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Fan Art

Here is some more amazing fan art from the artists at which is also one of my favorite art websites. I thought these were some of the best out of the MANY tribute pieces to Layne there. He is still so loved and admired.

Layne Staleyby ~rohanvoigt

Layne Staley by ~sweetnvicious

Layne by ~salva-door

sunbeam by ~salva-door

the shades by ~salva-door

Layne Staley detail by *eyedeal-ink

Layne Staley by ~Laynesgirl

Alice in Chains by ~Laynesgirl

Layne Staley by ~Laynesgirl

Legends never die by ~LuciLoveRock

  1. Brandi01-22-17

    I just want to say I was born in 82 and had teen brothers and sisters who ultimately introduced me to Alice in Chains. I have been a fan ever since. I was in middle school when most of their touring took place and I regret never being able to see them. I love Layne even though I never knew him. His voice, their music it got me through tough times and still does today. I feel like their lyrics speak to me and understand me like nothing else ever will. I miss Layne deeply and I am glad that Alice in Chains still does their thing, but it’s not the same without him. I have recently started drawing portraits and my favorite person to draw is Layne and Demri. I don’t know if this page is still quite active, but I would love to post my art in memory of them. Can I still do that? I feel like it’s all I can do to say thank you to a man who I never got to thank, but deserved all the care and unconditional love the world could offer. It’s my way of saying I love you and you still live on in my heart. Your voice still lives on and still helps so many. You were an amazing person Layne, and if you can hear me somehow…Thank You.

  2. Shy10-28-14

    Layne will always be remembered in our hearts, forevermore. He was the best!

    ps. I love these artworks of the remembrance of him.

  3. Mike Tate aka SWIM05-24-14

    I hope this qualifies as art, it’s a song I created in Laynes memory.

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