Recentlythis post has received a few really disgusting and disheartening comments, so I wanted to respond to some of those comments here..
I started this site as a memorial to Layne and to Demri and to focus more on who they really were not what they became after the drugs started to kill them. We all know how their story ends so can we please just focus on how their stories began? If your more interested in hearing the dirt or gossip then this is not the site for you. Please trust me when I say that I know how bad Demri got. I’m not in denial of that fact. I also know how bad Layne got and I’m sure alot you of have read those stories too. I’m not saying no one can talk about the bad things just don’t call them names. They’re no longer with us and that is so wrong on every level. Unless they did something to you personally you really don’t have the right to talk shit. They hurt themselves in the end.

They deserve to be remembered just like everyone does. Layne did care about Demri. Even if he was dating someone else when she died even though I can not verify that comment here because I never knew anyone else he dated or even heard rumors from common friends that he was.. but lets just say its true.. that doesn’t take away from the fact that he did love her and I can promise you that he would be highly pissed to hear people calling her names. Even if they’re true. Layne was a very loving guy and if he was anything, he was a good friend. He’d think this Amber girl was a straight up bitch. As for him hating his fans..I never saw that side of him but maybe Jacque did. I personally didn’t (Jacque comments found here).

He loved performing on stage and making people laugh and he’d take time to talk to his fans on the road. Granted once he got to the point where he was barely leaving his house that probably changed. I wasn’t around at that point so I can’t say but I can guess why.. when your on drugs you have extreme shame and guilt and people begin to isolate themselves, so I’m sure fans were nothing but a mirror shoved in his face and No one wants to see the disappointment on someones face who looks up to you so he may have acted like he hated them for that reason but I can assure you he wasn’t always like that and I’m also pretty sure he never would have gotten that way if he was clean.

Jaque knew Layne and Demri after I had already left the scene so he got to see only the bad stuff. I was lucky enough to know them before all of that. I met Layne in 1992 when Facelift was just released. So the Layne he met and the Demri he knew…Two completely different worlds. I think even though Demri became a big pain in the ass we still couldn’t help caring about her.

So please don’t come here to start shit against me or Demri or junkies in general. This Amber girl who has left comments claiming I’m making this all up and I never knew them is full of shit. I mean if I was making this all up I’d have to say I have a pretty awesome imagination. Her only proof is that I said something seven years ago on my blog about his sister that was incorrect. I admit I didn’t kick it with his family.. that doesn’t make me a liar. She says Kathleen Austin doesn’t know me.

Now if she was friends with Kathleen enough to ask her whether she knew me or not you’d think she’d be respectful enough not to call her dead daughter names online.
Believe me if you want. I don’t really need to prove myself that’s not my goal.

People have even questioned why Layne even has fans “he was just a junkie after all” and so on.. Layne was much more then a junkie. Most junkies don’t have platinum albums. Layne’s music is known all over the world and you can hear it being played on the still radio today. He was not part of some one hit wonder band. Layne was an accomplished musician. He was not just some junkie.

My point? Enjoy the site and please respect their memories even if you don’t agree with their decisions..and if you think I suck or they suck or both. That’s fine but I don’t want to hear about it. I’ve heard it all before and so did they. Think about what you say before you say it because cursing the dead is probably not the smartest thing to do if you believe in karma or have any type of spirituality..I know.. I’m probably wasting my time since the kind of people who would write this stuff have no heart or soul to begin with.


  1. laura03-14-19

    Demri’s beautiful headstone, granddaughter is spelled incorrectly. :((

    • Steve12-10-21

      Grandaughter is a common way of spelling it.

  2. Johnny01-05-18

    I know there looking down on u……great site blessed be and hope all is well barb happy holidays rip to the dearly loved and departed

  3. Chad06-05-16

    I just watched Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story and found this site by chance while Googling Xana. I am really happy to have found this site and I find it to be rich with information on the lives of musicians I really liked. I remember buying the cassette tape of Man in the Box and listening to Chain’s albums. I used to play Don’t Follow over and over as I was going through a hard time dealing with the death of a close relative.

    That being said, I’m sorry you came under attack for having this website. It really showed a lack of class the other person has to not take this up privately, and instead air it out in public.

    I majored in psychology and I am going to be finishing up my Master degree in Social Work , which I plan to use to get a job working for the DOC. I will be working with a demographic that is marginalized and stigmatized. In the prisons I will be working with people who are addicts. I have a real problem with people being imprisoned or mistreated by society just because of their addiction. they need help, not judgement and incarceration. By putting people in a labeled box, they are stripped of their humanity and ignoring the fact that they are loved and have hopes, dreams, and desires just like everyone else.

    I am glad you didn’t cave in to the BS. I am glad this site is here and I plan to read everything in it and get to know a little more about people I admired.


  4. shane cartwright09-12-15

    I love this site! I hope there will always be new good stories to hear. I would love to hear more about or from Demri’s mom and brother.

  5. shane cartwright09-12-15

    I love this site

  6. Pablo05-06-14

    This site is amazing!!! Thank you so much, so much. I’m gonna spend all day reading. 🙂

  7. RShaw04-05-14

    Thank you for the site and for sharing memories and photos. I’m old enough to actually remember the grunge era, and it really bothers me when I realize that Demri was born the same year as my sister, and Layne was about the same year as my brother. They really should still be here, having families and careers and such. They seem like they were great people, and it’s sad that they’re gone — you’re a great friend for keeping their memories alive. And for people who want to judge…well, they just don’t know. And they’re likely not being honest with themselves, because we all have our weaknesses and failings and demons. At any rate, I wish I could’ve known the people that they were — but reading their stories will have to do. Thank you for making a place for those stories.

  8. JOHNNY B02-10-14

    I wish that trolls would just do one we should concentrate on the good they did and still give being addicted to any thing sucks ive just got out of a serious addiction well 3 addictions and i know 1st hand that you dont mean to upset people with your habbits but its out of your control when you need a fix it sucks but its a very small part of laynes and demis life .They where so much more they did more good than bad and i miss them being a part in this world. RIP LAYNE AND DEMRI. And to the trolls lay off barb .You shouldnt judge any one judge yourself first no one is perfect no one so plz trolls make like your pants and split ..Layne would be so proud of the way your looking after there legacy good for you hun take care and be lucky …RIP .. J

  9. Anthony01-05-14

    RIP Demri & Layne. Also Mike. You will be in my heart forever now. Theres something magical when you think to that time frame and to the people involved in that era. Everyone who was there seemed so happy,and that can never be taken away! I wasn’t there personally, but you can see it from afar,from the people who were. Some kind of special connenction of love,”if you will”.

    • Barbara01-08-14

      Thank you Anthony. That means a lot and I would like to think that we all shared a special time in history together and you are right that can never be taken away from us. Thanx for the comment! LOVE!

  10. laura06-27-13

    I am still intrigued by Demri. After all these years of being a Layne fan, when he passed in 2002, so much was on the internet about her. I wish i could access that information, but am unable to find it. Layne is/was my favorite singer/artist, and when i learned about Demri she became an interest like when Prince Charles married Lady Diana. You wanted to know everything about the woman because most information was already known about the man.
    My question is how can i access the info from 2002-03 about Demri and Layne after he passed. I remember a lot of good stuff on them. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Laura02-26-19

      Any info at all? From that time period? I remember her friends saying that they would hear a laugh, her picture on the wall would knock over, and they just smiled and said, “Demri”. This was after she had passed. They also said that they could smell the patchouli perfume in the room.

      • Skye04-04-21

        That’s eerie and so fascinating. Mike gave an interview where he mentioned he was at Layne’s house (the last time he saw him alive, so April 4th) and flipping through the channels on Layne’s TV and he briefly stopped on the show “Crossing Over”. Layne told Mike that Demri’s ghost would sometimes visit him. Very interesting. Her mom said she believed it too. And that she was there to help him cross over. Bittersweet. Bittersweet.

  11. whitney04-24-13

    I think this site is great. I am a huge fan of AIC and feel that no other artist compares to them. I have cried and smiled through many songs. I have seen them live only 4 times, and wish it was 400. I have dealt with drug abuse in my life and feel that no one can judge anyone. I have learned more about Demri, which I was always intrigued about. Thanks

  12. Rhett04-04-13

    In some ways I envy them all. They lived a Seattle when it was the epicenter of the world and escaped before it turned into a bundle of wannabees and leftovers.

  13. Marvin01-27-13

    Awesome site, Barbara! It is sad that some people judge others for something that can be to some extent, out of their control. Addiction is a disease and needs to be recognized as such. Some people try an addictive substance once and there will always be this guy in the back of their head saying, “Buy more___.” One thing I will never understand is how those of us that become addicted to an illicit substsance, even if we beat it, carry a Scarlet Letter while the alcoholic is shown much more respect, in general. I would have to say I have seen alcohol do as much damage to a person as heroin.
    Peace and Love Rock!

  14. Christine11-10-12

    This is the best Layne site I have ever found! Been up all night, laughing, crying, wanting to choke that. Tanya woman. Barbara you are the real deal lady! And folks like you who take time to talk to fans 10 years after this amazing man’s death and aren’t trying to make a dime that’s wonderful. I just want to say Thanks again because you separate the truth from the bullshit and I really respect that!

    • admin11-11-12


      Happy to hear you found enough content here to keep you engaged and interested. That was the point. I love that people enjoy the site more then they hate it. Haha! It feels good to know people still love and respect the music after all these years.

      Please subscribe to the blog so you can receive updates as I write them. 🙂
      You can do that at the very bottom of the sidebar on the website and then you’ll receive an email every time a new post is posted.

      Peace and Love Always

      ~ Barbara

  15. AngieAICROX08-04-12

    Thank you so much for making this site dedicated to the late, great Layne Staley and the beautiful Demri. I am so glad to see a site that has honored and cherished fond memories of them both. My heart breaks when I read gossip or hate posts about Layne and his addictions. Everyone has some sort of demon they cannot overcome. True heroes are the ones that can admit their demons. In my eyes, Layne was, is and always will be a hero! He did so much for so many through his music. I have never met him, but I have been a fan of his for a long time. I grew up in the grunge scene and his music is honesty and true. I can tell he was a gentle soul with a big heart. So what if he had bad habits. I do and did too! Layne has inspired me in so many ways! I am happy to see that you have stood up to the world and shared your stories about Layne and Demri! If others are going to judge them or question you it is because they are media controlled! They cannot think for themselves. Do not let thoses assholes get you down! You are doing something that I wish I could! I cannot because I do not know Layne, but I defend him every chance I get! Thank you for doing what you are doing!

  16. Tracy07-02-12

    Also Layne never stopped loving Demri. Even when they were apart and yes he did have little flings,but that’s all they were, flings. When Dem died Layne died. I saw him a couple days after and he was a wreck, we all were. But they were soul mates like no other. They were alot alike and understood each other better than anyone else could or did. There are days that I still can’t believe they are gone, especially Mike. I thought he’d always be there, that one was the big punch for me and through all of this I too have learned alot. But now they are all together and we will see them again someday and they will all be so beautiful! And what that other guy wrote about Laynes voice, I agree. When I hear him sing I go to another place, his voice is so powerful it gives me shivers. The day I met him at the music bank at band practice. He was in Sleaze then name changed to Alice’n’Chains with different member except for him, and he was singing “one way or another” by Blondie. His hair was all ratted out and crimped. Then he jumped off the stage and said “bye, I’m going dancing!” and that was it, my first touch of Layne and I’ll never forget it.

  17. Tracy07-02-12

    Hey Babz! thanx for the email. I don’t have a memory of the past that doesn’t have Layne, Dem, You ,Darin, Fab, Janese, etc. in it. We were kinda like our own little family and I miss all of you so very much that my heart hurts. I miss Demri ALOT. She was so awesome and we went on many road trips(to see Alice, or The Oregon country fair…remember the balloon tank, Barbara?) i’m not gonna go into detail but let’s just say those days were the best and I feel so lucky to have those memories the friends I had. We were in the middle od it all and I loved it!! I don’t go on facebook much because of dipshit talking about things they have NO IDEA about, they weren’t there and most of them(fan or not) are just jealous assholes trying to get recognition off of a horrable tradjedy. People can say and do what they want but they will NEVER know the real truth like we do. I don’t share my pix online because they are my memories just like other people have pix of their friends. Well that’s the same for me except mine happen to be able to play instruments well, sing and write then got recognized for it. that’s how I look at it. I talk to Dem’s mom all the time still. It really hurts me to read negative comments about Layners, Mike and Dem, fuck the internet didn’t even exist when Dem died. Anyways, I miss you and I’m sure I’ll write more later. Luv ya!

    • Laura02-25-19

      Tracy, most of us mean no disrespect to you, Barbara, Kathleen, or Nancy. Nor especially to Layne and Demri.
      We’re just interested in their good times, what they did, how they lived, what they liked to do. I hope that you can understand that, and not delve into their privacy so much. We’re humble fans who loved Layne, then loved Demri. Thank you

  18. Leisa Wooten06-15-12

    Hi Barbara! It is an awesome thing, this site of yours. I wondered if you know anything about that Rubio bio. The darn thing is $150_ on sale now. I don’t want to buy it if it’s rubbish tho. Thanx for opening your heart and memories to us. The amber cunt can go to hell!!

  19. Eric03-21-12

    Wonderful site here. Don’t worry about all of the garbage comments – the Internet is full of foul stuff.

    I grew up listening to AIC. Layne had a really incredible voice; I listen to his vocals and man, you just don’t hear music or talent like that anymore. He really had something special.

    RIP Layne and Demri.

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-21-12

      Thank you Eric. Did you happen to read the study they did on his vocal range.. interesting stuff and yes I know all about the weirdo’s on the internet. LOL!
      Thanx again for visiting and for your comment.

      Barbara Dearaujo

  20. Jesse White12-03-11

    Hardly a page on this site has left me with a dry eye. I dont know why he feels so personal to me. Besides his music and voice..he is almost exactly like me. I may have been young at the time..but i miss them bpth like im missing friends. I feel like in some way i found this site and to contact you for some reason. I would love to email you and talk. Maybe closure…i need peace.

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-21-12

      Thank you Jesse! I know your honest passion for AIC. Your a great guy!!! Thanx for keeping me updated on your life and for being a fan of the site.

      Barbara Dearaujo

  21. Andrea09-17-11

    The site is great! AIC.has.always been one of my favorite bands and Mike is still a huge musical inspiration for my bass playing.

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-21-12

      Thank you Andrea and sorry for my delay in responding. I think it is bad ass that Mike is an inspiration to you and your bass playing. Girl Bass players are Hott! Bass players in general actually. Haha! Keep coming back!

      Barbara Dearaujo

  22. Innex04-10-11

    Thank you for protecting Layne and Demri…

    They would be pride of you…

    You're a good friend…

    I'm from Portugal and i'm a big fan of AIC…

    I didn't know Demri and Layne, but i know that they were an amazing persons and that they loved each other…

    • Barbara Dearaujo03-21-12

      Thank you Innex.. that means a lot to me to hear people say that they appreciate the site and the stories I’ve shared. Thank you!!!

      Barbara Dearaujo

  23. Suna11-17-09

    Hi Barbara

    I am a big fan of AIC from Peru. My brother is also a huge fan. You have no idea how much we needed to read all this you have wroten about Layne and his beautiful Demri. When he died, like you said it was worldnews (also in South America). Many people cried, still cry about it. I think for my brother was a huge loss, only compared when you loose a family member or a friend. That was Layne for us. A friend. Someone who could understand and makes us feel understood. The way you write about these 2 beautiful human beings is really touching. And yes they made mistakes, thats obviously!! but so what??? In the end they gave us a good lesson to be learned: drugs are just not good.
    Now that I have learnt a bit about Demri I can easily understand why Layne loved her so much, and the same with Demri for Layne. I believe it was just their dstiny. I believe in God and my favourite phrase is " Only God knows why…" and I strongly believe that Layne and Demri are having now the peace and happiness that maybe they couldnt find on earth. I know they are making great music together upstairs and that God is having a really good time with them.
    Layne and Demri will never be forgotten. NEVER!!! And the way you wrote about them just confirms even more that they are eternal.
    I live in Belgium at the moment and my brother is in Peru. And I will see AIC performing on friday with the new singer (Duvall).
    You know Layne cant be replaced. But I believe that Duvall is doing a good job, and that Layne, I am sure he is proud of the new AIC now 🙂
    I have mixed feelings you know. I waited 14 years to see AIC (i'm now) wont see Layne physically, but I believe his spirit will be there. In a corner, like the humble totally NOT-rock-star he was. Just a humble, kind guy and he will be smiling there to Jerry and Duvall, approving the show 🙂
    I told you about my mixed feelings, because I will see AIC, and that makes very happy, but I wont have my brother next to me, and I would have just loved to have him next to me. But my boyfriend will be there and he is a huge fan too. It will be our first AIC concert together (he got the chance many years ago, AIC was going to perform with Metallica in Holland, but AIC cancelled and were replaced by Megadeth, since then my bf hates megadeth so much!! :))
    I think it will be special, and I wont help it to cry there, cry for happiness, cry for sadness, cry for Layne and Demri, cry for being so far away home ("don't follow" was my song when i had to leave peru) but also happy for having my favourite band ever in front of me, happy for having the love of my life also next to me, happy to see how good Jerry and the guys with Duvall are doing! happy to be blessed and experience this in my life.

    Wherever you are Layne and Demri, I wish you both guys had a hug when you both the most needed it. I wish I could have been the one giving you that hug. But also, THANK YOU GUYS for hugging us fans with your music. Demri, thank you for being the source of inspiration of Layne. Layne, thank you for being such a talented guy and for sharing that inspiration with us. You guys also saved lives!!! Like mine and my brother's….

    Dear Barbara, thank you for this. May God bless you, your family and your memories.

    pd. sorry for my bad english!! I know i make a lot of mistakes, but yea, this is not my mother language 😉
    Adios!! 🙂

    • admin11-23-09

      Thank you for this. I love to read posts like this. It means a lot to me to know I'm doing right by Layne's fans and I've yet to have fan bitch at me so I guess people get what I'm doing for two friends I cared about and remembering them for the beautiful and amazing people they were. Thanx again for your comment.

  24. Gail03-25-09

    Thank you so much for making this website! You may never know how much it means to a fan of Layne's like myself. Forget the haters! It seems anytime someone comes forward to share their stories about Layne, they get pummeled for some unknown reason (jealousy maybe)? Please keep up the good work!

  25. Matt03-16-09

    I have created a fan art that I would like to share

  26. Molly02-14-09

    I am glad that you created this. I hope that some of the negative people do not ruin it for those who do come from a sincere place. A lot of peope relate to the music because it represents a time in their life, their experiences or a lot of hope. They seek out information not to exploit but to salvage something good from a lot of darkness. So what if people want to find a fairytale where maybe there is not one, people need that on a very deep level sometimes, a happier ending in their minds and hearts than what their reality is. Some of us were lucky enough to make it out of the chaos, some friends are still in it and some didn't make it. Anyone who says that another human being is just a junkie has no soul and there is no cure for that … you are not wasting your time at all, please do not think that again.

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