Demri Loves Xana!

Demri Chilling...

Demri Chilling…

Playful Demri and Layne..blowing bubbles

Playful Demri and Layne..blowing bubbles

Playful Demri and skirts? ;)

Playful Demri and skirts and combat boots? 😉

Demri Parrott

Demri Parrott

Recently a fan sent me links to these new photos that I personally had never seen before.. all I have is links which come from but I’m not sure where the site’s admin got the photos.

I miss them both everyday and I will continue to do what I can do to keep their memories alive for their true friends and family and for their fans. Also.. I will continue to do what ever it takes to protect them from the evil, greedy people out there who want to make money off their deaths.

Xana, who Demri mentions in the first picture was Andrew Woods girlfriend and Muse. I’ll have to assume that the second picture belongs to her. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Xana personally but if this is her photo.. I want to give her credit and I hope she is OK with me sharing it here.

I really wish that more of Layne and Demri’s true friends would come forward like me and share their memories and their photos if they have them. Because I truly feel that they would love that and that this is a beautiful way to preserve their memory and to make sure that people never forget them and so that their fans get to hear the real truth about who they were and what they were like instead of just what the “media” had to say about Layne.. Demri was never even mentioned in one article while she was still alive..I feel resentful about that for some reason. I believe she was a celebrity in her own right and deserves to be recognized.

Enjoy the new photos. My favorite is the one of Demri sitting on the couch (not sure who the other two girls are). This is how I’d like to remember Dem forever… just kicking back, talking and hanging out with her friends. 🙂 She was such a fun and sweet friend before drugs stole her away from us all including herself.

If you’d like to email me or if you have questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

  1. Jack Doff09-16-23

    I was a fan of Crowded House (C H) and believe after Paul Hester died, C H lost their warmth. As for AIC, I have no real interest in AIC without Layne. Let’s all be greatful however, AIC & C H did not become like INXS after Michael died.

  2. Michelle12-18-20

    What made Demri happy?

  3. Aðalsteinn07-03-17

    I’ve got to say, the more I read about the relationship between those two (Demri/Layne), the more complex it gets. A lot of differing information out there. Supposedly they quit dating between ’93 and ’94, but seem to have been a part of each others lives until the end.
    Is it safe to assume they kept some sort of contact until Demri’s passing ?

  4. Laura07-04-16

    On this 4th of July holiday, I wish that both Layne & Demri were still here. Maybe with their kids, if they’d had some, they’d have taken them to parades, and watch fireworks go off over Seattle. Sad

  5. Sarah03-25-15

    Hey Barbara! Where can I find some of these comment sections you’ve mentioned in the past where yo have posted memories with D and L? It’s a little overwhelming to navigate thru all the stories comments in search of yours, but I want to read them! Any suggestions? Btw- I love your stories and your website. What a gift you have! I’m sure D and L and Starr are beaming down at you very pleased with your contribution. ❤️

  6. Liz02-03-14

    Barb – did you see the newish pic that’s floating around of the whole band plus Demri and some other girls at the 1991 MTV music awards? Dem is so cute in it and she and Layne are holding hands.

  7. Keith04-30-13

    I think the black & white photo of Layne and Dem blowing bubbles is my favorite. Not sure why? It just is.

  8. ann04-25-13

    So glad you deleted the crazy person’s posts. Changing topics (back to the topic at hand) I had a thought that if Demri and Layne were still around they might be like Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. (I will caveat this by saying Ozzy is having some relapse issues which breaks my heart.) So what I mean, is they might be like the Osbournes minus the relapse issues right now. Layne would be like Ozzy as an eternally cool rocker who has his powerhouse wife. Demri would be like Sharon — this eternally cool, strong, in charge woman and wife. Maybe I am off base, I do not know any of them obviously. But when I read through and hear about Demri and Layne, if they had made it they would have been a pretty cool couple. A tangential thought, perhaps but it’s what came to mind.

  9. admin04-22-13

    OK OK I am so horrible… stop feeding the TROLL. LOL! God damnit. I suck at following that rule sometimes.

    • HML04-23-13

      LOL! I think that more readers are probably seeing all this for what it really is, and sticking up for you as well. My guess is they don’t want to get into all the weirdness of Metallica nice and Slayer blood by actually posting anything. Yep! The world sure has some interesting people. Especially posting on the Internet. And that is putting it nicely. 😉

  10. aharris04-21-13

    I have to say I laughed at “people are some dumb” hey kettle you are black.

    Anyway, I don’t post too much on any site and usually mind my own business, but felt enough was enough with Devine’s posts. You can have an opinion but at least say it respectfully on someone’s site. Barbara has opened her heart to strangers and shared memories with us all, that to me speaks to the love in her heart for her friends. With all the hate in the world I only wish Devine well because she clearly needs it.

    HML that is two of us who have never been hated so much but I don’t put much stock in it coming from a person who writes such hatefull posts about everything.

    • admin04-22-13

      Hey aharris… don’t feel bad for sticking up for me and for MIKE! This chick is completely out of line and NUTS. So, Thank you!!!!!! for saying something because only a few of you actually have.

    • admin04-22-13

      PLUS you are a regular here and this chick came out of the blue…and claiming to be Mike’s girlfriend? What the fuck ever!

      • aharris04-22-13

        I love your site, and I really appreciate opening your life and sharing.

  11. Alexi04-20-13

    Okay none of my business but what in the hell are you talking about? Metallica nice what does that mean? I’m sorry but you sound unstable. You came here insulted Barbara and insulted her children which you never never do!!! Then accused her of causing Mike’s demise which is a pretty shitty thing to say. Barb was with him over 20 yers ago alright. Its 2013 not 1992. Life has moved on stop living in the past. And I thought you were banned? How the hell are you still getting on here? I’m sure Mike was a great guy but sadly he made a bad mistake with drugs and payed the ultimate price for it. Please dont blaim Barbara for his death. She had nothing to with it. She’s suffered enough loss leave her alone.

    • admin04-22-13

      I’m not sure how she is continuing to post here. She might have a dynamic IP or she’s using multiple computers and networks but I wish she would seriously disappear. Just stop responding to her… she is obviously off her rocker. She was going to marry Mike but it is my fault he died? Hmm… who was with him last bitch maybe she is the one who has a part in his demise or maybe she never even knew Mike this is something I could care less about but it is pretty clear she needs counseling.

    • admin04-22-13

      Thank you Alexi! 20 years ago! Enough said…According to this crazy chick she was going to marry Mike… yet it was all my fault he died?? So, should I be flattered that I had that much power over a mans entire adult life or should I worry for my safety from this unstable chick? To be honest I don’t live in the past. I made this site because I wanted people to know who these people were in real life but I moved on many, many years ago.
      I seriously doubt that she ever met or knew Mike let alone was going to marry Mike. Because he would never dig a chick like her period. Mike liked really sweet girls, not girls who would say things like “I am SLAYER!!! Reign in Blood!!” There is No way he’d want to marry a girl who would ever say crazy shit like that or to be honest disrespect the people he loved… that was just not his style of girl..NOT at all. believe me because I actually really know. Also…even though Mike loved me he would never blame his addiction on me. We never even used heroin together.

      • Alexi04-22-13

        Oh you’re welcome Barbara. Yeah I think the best thing to do is ignore her now. She is really scary and obviously has a screw loose somewhere. Yeah it didn’t seem Mike would’ve been with someone like that. Really creepy. Thanks for the site. Cheers.

  12. HML04-20-13

    I hope this link works:

    Whether or not you decide to “feed the troll”, I do think her comments on here pretty much show what a strange troll she is for those who read them. Quite disrespectful chick!

  13. HML04-20-13

    I applaud your sense of calm and patience in dealing with this, Barbara. I have been sort of frequently following her comments for the amusement factor. I guess you could say I was trolling a troll in a way! Anyway, this is your website, your memories, and you certainly deserve the respect that goes along with all of that.

    • HML04-20-13

      Sorry to post redundantly here, but boy is this girl a nutty one. Another site I often browse, due to my love of 90’s era music, is Grunge Report. Scrolling through there just now, I came across a comment where she is saying crap about Barbara and this site, and “killing Mike” stuff. What a pain in the ass people can be. I thought I wasted far too much time surfing around the Net at different points in the day, but this girl has entirely too much idle time on her hands.

      • admin04-20-13

        Yes, she is sadly a complete nut job.. no joke. How crazy is that to say that I killed Mike?? I dated him 20 years ago! It’s complete garbage and pure crazy talk and a little scary to be honest. I also love how she said I did not defend Layne and Mike? Where did she get that? Because I said that drug addiction is a disease? That constitutes me not sticking up for them? Please help me understand because I do not get her logic AT ALL. I do not like to ban people. I hardly ever do it. I even warn people before I do it because I’m not a power tripper and I want everyone to be able to participate here even the people I do not agree with. I am not the ultimate ruler. I’m just that admin who created a site about my friends and I love that people come here and connect with like minded people who loved their music and are interested in their lives because I want them to be remembered forever and that is why I named the site “Remember Layne”. I hate blog or website admin’s who rule with an iron fist and have all these rules about posting etc. Those types of admins are looking to feel powerful that is not me at all but SOMETIMES you have to get ride of the negative vibe especially after 20 comments and a week of trolling. It had to be stopped. Just happy I have the ability to do it. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who is a regular on this site and has always been respectful and nice not only to me but to each other. Thank you!!!!!

      • admin04-20-13

        HML, Can you link me to her comment on
        You know that saying “Don’t feed the Trolls” and basically the thought process behind it is that if you ignore them long enough then they will go away. Well, this sadly.. is very difficult for me to do.

        Don't Feed the trolls
        View Larger image

        • admin04-20-13

          Dang it… it’s so true but not easy to do when someone is so fucking retarded you want to slap some sense into them! Oh and if they accuse you of murdering one of your true friends… it’s twice as hard.

  14. aharris04-20-13

    You went on Barbara’s site and said “barbara cant do anything dont worry about her” in your comment. I think that is rude, I can make my own opinions, I read your other comments here, and I don’t see why you continue to post negativity or need others to defend you.

    • admin04-20-13

      She doesn’t have to worry about me anymore. I have banned her IP. She can’t comment on the site anymore OR view it at least from her own network. Not saying this is going to get rid of her for good since she does seem like the type to troll and they always seem to find a way but it won’t be convenient for her anymore. She’s tried to access the site 11 times since I banned her and that was all in a 5 minute period of time. She was like “HUH? What? WAIT!! NOOOOO!!!!!” LOL! Sorry I find that mental image hilarious.
      So this is the definition of a Troll (I think most of us already know this but just to refresh our memories): A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
      Trolling has been used to describe users intentionally provocative actions and harassment outside of an online context. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.”
      If she doesn’t fit this definition.. I don’t know who would. I even warned her. I guess she thought was bluffing?

  15. aharris04-19-13

    Devine I am not sure why you want to be so disrespectful to Barbara on her site. She created this site out of respect for her friends, and has been gracious with opening her heart and memories to strangers. Negative comments are not necessary.

  16. Stranger04-19-13

    Xana today is a couch-surfing junkie whom I see sometimes downtown riding the bus. She has braces that have been on her teeth for almost a decade (buy another bag or get my braces removed? Tough choice it is often). It’s sad. When you look at what she’s been through, and who her peers used to be, I think that makes her somehow feel disconnected from the rest of the Seattle recovering community…like she’s somehow “different” and can’t get clean w the normal people. She’s stuck living in the grunge era, that mid 1990’s time when she had the best days of her life. She talks about those days constantly. It’s really very sad. So, she is just lost. Today, instead of being rock royalty w an insanely gorgeous face and demeanor, she is a haggard looking downtown junkie. It’s breaks my heart when I see her.

    • Isabelle05-12-13

      Hello Barbara, I’ve been reading this thread and I’m just glad you’re able to block the crazy trolls. I just read what “Stranger” wrote about Demri’s friend Xana
      Please tell us it’s not true. It made me so sad to read that about her.

  17. Alexi03-29-13

    Hey Barbara I just want to say thanks for sharing your memories with us strangers. You dont have to do that because its nobody’s business. But still you’ve open up to us and that is pretty cool. I also think your story is very cautionary and I’m even more scared of Heroin then I was. Every time you discuss it I get knots in my stomach. You guys when through hell. I’m glad you made it through. It was interesting what you said about Seattle. I’ve always been told the people there were sort of clicky and hard to get to know. But I guess it depends on the person. Okay have a good day.

  18. Flynn Taylor03-28-13

    I really don’t know what to say on this comment line. This is a beautiful site and it is truely wonderful to have such great new memories of Layne and Demri. I understand that a lot of pain and suffering has occurred, assaults on their characters, pain to their families and I don’t wan’t to be lumped into that catagory. Let me explain, I really want to honor Layne and Demri- currently I am writing a new bio for Layne from a heart perspective. It will be done with respect and class, and dedicated to US- his fans. I plan to release it next April on Layne’s Annivsary 2014.
    I really don’t want to know any painful details about what happened to them but I would like heartwarming stories- like maybe layne singing in the shower- hahaha- I know it happened and someone knows about it. I know they are some great funny stories out there about Layne and that what I want to focus on- the reason I chose to write this book was to deal with my own grief for losing him- my book is not really a straight bio, more how Alice in Chains has influenced my life and what their songs mean to me personally as well as my own grief process- not in the music critic way but through my heart, I have also included poems I wrote dedicated to Layne, one for Demri. This is a beautiful book and I intend to pursue it to conclusion. Many alice fans were very angry with the way Layne was portrayed in the last bio- mine has a very different feel it is my naked heart, Layne and the Chains were real with me so I in turn must do the same.

    I hope that you wonderful fans of Layne will open up your hearts and send me an email, I only want to give Layne the justice he so rightly deserves. I understand your caution, but please give me a chance, just see what I have done so far, send your comments and suggestions- I know that my book will give Layne and the Chains the honor they earned. I have put everything I have into this book, I have cried many tears, especially when I wrote my letter to Nancy, Layne’s mama. That task emptied me. I have included many pictures, poems, and interviews with fans, even an Alice quiz. I am alos planning a roadtrip this summer to talk to die hard Alice and Madseason fans about their experiences at concerts, roadtrips, or if they have met the band. I think this book could be everything for the guys and Layne, a chance to show how much we truely love them. Anyway, I hope some of you will consider it, so could also be so much fun.
    Thank you, I can be contacted at the e-mail below.

    Flynn Taylor

    • Barbara03-28-13

      Flynn, I get that you love the site and thank you for that. All I can say is I am not interested in helping you make money off my friends memories.. and I am sure they mean more to you then just money and that is sweet but if I find out that you took anything from this site to profit or add to your book…. I promise I will take legal action. I do have the means and the contacts to do so, please don’t test me because that will be a huge pain in my ass. So please be VERY careful what you quote or use that you have found here on this site with out my permission. That’s all. AND THIS….
      “I really want to honor Layne and Demri- currently I am writing a new bio for Layne from a heart perspective.”
      Well I have heard that now like three or four times and frankly… it’s starting to get annoying at this point. No one can write a book about someone they don’t know. Ok yeh, maybe they can but not a GOOD book. Why not write a story about your own life? Or a fiction story if you really want to be a writer?

      • Flynn Taylor03-28-13

        Hi Barabra,
        I am very sorry I did not want to offend you, I obivously did. Please understand that I am not like the other vultures who hurt such wonderfully sweet people like Layne and Demri. With so many bad people out there, it is nearly impossible to trust anyone anymore. Honestly, there is no way I can prove that my intentions towards them are honorable. That is a shame. I really did not mean to hurt you or cause you pain, there has been so much hurt already and I don’t wish to inflict any more harm.

        I will not bother you again.
        Have a wonderful day.

    • Barbara03-28-13

      AND… this is obviously going to be a VERY short book if your only going to be writing about what their music meant to YOU. Can you really write 300 pages of what their music meant to you? Honestly? *Snore* That would be like me saying… I’m going to write a book about how much I love TACOS!! YUM! No one fucking CARES!

  19. T10-29-12

    Rest In Peace Demri

  20. Leah07-28-12

    thanks for replying barabara…. i feel awful now to have gotten you excited!
    sorry about that…lets hope one does get posted one day x

  21. Leah07-26-12

    Hi Barbara,
    I have read all your stuff and its so great its wonderful what you have done here.
    i came across a video of layne and demri singing the blues drunk when you google ‘videos of demri parrott’ it comes up.
    can you confirm thats its definately demri with layne please??
    From someone who has known that life its ugly and hard to get out of especially when you have money and people around you who care…let it be a lesson to all how much it ruins yous soul, finances, friendships and relationships.
    We only get one life so make it a good one

    • Barbara Dearaujo07-26-12

      Can you link me to the video you found? I can’t find what your talking about to confirm for you but I would be VERY excited if it was really Demri and Layne.. because as far as I know there are no videos of them together or even her at all. Thank you and I’m so happy you all like the website. This website is 100% for the FANS!!

    • Barbara07-26-12

      Leah, By the way if your talking about this video..

      Then No, Sorry this is Layne Staley singing with Seventhsign.. Demri was not a singer and plus she was SUPER tiny.. this girl is way to big to be her,,, but I can see why people might get confused because she has long hair and they are flirting a bit on stage here but FOR SURE it’s NOT Demri. Bummmer… I honestly wish it was.

  22. Hol03-22-12

    Barbara, Have you read online that a writer, David de le Sola (I think), interviewed Kathleen Austin? From my understanding, he was debunking the writer’s claims in the Mike Starr book as well as the Adrina Rubio books. He even received back an email from Liz about the books. Do you think that the family and friends will give an official bio of Layne or Demri someday? Other than loving AIC, the fascination with Layne and Demri’s relationship for me is how two such beautiful, talented people met the ends they did. I know the obvious answer…drugs…but they seemingly had so much going for them, and by most accounts were fun, loving people. How come the drugs won? I don’t know if that is even an answerable question. Either way, it would be nice to see an accurate bio from family, bandmates and friends

  23. candice02-12-12

    Hello! my name is candice and i love your website. I did not know Layne/Demri/ or anyone else associated with AIC, i’m just a huge fan of their music. I started to read about Demri a lot when I was first getting into AIC, and she seems like she was a very beautiful and fun girl. I wish i could have been her friend :)! Anyway, I don’t know if this was already posted or not, but if you go on facebook and type in the name Jack Plasky, he has a whole bunch of modeling pics he took of Demri in the 90’s that he posted. They are very lovely, and Demri is really very hot in all of the pics! There are also some where she is posing with Xana. Have fun looking at those if you haven’t seen them already! And keep up the good work with your website, it’s amazing! 🙂

    • Xiola02-12-12

      You can also go to . It’s Jack Plasky’s website where he posts photos of Demri & Xana that most people haven’t seen before. He just started the site recently.

  24. Violet01-22-12

    Hello there! I’m the owner of the website you credit for the photos of this page. The photos where sent to me by a fan too – all my site’s photos are sent to me by fans or I found them on the net.
    They are from Xana La Fuente (except the bubbles one). I know all of this after the pics where sent to me and posted on the site.
    I understand some people that where their friends (or met them or knew them) are protective about the photos (sometimes very personal). I always share what I know I can share. The internet is lately full of Demri gems and I’m glad bout that – but I won’t be happy if suddenly all the people who are posting all the Demri pics would stop. I know we will never have all the pics (I would like to see a pic of hers as a baby or child!) but I’mthankful little by little we are finding (and sharing) new gems about her interesting life 🙂
    I want to thank you too for this site, for keeping on posted about Demri, for keeping her memory alive – is what we, fans who sometimes never met her in real life (like me) are doing 🙂
    Much love xoxoxoxox

  25. Sasha01-13-12

    Thank you a lot for doing what you do)) Im from Russia and I adore this wonderful people) Id like you to know that Lane and Demri are loved by their fans from cold countries like Russia, mostly because of your efforts)
    Thanks a lot!

  26. Kjirkoh01-07-12

    Great pics!!!!! I would like to see more ;). What I don’t get it is why they broke up? They broke up their engagement and their relationship :(. If I found my soulmate I would never part from that person no matter the challenges like drugs, etc. (I know what drugs brings, I’m a recovered addict and still sliping from time to time).

    You were more than blessed to knew Layne. I wish I could since he had what I look on people for real longlife friendships (love too lol 😉 :D). Keep his memory alive!!! 🙂

  27. Chakra01-05-12

    Lovely 🙂

  28. erica12-28-11

    I saw these on facebook on 1 of the demri pages, i think they are great, its wonderful to have insight into their regular lives if family/friends are happy to share their photos that is. I do wish people who didnt know layne & demri ( like myself ) would be respectful when writing comments on the net, i saw a thread on findadeath & some people were namecalling & what not. These people are no longer with us, & we all know why being rude is not necessary or cool.

  29. Brandon Higginbotham12-24-11

    Let me begin by thanking you. Seeing all that you have makes me feel like I know them a little more. When I was in high school Alice and Chains was my band. Well, now I have my own band and Layne was my biggest influence…….:-)= thanx again

    • Brandon Higginbotham12-24-11

      P.S. My cd will be finished this summer. I would be honored to send you a copy. Since I’m not able to thank Layne. I’ll keep you posted………..:-)=

      • admin11-11-12

        Brandon! Are you going to send me a copy? Feel free to contact me at and I can give you a mailing address to ship it too.

        Happy for you!! That is awesome and hopefully you got to complete your project. Sorry for the delay in my response.


  30. Innèx12-12-11

    Yes, the last picture belongs to Xana, but was taken by Krista Wheeler. The first two ones are property of Xana too.

  31. chris semanko12-06-11

    Plz don’t ever stop keeping them alive..I am very envious of all your memories of all of them so cool that you have those.keep them forever..I enjoy that you take the time and energy to share them with all of us thank you again…peace 😉

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