahead and write your book but I will make sure to be there to let everyone know who you are and the things you did. Your not just aother Rubio.. no your way fucking worse. Your a leach who had something to do with both of their deaths and almost mine as well. I don’t care if you justify the fact that you sold drugs to them and if not from you then they would of bought them from someone else… and I know Layne wanted nothing to do with supplying drugs for Dem’s death but I doubt seriously it bothered you. Eww you make me sooo sick to my stomach Paris. Seriously. Please go crawl back under the rock you came from.

        Oh and to make things very clear.. I also got clean. Thanks be to God but you don’t see me trying to make money off the death and hard times of my friends who are no longer here to tell their own story. Just because your clean now Paris does not erase everything you did to us ALL back then. Think of how many people you hurt and the families you destroyed. Taking advantage of the sick and desperate!! Peddling your wares with the devil. Your pure evil. Period. Sad thing is publishers will probably eat it up.. a drug dealer willing to come forward and tell her story… oh yeh.. that is the perfect kind of gossip mag crap people love to read about but money is not everything and your life will be reviewed and judged in the end…. Just remember there are still people out here who know the hand you played. Don’t forget that.

        • jeff04-20-13

          I guess it was plain obvious this Paris idiot didn’t know whose website she had posted on Barbara. I imagine she will go back under whatever rock she crawled from beneath and (hopefully) never be heard from again. She is the last person who should have any positive recognition or a sliver of benefit from anything she does regarding Layne and crew.

        • Lanic10-15-20

          thank you so much for sharing this..

      • SV11-26-11

        You are the person, clean or not, that we parents hope our children never meet. We wish you would die a horrible death for being available to our children with your sociopathic behaviour of selling drugs. AND YOU ARE A GIRL!!! Usually it is the men who have a hard time being conscious of what they do to other people with their selfish bad behavior. Writing a book about Demri and Layne is a selfish (which seems to me to be your MO) undertaking. It isn’t about them at this point, we all love them and know their story already. We don’t need you to fill us in on your own self aggrandizement as a drug dealer to the people you killed. Face it you are a murderer of people and families. I wonder how your family feels about you. Getting caught up in the drug scene is one thing, creating it is another. I don’t think that you could make enough amends to the hundreds of people you’ve hurt and put into graves. Call Demri’s mom and ask her how she feels about you writing this book about her lost precious daughter. I can’t speak for her but for me I can’t wish you dead enough for what you did to my daughter. Peace out bitch!!!

      • PAM nICHOLS11-27-11

        I am Barbaras aunt I just cant believe that you are trying to convince anyone that your recovery was so worth grabbing the long ago heart strings of such a sad event. Your altered images of your role is scary, you have not fully recovered if you think you deserve to make yourself the center of every event. There are no lies or altered events in our family I know also who you are and what your game was. Please dont use other familys pain as your gain.
        If this is for your own recovery write what you need for yourself and put it away, dont try to make up for loss time in life by hurting others

        • laura05-06-17

          May I ask where you were when Demri was going through her addiction? Being her aunt and all, and writing in to defend her, where were you?

          • Shannon11-01-19

            Just curious why you are questioning Barbara’s aunt about Demri’s addiction? Why do you believe she would have anything to do with her niece’s friend’s issues?

  22. Lindsey10-18-11

    I agree… I don’t understand why more of her close
    Pals don’t share their pics. Thanks for posting yours – I love learning more about her. I definitely agree about the watermarks. Unless you’re a photog you shouldn’t be marking up pictures. No, the HS pal I mentioned is someone named Rhonda. She has a whole album of pics of Demri – two photos in particular (same shot) of she and Layne that she later drew on. She also has Laynes Lollapalooza tour book.

  23. Innèx08-15-11

    I sent to you the original, for you post here…

    Did you received it?

  24. Lindsey08-13-11

    This pic belongs to a HS pal of Demri’s. She posted it on Facebook along with a few others she has in her possession. Demri stayed with her for a bit when she was sick and left these pics at her house.

    • Barbara (site admin)08-14-11

      This is the link the photographer who actually took the second picture that I posted here..but those pictures I’ve known about for years. The first picture is the “new one” or at least one I’ve never seen online. Is that the one you say was posted by a high school friend? Are you talking about Fabiola? I was also friends with Fab and Demri.. if it was on Fab’s facebook then I guess I missed it.
      I just love this picture, she had such a cute little body and check out those abs! Haha. I just wish it didn’t have all that red lettering across the front. I hate when people do that. There’s another picture online that I posted maybe 10 YEARS ago that people have claimed over and over of Demri and Layne and I DON’T regret not putting my name all over it or that people use it.. because in my opinion these pictures are meant to be in memorial to them and their love not to advertise myself or my site. Grr.. pet peeve of mine.

      It also bothers me that more friends of Demri’s don’t share their pictures of Demri, because I know Demri would of thought it was cool to have her pictures online for her fans and because of the pictures that have been posted online she has her OWN fans. I think there is nothing bad that can come from people sharing these photos. Sadly..when she was alive no one knew who she was..well besides the people in the music scene in Seattle of course but she never got the recognition she deserved as Layne’s fiance and muse and that always bothered me. Pictures keep people alive in our hearts and even in pictures her strong spirit shines through… It’s nothing short of amazing just how much her pictures have touched so many people so strongly.

      Read more:

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