Itch, Love Stories about Heroin?



I think it’s total crap her trying to make people think she had some secret relationship with Layne complete garbage.

It’s pretty funny because if you visit her website and you click on the link called The Horse Chronicles it brings you to her Financial Advisor website with a picture of her and Russel Brand?.. so I guess being an author didn’t work out so she thought she’d try her hand at giving advice on money?

Apparently the only people writing about Staley are an Argentine named *Adriana Rubio and her friend, *Tanya Vece.

Itch, credited to Vece, will focus on Staley’s “last five years of reclusive life” and apparently pull from a last-days phone interview between Staley and Rubio.

Here’s the article…

LAYNE STALEY Book ‘Itch, Love Stories About Heroin’ Due In April – Oct. 10, 2008  (her website)

A new book based on late ALICE IN CHAINS singer Layne Staley’s last five years of reclusive life in downtown Seattle is scheduled for release in late 2008. Entitled “Itch, Love Stories about Heroin”, the book “will reveal some secrets about the singer, as well as offer an inside look at his addiction and struggles with heroin,” according to a press release.

“It will be a struggle to finish the book,” author *Tanya Vece said. “It will be like closing a chapter on his life, and mine — not for good but I think saying what he would want to have said.”

According to the press release, “Staley did call in an interview to Vece’s friend author Adriana Rubio about a month before his passing. Weak and coughing, Staley wasn’t ready to comment on his reclusive life, but did talk briefly about his fight with drugs.”

“Everyone knows he was addicted,” *Vece stated. “I want to talk about who he was, and get to the real Layne — addiction and art.”

When asked on her connection to Staley, Vece said “Let me just say there are some things I won’t expand on — some things even I will keep secret!” (so lame)

Tanya Vece is the current editor of independent art e-zine The Horse Chronicles. She has three other fictional independent books out and is an honoree of the International Press Academy. Her recent accomplishments include press coverage through CNN for the Democratic debate in Las Vegas.



An excerpt from Itch. Love stories about Heroin.

I highlighted some of the most ridiculous lines in red so you might not have to read the whole dribble…it’s such crap. I don’t want to torture you more then necessary…

I remembering walking through a dark hallway and people looked like demons. Their faces were gone, removed from the world, and looking into another one. Everyone’s skin seemed to be on the verge of melting as their eyes were lit with an ominous green glow. They were hyper and distant. They were also ready to kill, hungry for something beyond the taste of blood. They all looked like they were awakened zombies, trying to recapture their youth in this underground melting pot of demons, fairies, and sleepwalkers who just wanted to waste away beneath the Earth’s surface.
As we headed down the stairs, the volume of the techno house music raved through my ears and pulsated in my veins. It overtook me like a tidal wave. He grabbed my arm while leading the way past a sea of people dancing to the same beat. They all looked drugged, numb to each other yet amazingly moving together in sync. Multi-colored lights scanned the pulsating blanket of the beings in search of someone not moving. The lights flashed and spun, chasing hips that were loosing momentum in this dance that blurred the line between feeling alive and allowing oneself to be dead to the world.
*“This is new my thing. This is where I have been at lately” Layne yelled at me. People were starting to strip off their clothes ,while others sprayed water into the crowd from embellished tanks on plastic guns.
I moved with him, feeling more and more evil with every self indulging twaddle motion of my weightless arms. The air was overly humid and infused with sweat. All of us, packed together in this basement like sardines, moved together as one. I could feel the music transforming me into an abstract version of myself. As the lights glazed over me, up and down, right to left , and all around -I could feel my eyes transitioning from morbid blue to a drunk with envy green.
All of us were outcasts, out of sorts, out of our minds and some of us on the verge of being out of our bodies. It was a tragically fantastic place to be.
*Layne and I circled the room, on the train of unwinding souls with no real destination. All of us just stuck in our places, like the repetitive pace of the blaring bass in the background. As people bobbed and swayed, someone from the outside could have described this place as hell on Earth. Drugs, alcohol and relishing in sin were all staple crops in this rhythm nation. The best part was not one person gave a damn as every-ones eyes were dilated with an oblivious craving to never loose the taste of this parallel universe.
*Layne started to throw up blood on the floor , tipping his hat to himself while laughing away the pain in his stomach. The music was becoming louder as horns drilled into the stagnate drum beats that were now screwing the room. Nothing was stopping this party, this was happening before we entered and would continue on far after we left. Being sick here was not an option. I just kept spinning, moving faster and faster trying to create a dizzying blur that would allow me to ignore his illness and my own slow collapse.


“Everyone’s skin seemed to be on the verge of melting as their eyes were lit with an ominous green glow” “The best part was not one person gave a damn as every-ones eyes were dilated with an oblivious craving to never loose the taste of this parallel universe.”

The end

* = bullshit.


The author Tanya Vece was ACCORDING TO HER was only 28 when she wrote this “garbage” which would make her 21 when she was allegedly hanging out with Layne and that would of made him 33-34 years old at the time? So… we’re supposed to buy that this young girl was hanging out with Layne while we already know at the time was beyond strung out and isolating himself.. had lost most of his teeth and had completely destroyed his body and I hate to say this about him but he looked like the walking dead but we’re supposed to honestly believe that this young self proclaimed “gossip queen” was hanging out with him in according to her description an underground techno drug den of sorts..dancing and spinning among with the other dead green skinned people??? It’s almost humorous.. if it wasn’t so sick and twisted. She wants people to believe that she got into his head? That she was his shoulder to cry on or Vice versa? But I happen to know and I’m not the only one who knew that he never left his house and that he smoked crack and did dope all day. I hate to have to be so harsh about it but this girl just makes me so mad trying to sell her fantasy as real truth. I have to be honest her story about the techno disco fantasy..well I honestly wish that it WAS true because it’d be really nice and a lot easier to think about Layne out there having fun with some pretty young girl in a club dancing the night away… instead we have to remember the real truth which was that he was slowly killing himself in his condo day in and day out and there was nothing.. those of us who cared.. could do to stop him. The sad facts were not romantic or mysterious.. they were just harsh, real and tragic. The facts are he was sad, alone and sick. Period. But according to Tanya Vece he was puking blood while tipping his hat to himself?? WTF?


Update 2012:

I’m happy to report that this garbage/book never was published and I hope that this blog post continues to come up every time someone Google’s the name of the book..”Itch, Love Stories about Heroin” and there’s nothing she can do about that. TOO FUNNY..!!! That’s what they call technical Karma!

  1. laura05-05-17

    could you please have more stories/info on Demri and Layne, rather than this Tanya person? Please.

  2. Laura05-30-16

    Love all this info. I fall asleep to AIC’s tribute to Layne. ” Black Gives Way to Blue”. Makes me cry..

  3. Leda03-12-15

    This Tanya girl is just a slut. She fucked one of my friends boyfriends claimed she was pregnant & lied. She wished she was a ‘friend’ of Layne’s!
    I lived down the street from London Bridge studios & would see them walking all the time during the Facelift recording.

  4. LR01-11-15


  5. Casey Anglin08-29-14

    Wow! I know I’m late but I’m new to the site which BTW I LOVE!!! But this bitch is pissing me off!! Why do that to Layne and make his fans believe all the bullshit and lies!! I hope she chokes!!

  6. Angie02-04-14

    Damn good article. Hope the “writer” never makes a dime from that story.

    • Eric Liddy Sr.02-07-14

      Sorry if I jump in on this one Barb lol!


      From all of the research I have done, she wrote the book, had it published, she was outed as a fraud, and then re-released it under a new title, which of course…flopped.

      God only knows how much money she may have actually made off of Layne’s death, but I certainly hope that she choked on however much or little that it was.

      • Barbara02-07-14

        Eric, I did not know she actually got it published. Eww. That makes me sick.. and then she actually released it AGAIN?? Do you have links to this info? I’d love to read more about it… just out of curiosity’s sake.

        • Eric Liddy Sr.02-07-14

          Yes ma’am! lol!!

          The book was by Rubio, and is available through and is entitled “Angry Chair” for a mere $171.00.

          If memory serves me correctly, this was a “re-make” of the book under a new title.

          Note: Her book received some VERY brutal reviews, and by all accounts of them, the book is discounted as fantasy/fiction…in my eyes.

          Vece was never able to cash in, however, I do believe that she may have had some collaborations with Rubio. (I can’t prove it, but from everything I have seen and know thus far, both of these women are full of shit.)

          Hope this helps Barb. You know I have your back on this and stand behind you 100%.

        • Daniel01-17-19

          It’s actually been documented by quite a few people from his neighborhood that Layne would walk to the bar-club now and then and sit in the corner not talking! He also somehow had to score his drugs and I’m sure drug dealers didn’t deliver to a Seattle legends front door which means he did leave his house! By the way he also owned a 2000 firebird he specially ordered!

  7. Eric Liddy Sr.07-24-13

    I believe Barb 110%. Miss Feces, because that is what you spew, haven’t published squat.

    I’ve written, edited one, and published 2 books, and all you have done is spew lies to make yourself look like something that you are not, an author.

    Your book was due out 5 years ago, and allegedly, it’s available on Amazon? Nope…not there. NY Times Best Seller’s list? Nope, not there either. (I may not be a NY Times best seller, but God damn woman, don’t sit there and lie so blatantly about your accomplishments!) So you “dated Russell Brand? Hell, who hasn’t? My guess is that was your ONLY claim to fame.

    here’s my advise, I mean this with all of my heart: Stop being an attention whore. You have NEVER met Layne, you only seek to make a buck off a deceased, famous man. Lastly, and I mean this wholeheartedly, I seriously hope that CNN and the others you have named, seek justice against you for fraudulently claiming “credentialing” by these companies. (I’m certain if I did some additional snooping with a few of my media contacts, I would find that all of my hunches about you are indeed true.)

    Barb dear, keep writing. It’s something that I have found to be deeply healing. I’ve written 2 books, several articles for EMS magazines, and I’m still healing. It can also be relaxing as well. Even when I’m pissed beyond belief of media surrounding Detroit EMS, I find that when I blog on my book’s fan page about it, it helps me to continue the healing process of seeing death and destruction for so many years.

    I believe 110% in you, and please, never stop feeling the love that you had for Demri, Layne, Mike and all of the others you have lost. By keeping all of the good memories alive, you are honoring the people that they were: living, loving members of the human race that had flaws. But after all…don’t we all have flaws?

    (PS…great talking with you! Keep in touch and take care of the family and doggies! (((GRINNING)))

    • Admin07-25-13

      Thank you Eric.. I think we can be pretty positive at this point that Vece has crawled back under the rock she came from. It’s been years and maybe even this site had something to do with the fact that stupid book of lies was never published. I mean even if she met Layne for one night what would that be a 1 paragraph book? Haha! You can only stretch out a story so long. I remember when I made this post years ago now she was upset because my site was coming up in her “news releases”. I was so sad about that NOT. I was happy to hear we had put a wrench in her goals to spread a fictional story about my friends. Amen to that and yes, it was very nice talking to you too today and I’m happy to see you visited the site and read this crazy funny post. Stay cool.

      • Eric Liddy Sr.07-25-13

        Always Barb!! You rock!! (Sounds funny coming from someone that’s middle aged…hahaha!)

        The more that I read here, the more I have been able to read into what kind of person Layne really was. I would have loved to have just hung out and talked with him, but he was taken from all of us too soon.

        Everything that I researched, shows that she really hasn’t done a single thing since 2008. I call bullshit on anything she’s had to say on Layne, or anyone else for that matter. It’s great to see a douchenozzle go down in flames and I attribute that to you, Darin and all of the fans of Layne, and of this site. (I can’t forget about Dem’s mother either. Glad to see she has posted here..her caring posts show there is 100% validity to you and everything that happened back then and discredits those that “think” they knew Layne or Demri.)

        If you ever need anything Barbara, just holler! (I LOVE being able to discredit liars…one thing I can’t stand is a liar…or a thief for that matter.) Please keep on writing…no matter if you think there’s not much left, there’s always something else that helps to continue the healing process. It helps me and I know it has helped you greatly. Keep up the great work!

  8. yasmin06-21-13

    Layne took me once to meet Tanya Vece…he said she was his stalker!
    We laughed about her.
    I knew Layne from about ’90…he was a great friend and its good to see that people are keeping his memory alive here on this site.
    I miss him all the time.

    • Admin07-25-13

      He took you to see her?? Where? I would love to hear more about that story. Do you think she knew him well enough to write a book about his life?

  9. Linda02-27-13

    “50 % of the money I make will go to Laynes charity”

    Nice way to make yourself sound legit. Making people think you’re writing a book about a man you never knew, but are doing it out of the good of your heart and not for money (LOL when everyone who knew Layne knows he didn’t want any books written about him). So 50% goes to Laynes charity? And WHERE DOES THE REST GO TANYA?? Answer: your back pocket.

    Fame seeking, money hungry, wannabe celebrity. Keep dreaming boo. Your lies will not make you even a $2.00 profit.

    • Admin07-25-13

      Sad thing is as far as I know the charity she mentions does not even exist.

  10. Linda02-27-13

    Tanya darling, I am so sick of you going on and on about how “FANS think they know him but they don’t because they’re FANS”… an attempt to separate yourself and act like you were a friend where as we are all just his deluded FANS.
    Tanya sweetie, you were never his friend. You didn’t hang out with him. You are completely delusional and are making a book on a famous dead person along with your broken English illiterate buddy Adriana Rubio, so you can make money and be famous. It is scary you actually believe the lies you write (lies might I add, that don’t even remotely sound believable. Layne at a ****ing weird rave with techno music?? When everyone including HIS FAMILY MEMBER AND CLOSE FRIENDS/BANDMATES all said he never left his condo because he was so far gone).

    To put it simply, you fictional stories aren’t even interesting or believable. If you’re gonna lie to be famous, why not at least TRY to make you story sound real? Layne was severely addicted to heroin. His organs were SHUTTING DOWN. He had even pushed away his closest friends because he was so embarrassed with what he had become. You know, emaciated, missing teeth, CRAPPING HIS PANTS every day. No but yeah I’m sure he slapped on some depends and went to this rave with you! What a damn JOKE!

    Layne didn’t see his own mother, sister, band members, and girlfriend who he was seeing named Steph at the time because he was so ill and horrible looking. He sent people to shop for him, and to buy his drugs because he never left his condo. He closed his blinds 24/7 because he was SMOKING CRACK and was paranoid. Did you know this? Do you even know what addicts of this degree are like? Because I do. And I can bet all the money on earth Layne wasn’t spending his last days, partying and dancing at a techno rave you lying freak. SEEK HELP!

    • Admin07-25-13

      AMEN sister. That is the truth. Sooo sad but very true. I’am happy to report this book was never published anyway! Thank God!

  11. sofakingtired02-26-13

    OK I am a bit late to this conversation: But first:
    Shitbeard: Laughing so hard at your name right now. Juvenile, I know, but funny none the less:)

    About this “writer” Tanya Feces or whoeverthehellthathois. LOSE and LOOSE are two different words with two VERY different meanings. Who else finds it ironic that this girl doesn’t even know how to use the word that is her namesake?!! Wait, but which one is it? Is she loose, or a loser? Pretty obvious it’s both! She’s someone trying to capitalize off of the pain of someone who it’s highly unlikely she even knew, in a secret life he somehow hid from everyone he knew, in which he spontaneously decided to hang around vapid attention whores, after doing the opposite of that his whole life… Her “writing” was so high quality that I had to rub my eyes and make sure I wasn’t looking at a wall in a bathroom stall. I’ll save all us FANS from the suspense, we are so on edge to read her insights!
    Her book starts like this: There once was a man from Nantucket…
    If her book ever gets published, I’ll look forward to buying it from the dollar store in a few years. I think I’ll run out of shit-paper by then!

    • Shitbeard12-21-14

      Ahahah, dude…After more than a year I casually got caught on this amazing blog again and read this. “Shitbeard” was a song by a 90’s Minneapolis noise-rock band called The Cows, amazing band. Cheers!

  12. Emme02-18-13

    Hey Barbara, you rock!!! You are a great friend and have done such an amazing thing for your friends and for the fans like me of AIC and Layne Staley, and of course for the incomparable little Miss Demri. She sounds like she was one in a billion. Layne was and is my favourite musician and will always be. From the first time I heard his voice, without knowing who it was who I was hearing at some party I was at in ’91 in Toronto – I was hooked. His melodic voice with his emotion transcending my car stereo, my home stereo, and now my iPod, his voice carries the perfect lilt to my life in my late teens to early and mid twenties. I am the exact same age as your angel friend Rosheen (RIP), born in the same year, same month, same day. I remember those times. Although I was a continent away most times, I spent a lot of time in LA and even had one weekend in the “grunge” scene in ’92 in Seattle with my boyfriend from LA. It was a special time. Too bad I never met you but alas I was but a brief visitor.

    Thanks for setting the record straight with respect to all of the lies and embellishments regarding your friends. Thanks for putting that attention whore Tanya on notice for her BS and trying to make $$$ on the backs of those who aren’t here to call her out. You speak for them – you and Darin and everyone else who was here to give their two cents.

    I just think you’re an amazing friend. So glad to hear that you’ve got 3 little ones yourself now and that the lives and stories of these amazing people will live on. You lived in a special time with special people in a very special place.

    If you don’t mind, I want to comment on something you’ve written on here regarding your friend Rosheen and your feeling somewhat responsible. Hon, as someone who lost a loved one to heroin, I knew he loved me more than anything yet even my love for him and his love for me couldn’t stop what was to be. When he died, so did a part of me, and I had dreams of trying to save him but always coming up short for years afterward. Dreams like watching through one of those two-way mirrors and trying to get through a locked door but no matter how hard I kicked that fucking thing it never budged.

    Anyway, I just felt you while reading your thoughts put into words on here, and wanted to reach out. Wishing you and your babies all the best….Emme

    • Barbara02-18-13

      Thank ou Emme very much for all your kind words, It means a lot to me to hear from people who enjoy the site.


  13. Shitbeard02-12-13

    Tanya who? Never heard of that chick. Pityful attention whore, shutdafukup n go dildoin up yer flaccid arsehole with something else. Obvious she was hangin at her granma’s eatin pd sandwiched when we were hittin the streets. I was strung out in Seattle, WA, late 90’s, that guy wasn’t even recognised when barely left his condo. Rest in peace, bro. Steph from Italy.

  14. Jenn12-15-12

    Okay, so I guess I’m a little late to this party as well, but I’m new to this site & am just catching up.
    After reading this post & comments I had to do my own research on this chick & all I can think to say is…wow, what a web has been weaved.
    I also met & spent a bit of time with Layne in the early 90’s, but have NO plans to write a book about, or glorify in any way, those experiences, nor do I seek attention based on the fact that I kinda knew a snapshot of a person nearly 20 years ago. I only mention it as a point of reference.
    This broad baffles me, but in these times of bloated obsession with celebrity & peoples need to grab their own spotlight by any means necessary, nothing really surprises me, expect maybe the fact that she’s talking about a person who didn’t live in that world at all, beyond the occasional interview & music videos that had to be made to promote the band.
    Well, whatever…at least there are people, like yourself Barbara, who call these bottom-feeding parasites on their bullshit!

  15. Bran11-12-12

    oh, Layne isn’t the only person she’s lied about being involved with. just google her name, and you’ll see a plethora of bullshit.

    honestly, I think she’s pretty fucking sick and actually believes all the fecal matter that comes flying out of her mouth.
    what’s really sick, is even after she’s been called out, she keeps on keeping on.

  16. Christine11-10-12

    I want this Tanya bitches head!! How fuckin dare her. And no before u call your lawyer, that was a WISH not a threat you sorry ass excuse for a human! KARMA is a bitch and when it finds your nasty ass I hope I can read about it!!

  17. Kori11-01-11

    I was just looking through your site…love what you’ve done…when I came across this and read your article on this shit “book” and was reading the comments. First off, I don’t like how this cunt, Tanya, belittles Layne’s fans. That’s bullshit. Second, I think it’s crap that she would write her twisted fantasy about her “relationship” with Layne. It’s appalling. But, no…I don’t know Layne, never had the privilege to have met him; but, I can relate and connect with his music as far as heroin addiction and losing loved ones to addiction, during my addiction. It’s unexplainable and words can’t accurately describe the despair that heroin addiction brings. My addiction didn’t progress as far as Layne’s battle did, but it lasted a few years and I can tell you, once it gets to where you’re shooting up to avoid dope sickness, you’re not out at a fucking techno club dancing the night away. You’re using or scoring or feeling like shit. And your eyes don’t dilate on heroin, they get pin point small.

  18. erica10-30-11

    I have been listening to aic & mad season since the 90s & love the music & laynes wonderful voice. This site is a lovely view into Laynes & Demris life, I have always been interested in his life & in Demri, as she seem to be inspiration for some of the songs. I cannot believe people are writing trashy books about him, if something was going to be written i would rather it was written by a very good friend or family or by aic themselves. I read the other book by rubio & it was the worst book i have ever read, i dont recommend that one either, it just didnt ring true to me & was poorly written.

  19. Liisa03-02-10

    Ooops, my bad. It was Yvonne who came up with that little gem! Not to take anything away from you Barbara, this whole site is your labor of love…

  20. Liisa03-02-10

    Umm, yeah… I would be laughing at this Tanya chick, if what she was attempting to do to Layne's memory wasn't so disgusting and heartbreaking. Some people are so dissatisfied with the way their own lives have turned out, that they need to fabricate a totally different one, just to make themselves feel better and more important. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a "FAN." And Barbara, good one, hahaha! "Chola eyebrows"!!

  21. Allyson01-28-10

    wow all of this is mindblowing.. im just trying to get some insight into one of the the most beautiful souls in music history and i have to read that crap.. its very dissappointing that this tanya lady would really have the balls to make up some kind of fairy tale like that..really because i have seen to many drug addicts fall apart and honestly that last thing they are doing is going to some club .. especially as far gone as layne was not that i knew personally but all im saying in im sure he prob never left his condo why would he .. im sure his dealers just dropped his shit off and he holed up getting high like any other user would… and if he didnt have his shit i doubt he even had the strength to get up and use the bathroom…if you have ever seen an addict first hand you would understand it and that woman clearly did not.. yeah im sure he spit up blood plenty but not in her fictional paradise and barbara i am truely sorry for you loss im sure you were a great friend to him and im sure he misses you dearly take care to all that truely care about protecting layne

  22. Branden N. Burch11-16-09

    Hello. Congratulations on your good contribution. I will read through the rest of your website.

  23. Nicole07-19-09

    As Layne's fans and friends, we need to protect his legacy from garbage such as Tayna Vece. She's nothing but a wannabe star fucker looking to cash in on lies made about a man who is not here to defend himself. Real nice. Do you honestly expect us to believe that Layne, a sickly, addicted man, was hanging out with with a 20 year old in a techno club puking blood on the floor? We aren't stupid.

  24. Diane Pastel07-19-09

    I got her company website. and take a look at this! Two sites mention Layne , one you have to dig into. I set up a fake myspace trying to read her blog!

  25. Diane Pastel07-19-09

    Tanya Vece notes why she only as 12 followers on her myspace page. She yells at laynes fans too! it is if you don't have the link

    I have the book on pre-order. I prob will return it but I want to see what she is going to put in it. I'll share it here.

  26. 90's girl07-18-09

    I always tip my cap when puking blood in public don't you? This is just ridiculous. It's disgusting and violating the memory of someone who isn't here to defend himself. She obviously doesn't know how protective we are of Layne.

  27. Yvonne07-17-09

    I just back from holiday, so this was the first I have read about this “new development”. Whooo….Barbara, if I were YOU, I would be shaking in my boots right about now. Gosh….A real, live lawyer is gonna contact you? wow.

    Tanya, you should invest in a good editor, proof reader, maybe some white-out for your fumbling errors, a legitimate PR agency, oh and perhaps a voodoo priestess to exact your revenge on all who mock you!

    And Fuck, may I add YOU!

    It’s a crime that nowadays anyone can call themselves a writer.

    Stay sweet, Barbara….we love you!!

  28. Yvonne07-17-09

    Oh hey….One more thing…..Tanya Vece IS on Twitter, but she only has 12 (TWELVE) followers. It's almost pathetic.

  29. Barbara Dearaujo07-11-09

    So, Tanya has responded back to me through email…I guess she didn't like the fact that I proved I was more then a FAN and by the way.. I hate how she uses all caps every time she uses that word like it's profanity.

    Tanya Vece Said,
    I have been advised to have my attorney contact you at the physical address, via your IP address.
    Thank you.

    and My response was simple…



    So tell me Tanya..Who’s going to contact Layne’s lawyer? Who’s going to protect Layne? Me and his fans. Tanya is constantly referring to his fans in a negative way and what I have to say about that is this.. Yes, this is a FAN site and yes I am a FAN and FAN’s are what keep the music alive as well as the man behind the music. Without the FAN’s this site would be pointless. Without the FAN’s her book would be pointless.

    What I have to say to her about her lawyer threat.. Um. Seriously? Give me a break!
    I have done nothing wrong here. I have not harassed you or stalked you which are the only two laws online that would be taken serious by the police. If you went to the police over a bad review on your book they’d only laugh in your face. I questioned your morality and your validity and I’ve expressed my opinion which as far as I know is still legal in America. Yes, I used a lot of profanity and I did call you names but I did not threaten you or leave comments on your websites or stalk you online. This is my website and I have not done anything here that would get me into trouble with the law.

    Just like your protected by freedom of speech.. so are we. I can and I will say that I do not believe in this book and I will not be buying it or reading it. I can and I will say how I feel on my own website. I’m still allowed to do that.

    I say bring the lawyer on. Please. I’d like to talk to him.

    And to think I thought you were all excited about all the publicity this post was going to give you and help you with your book sales. I thought we had fed right into the palm of your hand? I wonder what changed your mind? Maybe because now I’m not just some FAN spouting opinions? Not fair.

    Remember Tanya? You said these things just one day ago…

    "I thank you all for playing right into the palm of my hand and helping me accomplish my goals to 1) Raise more money for Layne’s charity and The LA Free Clinic by causing a stir about my book and 2) Giving hope to others who couldn’t get a legitimate job in the music industry (or as a stripper)hope to one day take time away from their small families, and small lives, to write hateful spiteful and uneducated FAN letters on a FAN web page. Truly, Thank you again".

    and then again….

    "I guess I owe you a thank you. Thank you for being so small minded and responding to me allowing for a heated debated in which return sells more books with all the money going to charity. Again, Thank you".

    and then again..

    "I felt even sadder as I thought how FANS like you really think you have a connection in real life to any musician. Your reply has painted a true picture of the ignorance that exists in you. I’ll make sure to put a special mention, along with your email, on the publisher’s web site when the book goes to presale. I think your comments will help sell the book, and cause all that money to go to Layne’s charity as well as The LA Free Clinic. SO I guess I owe you a thank you. Thank you for being so small minded and responding to me allowing for a heated debated in which return sells more books with all the money going to charity. Again, Thank you. "

    I mean you Thanked me like 6 times..what did I do to change your mind Tanya? I'm really hurt. I seriously thought you liked me. I thought you were going to give me a special mention!! I'm totally bummed now.. what went wrong between us TANYA…???


    Give me a fucking break already. Boycott Taya Vece's Book.

  30. Yvonne07-10-09

    Barbara….You are SO welcome. You are doing "God's work" here. And I defend you to the death. You and I have spoken before, but you are busy so you probably don't recall.

    I have a dear friend who I worked with in the music industry and she became EXTREMELY famous after her death….That's when all of the vultures came out of the woodwork to cash in. It sickens me and all I can do, is sit back and laugh at these "friends" hash out false memories of her on the internet.

    This foul woman will never release this garbage. I don't think she even has 4 pages completed. If, by some sort of pact with the Devil, it DOES see the light of day, I would hope that Nancy hires a lawyer to sue her for fraud and slander.

    Unfortunately we have first amendment rights in this country, that protect vermin like her. All we can hope for is that she contracts a very painful, fatal disease and then we can all dance a jig of glee!

  31. Barbara Dearaujo07-10-09

    Thanx for all your comments Yvonne and Brett I'm happy to know I'm not acting insane here but seriously..what gives this crazy bitch rights to tell Layne's story? He's rolling over in his grave.
    I think the whole techno bar story just threw me completly off and hindered me from acting rational. That is so far from even close to a realistic setting for him at that time. Maybe when he was still healthy but this is supposed to have taken place in the last months of his life and I can assure yu he was not kicking it in clubs hanging out with some 22 year old writer? Yeh like he would trust a writer? Uh no. NOO didn't happen period.
    Anyway, Thank you for sticking it to the bitch. 🙂

  32. Brett07-08-09

    Isn't there like a law against misrepresenting oneself? Isn't that like, I don't know, called fraud or something of that nature? Shouldn't Ms. Vece (there I go again…but can't just call her "hag"/"crone"/, could I?) be howling away her pathetic little existence while stuck on Cell Block C of some Alabama prison? Shouldn't AIC's representation be looking into this, maybe compiling a media report of their own? Perhaps a press release of their own! I mean, for heavens sake, where do we draw the line; what is fiction and what borders on slander? And normally I wouldn't have gotten upset…except, the man's no longer here to defend himself, to tell her off…

    @ Yvonne: Hell yeah, Mozart was one tight ass brother; he got it on with ladies all the way from Novosibirsk to Nantucket! I was like at this one party once and dude…that sh!t was ill! Gonna write a book about it, actually…it has already been written, it's called…um, yeah, Mozard: The dirty life and times – a night in Tanya Vece… And yeah, there are parts even I will keep secret! Like…the threesome, with like…a group of bikers…oh wait, sorry, did I say threesome…meant like, um… Well, that's Tanya Vece in a nutshell! As for Eddie Vedder, Oprah … for the love of humanity!

    @ Barbara: Love the facelift platinum pics – insane!!! Best of all, you never flaunted that around…or anything like that! That said, glad you did this time around! Awesome, awesome photos! And yes, that shut her up good!

  33. Yvonne07-08-09

    Oh….well, the plot thickens. She also has represented Oprah Winfrey, Eddie Vedder, Celine Dion, Korn, Elton John, Eminem….Oprah, huh? According to her horsey mag, she did an INTERVIEW with Eddie Vedder. No, not the singer, the plumber from Jersey! But if interviewing a guy with the same name, equates to have "worked with", then I'll be damned.

    I once bumped into Gregory Hines on the boardwalk in Venice Beach. I suppose I could tell people that I "danced" with Gregory Hines?

    Wow…..I really should re-think my resume. I have a lot of tweaking to do.

    Oh and btw, the book she is writing is merely a collection of stories she gathered from fans all over the world, who wrote in to her pathetic webzine, on a tab she calls "Memory Layne". She also claims that Layne found her after she took an overdose of pills and gathered her wallet and keys and began to counsel her on why she needs to "live". He took her under his gentle wing and nursed her back to health. And for the next 5 years of his life, till the day he died, he was her rock. Her strength…her "will to live". She wants all of his TRUE fans to know what he really was.

    I can't wait for the auction of his fingernail clippings on Ebay. I am sure she has those laying around somewhere. "But it's for charity"…Wah.

    Hey everybody….I am just going to put this out there now….I had hot monkey sex with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart…..Yes…..THE Mozart. Please look for my tell all book to be released soon.

  34. Brett07-08-09

    Wow…Nikki Sixx (and I thought that was a joke…this girl for real?!?); Ms. Vese, I'm honoured…truly, I am! It might actually be possible! Yup, imagine some shady, poorly lit alleyway…a truly romantic setting and yes, sadly, growing up with a father strumming out megahit after megahit… Ach shame Ms. Vese…and there you were, growing up on the streets of Vegas with daddy's truly inspiring ballad promising his return…ah, such a heartfelt song (Ms. Vese, if you're not in the know…go check out "Home Sweet Home" by your daddy's band; that would be Motley Crue, btw)!

    …now if only her publisher actually existed!

  35. Yvonne07-08-09

    Whoa….Barbara…This chick is sicker than we thought. She evidently tells people she is the daughter of Nikkie Sixx, that she is Russell Brands fiance/baby mama and that she represents Joaquin Phoenix as PR consultant. She is a ghost…..She has spread rumours about herself all over the web, just to drum up publicity for herself. Not one thing about her can actually be verified. She even spread a rumour that she fucked Keanu Reeves.

    Seriously….This is one twisted fuck. I would avoid her at all cost.

  36. Yvonne07-08-09

    Oh Tanya…..I thank you. This was so much fun. Who's the publisher? Which script did you write for SNL? Did your daddy, Nikki, ever touch your no-no area? What club did your mama work at? I can only imagine her profession involved a pole of some kind. Hey….what's the address to that mysterious club Layne took you to?

    All these answers and more when we return.

    P.S. SPELLCHECK…it's a writers best friend.

  37. admin07-07-09

    Oh and by the way she might not of found my “sucking him off” comment funny.. but I did. 🙂

  38. admin07-07-09

    Here's an email from Tanya and my response just so everyone can see what a jerk she is.

    Tanya Vece Said,
    Wow, such rage and hate. I must have really gotten under your skin. Nope, never heard of you. There is such as thing as a forensic photography analysis all publishing companies put their photographs, via new authors, through. I laugh because you are so uneducated on who Layne was I question who you are. If you knew me , or heard any of my interviews, you would know I never claimed to ever be Layne's girlfriend and talked about Demri and Layne's relationship. I really do feel bad for you. I thought I could reason with someone trying to have an educated and constructive, yet different, point of view than I. I see the person responding to me has only harsh, negative, untrue and unbiased things to say to and about me without knowing me and never KNOWING Layne. You even bring in the quote "sucking him off". How classy of you to bring a lude term up in any conversation about your so-called friend. Yeah, I pictured you in your flip flops and Coors Light T-Shirt in front of the computer patting yourself on the back for thinking of that insult all on your own. Then I felt even sadder as I thought how fans like you really think you have a connection in real life to any musician. Your reply has painted a true picture of the ignorance that exists in you. I'll make sure to put a special mention, along with your email, on the publisher's web site when the book goes to presale. I think your comments will help sell the book, and cause all that money to go to Layne's charity as well as The LA Free Clinic. SO I guess I owe you a thank you. Thank you for being so small minded and responding to me allowing for a heated debated in which return sells more books with all the money going to charity. Again, Thank you. ——————————————————————————————–


    Ok, My name is Barbara Dearaujo I'm 36, I met Layne when I was 19 and I was best friends with him and his girlfriend for most of my 20's until Demri passed away and then I left Seattle. I don't give a rats ass if you don't know me because I seriously have no clue who you are.

    You were what 21 when you were hanging out with him? and he was 33-34? You were a young girl and he was far beyond Strung out and heart broken. He had lost most his teeth and completely destroyed his body and looked like the walking dead but YOU this young gossip queen was hanging out with him in techno clubs??? You were getting into his head? You were his shoulder to cry on? I happen to know he never left his house and smoked crack and did dope all day. I have to be honest your story about the techno disco fantasy.. I wish that was what really happened. It'd be nice to think of him having fun instead of slowly killing himself in his condo.


    All I know is you're writing about my good friend.and then calling me an uneducated groupie. Your story is fantasy and sensationalism. Because even if you did know him and I'm sure you probably did meet him. Big deal. A lot of people met Layne.

    The difference is meeting Layne and hanging out with him for let's give you a bit of credit and say you hung out with him for a month, 2 months..lets say you were talking to him for half a year..
    That's not enough to write a book about him like your some kind of Layne expert? I say bullshit. Complete garbage and if you were so close to Layne I would of heard about you or ran into you. It's not like he had this huge social circle. He didn't.

    If you think 10 comments on my blog will stir up a huge amount of publicity for your lame book well that's um.. hilarious. We fed into your hands? That's also a good one. This is not this is just a sub-domain on my main website which is a Webdesign blog. This is not going to do a damn thing for you but make you look even more stupid and greedy then you already do.

    The comments you've made here only show you for what you are and that's a girl who may have possibly met Layne and who decided that their trip to the gothic drug disco was enough to make her an expert on Layne's life.

    My friend… You truly suck.

    I doubt these will need "forensic photography analysis" but it will at least shut people up who wanna call me a groupie or worse a liar, I've never posted these online because I never felt that I needed to prove anything to anyone but eh I feel the need to shut you up..
    I can promise you this..they don't give these to groupies or 22 year old journalists.

    and juust in case you wanted to take it to your forensic is my name up close..

    Calling me uneducated… or picturing me in a Coors t-shirt. Also far from realistic.
    But then again you don't know me.
    I can see from your Myspace page that you think knowing celebrities makes you cool and writing celebrity gossip makes you educated.

    If you knew Layne then you would know he wasn't into that celebrity bullshit and he wouldn't of hung out with someone who was. YOU! So, maybe he was seriously fucked up that night who knows or maybe he was just horribly lonely and you entertained him. I have no clue why all I know is you have no right to make money off him or tell his story and he'd be kicking his own ass for letting you into his world if he could.
    If he even did.

    Your quote: “Let me just say there are some things I won’t expand on — some things even I will keep secret!”

    You can't tell me you were not trying to add to the mystery and stir up interest by implying that you and him had a romantic relationship with that LOADED quote. You're a pro at stirring up gossip. I mean your are the "Gossip Queen" after all.. right? Well at least it says so in that clipping you posted on your Myspace.

    Believe me.. I know you didn't have sex with him because sex was the last thing on Layne's mind in the end. He was not feeling sexy or looking sexy. He was destroyed physically, emotionally and mentally. He was like 96 pounds. You would of cringed at the sight of him and honestly unless you were getting high with Layne… you were not hanging out with Layne period. So.. is that what you were doing? Is that your big "secret"?

    Anyway.. I could go on for days and yes you have pist me off.
    I just want to say this…you make me sick. I hope you get what you deserve. Nothing.

    Barbara Dearaujo

  39. Brett07-07-09

    Tanya…you're calling this a stir – heh, you don't get out much, do you? So why hasn't Random House signed you yet? Come on, you're an accomplished author (yes, yes…no)! As for your diatribe, so bloody immature… 'nuf said!

    PS. Successful you say? ROFL! Yeah…totally…I can SO see it now! Damn exploitive fluffer…

    PPS. Pre-sales? You gotta be shitting me, no self-respecting AIC fan would even dream of touching your book…I'd rather encourage the entire community to give this book the recognition it deserves – none whatsoever!

  40. Tanya Vece07-07-09

    Oh, and those of you who DO want to read my FREE blog, Why not call SNL yourself and see which one it was. I have no tracks to cover, just the story of my life. You don't have to like it but don't write about what you don't know about first hand. As far as two clients- two clients in five years for not getting paid is a valid reason not to keep them on. I don't think any person on here would continue to go to work if they were not getting paid. Just how life works. I wouldn't think any of you would understand that because you are all too musy writing stuff you think you know about me. Write me directly. We may disagree but at least a fair and direct conversation would take place. And again, I do think it is great all of you love Layne so much. Bye kiddies.

  41. Tanya Vece07-07-09

    I would just like to thank all of you for your class. Wasn't born in 94. I'm 29. I think all of you are great and wonderful people for keeping Layne's memory alive in your hearts. You all speak so well and causing such a muck about me has helped generate interest in the book. In turn it will cause the presales of my book to increase and generate more money for charity. This said, I thank you all for playing right into the palm of my hand and helping me accomplish my goals to 1) Raise more money for Layne's charity and The LA Free Clinic by causing a stir about my book and 2) Giving hope to others who couldn't get a legitimate job in the music industry (or as a stripper)hope to one day take time away from their small families, and small lives, to write hateful spiteful and uneducated FAN letters on a FAN web page. Truly, Thank you again. This is my last post as I have to get back to my life now. Thanks for the surge ! Bye kiddies.

    • Lana10-14-16

      Blah blah blah if you call your self Layne’s friend and a fan than why don’t you be a true one and respect his wish of not having a book written about him? If you were never sick with addiction especially to H you will never understand the amount of shame addicts are live with. I can’t imagine a guy who hid from public for years would appreciate a book to be out there about those years when he tried so hard to stay away. Go f**k your self you wannabe you

  42. Yvonne07-07-09

    Notice how Tanya has NOT come back to defend herself? It's women like her that give white trash a bad name.

  43. ibdreamy07-07-09

    FLAME WAR!!! It's On! I'm the webmaster and also a long time friend of Layne's.
    I have no clue who you are Tanya Vece except that your obviously completely full of SHIT! The whole story about you in some techno club and Layne telling you this is where I've been lately.. makes me giggle and puke a little at the same time.

    All I have to do to make fun of you.. is quote your "so called book"…

    "Layne and I circled the room, on the train of unwinding souls with no real destination. All of us just stuck in our places, like the repetitive pace of the blaring bass in the background. As people bobbed and swayed, someone from the outside could have described this place as hell on Earth. Drugs, alcohol and relishing in sin were all staple crops in this rhythm nation. The best part was not one person gave a damn as every-ones eyes were dilated with an oblivious craving to never loose the taste of this parallel universe".

    That is so pitiful and total trash!!!!!!

    I also love this….

    "I know you feel like you’re a part of Layne’s life because you are a fan, but that does not mean you have the right to judge on things you were not a part of. This site came up on my press ticket while pulling clips for some of my clients".

    LOL!!! Good. Why don't you check your facts before you assume I'm just a fan like you.

    I was there and I never saw or heard of YOU. If you think I need to ask your permission to trash your "almost" book which hasn't even been mentioned online in YEARS then you have another thing coming. If this book is ever seriously published… I'm just going to give you a heads up now..There's going to be a lot of bloggers out there who are also AIC fans who will tear you apart and I'm pretty sure they will not ask you for your permission first.

    I don't feel obligated to get a quote from you or hear your side of your fake fictional story. You say pictures don't lie.. well actually yes they can..Even if you showed me a picture of you sucking Layne off you couldn't make me believe for two seconds that he was dating you or that you and him had some secret techno love affair. I can tell just from your excerpt that he wouldn't of dug you.

    It's totally possible that you hung out with him for maybe a weekend or something..we've all had random flings but your not supposed to go off and write a fucking book about it and make it into something more then it was. Believe me I knew Layne during what you call his "recluse" years and he would not think this crap you've written is cool or honest or a good deal. He'd think that you were a selfish bitch who was trying to make money off his death and his drug addiction. Your trying to save junkies my ass. PUKE!!!!! A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth.

    You can call me a liar I can call you a liar it's all pretty fantastic really.

    The thing is I KNOW your making whatever you had with Layne into some BIG Magical adventure and maybe it was.. for you.. but I can promise you it was probably just another day for him. I'm also positive that he would not appreciate you trying to make a living off his name.
    I don't appreciate it and I hope your shitty book never see's the light of day. I promise you that our friends would agree with me on this. Demri and all the other people in his life who REALLY did share his life with him. NOT YOU.

    Tanya I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.

  44. Yvonne07-07-09

    Oh Em Gee….How the fuck did she claim to know Layne, when she was born in like '94 or something? Evi-fucking-dently, she is the illegitimate daughter of Nikki Sixx.

    Tanya….you really aren't very good at covering your tracks. Jesus Christ!!

  45. Brett07-07-09

    Wow Yvonne, thanks so much – possibly four words I'll never get tired off (not that I get 'em a lot…but, truly rhapsodic…as they say ;P)!

    As for contacting me, ach, to hell with Ms. Vece; she SO "can't touch this"…as MC Hammer would say! So, feel free to drop me a mail at bret2tom at gmail dot com – it's a loooong way around, but yeah, will definitely do the trick!

    Best and chat soon!

    Oh yes, before I forget, final shoutout to Beelzebub and as a friend of mine would say, "suck it down, monkey f*ck!" m/

  46. Yvonne07-07-09

    @Brett – YOU are MY hero, Brett. I am glad that others are smelling the bullshit that permeates through the internet.

    I was in the music biz for a looooooooooooooong time and it sickens me when I see another ass clown attempt to cash in on another persons misfortune, or untimely death. I have a dear friend, who is world renowned for her voice, who passed away and her own FAMILY took advantage and made millions off of her legacy.

    Hey Vece….You REALLY wanna help out some addicts with your "story of hope"? Why not simply blog about it, so EVERYONE can read your tales and that way we KNOW you are not in it for a profit. Reading a crappy blog is free. And some people read them on the toilet. You would be helping others with your sage advice PLUS they would be killing time whilst having their daily constitutional. Yes, ALL roads lead to the crapper or poop in some way with me.

    Brett, I wish there were someway to contact you, without Beelzebub finding out our true identities!! I is a-scared of her!!

  47. Brett07-07-09

    Yvonne…10/10; couldn't have said it better myself. And yeah, no worries here, if history is anything to judge by…this badly written tome of inaccuracy and deception is never coming out!

    PS. Really loved the last bit of your reply; this Vece hag should be calling you up for some writing lessons!

  48. Yvonne07-07-09

    Hey lady….Calm the fuck down. I just researched you a bit and you stated in one interview that you were donating HALF the proceeds between the Layne Staley Fund and a clinic. So, where is the other half going? That's 50%…Just so we're clear.

    You also tout this "CNN" accreditation around as if it's something to be proud of. Big fucking deal!! Also, on your Linkedln page, you "claim" to have been offered an internship at SNL, but "Opted to decline the offer". Hhehehee….GOOD ONE!! And then on your horsey page, you claim to have been a comedy writer FOR SNL. So, which one is it, dipshit? And who would turn down the chance to intern at SNL? What was your better offer? Writing copy for the local high school newspaper? Oh….that's right….You were busy in the shooting gallery, with a bunch of rockstars.

    You don't even have a legitimate website for your "PR Firm"…You release "Press releases" on a FREE website that allows any idiot with a computer release a "Breaking news story". Hell lady, I just took a dump, why don't I write a fluff piece about that? I should…I could….I am just as talented as YOU…..But I digress.

    Why can't manage to keep any clients either? You lost two within a month of signing them on, then you do something REALLY tacky, like tell everybody how they didn't pay their bill. You sure can't keep a secret, can you? How professional was that to say about some unknown, pathetic rock band who fell into your deception?

    Lady, to ME and everyone else who comes across your self-proclaimed dribble, thinks you are one of those washed-up groupies, who can't let go of the past and age gracefully and quietly. Go away. Go fuck yourself. Go fuck someone else over with your fantasies. Nobody is buying what you have to sell. (or trying to sell since 2007).

    Go exploit your vagina on some reality show. Go get money the old fashioned way….Marry some rich Vegas cat and bump him off for his loot. You seem to be scotch taped together pretty nicely….albeit I WOULD rethink your Chola eyebrows. Go fuck Brett Michaels…..Go write a book about how much you hate him. Go fuck a washed up celebrity. Go and develop an eating disorder. Go dance around an airport, wrapped in a bed sheet with a bunch of religious nuts. Go and become a new murder victim for the Bloods or the Crips. Go do something with your life, other than post your stupidity here.

  49. Brett07-07-09

    PS. Quite legit…now isn't it:

    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2009-06-08
    Registration Date…. 2009-06-08
    Expiry Date………. 2010-06-08
    Organisation Name…. Tanya Vece
    Organisation Address. 8455 W. Sahara
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Las Vegas
    Organisation Address. 89117
    Organisation Address. NV
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Admin Name……….. Tanya Vece
    Admin Address…….. 8455 W. Sahara
    Admin Address……..
    Admin Address…….. Las Vegas
    Admin Address…….. 89117
    Admin Address…….. NV
    Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES
    Admin Email……….
    Admin Phone………. +1.7026245239
    Admin Fax…………

    Have a nice day, Ms.

  50. Brett07-07-09

    Just a comment to Ms. Tanya Vece. Ma'am, frankly stated, if you are in fact a writer…heh, then I'm an astronaut! Firstly, everyone is suddenly "writers" and I personally blame Hollywood-ism for this. Secondly, you're not…simple as that. Your style is sub-par at best and your so-called metaphors leave much to be desired. Go read a good book, American Psycho should do…and try again…but not about Layne, not about someone you really never knew.

    Thanks so much and to the lovely lady running this site, nicely done!

  51. Tanya Vece07-07-09

    First off this comment shows the ignorance of a FAN.

    Email my office, and I will send you an MP3 of an interview I did in Chicago stating I AM KEEPING NO MONEY from the book. Explain how I am cashing in on it?

    Second off the memories should be kept alive. People are interested, you responded didn't you? I couldn't think of a better way than to share my story and my photos of Layne in his last days then with his fans. Maybe even help one of them make the decision to go to rehab.

    Legitimate? Hmmm. Seems I have been credentialed by CNN, run a successful company, and make my living as a writer.

    This board is set-up to honor people you don't even know. You are on it writing nasty things about people you don't know. Tells me a lot about your character. The "Cashing in" statement was the best one yet as it shows how lacking your research truly is!

    • Sarah09-12-12

      Sounds like you are dissing his fans to me. Maybe you should write a science fiction book about something else.

      • Barbara09-12-12

        LOL! But she already wrote a scifi novel.. it’s about a fiction character by the name of Layne Staley.

    • tiffany08-10-13

      First of all dumb ass, if not for the FANS aic wouldn’t have gotten recognized the way they were and deserved to be! If you watch clips from his videos you can see the huge smile on his face when he looks into the crowd at all of his FANS who came out to here and appreciate the soul he put into his music so clearly you didn’t know shit about him if you think putting down God fans would be ok with him! Also, if you think he would want any money you made going to his charity your a joke! You’ve dis- honored in the worst possible way and feel you are justified by going to supposedly donate the blood money to his charity? Keep in mind that the FANS are on here defending him while you his speed love interest is on here talking about him for me. If you really liked him and respected him you would have never shared things about him in the way you’ve chosen to! He loved demri not you! He didnt even talk about her publicly much because he clearly had respect for her and didn’t want to share all of his precious memories with every one, they were his to keep. You know nothing about respect. Thx to all the fans for keeping him valid through his music. We may not have known him but we know what he wanted us to know about him through his lyrics.

  52. Yvonne07-07-09

    This Tanya person is about as legitimate and valid as the "Octomom". Does she intend to publish said book with all of the typo's included?

    Hey, I know a famous dead person TOO! But you don't see me cashing in on that personal relationship just to make a buck. If she was in fact, as close to Layne as she claims to be, then I pity her.

    Keep those memories, good or bad, to yourself. No sense in making a spectacle of his tragedy. Let the man rest in peace, would ya??

    Keep the faith, Barbara…Her 15 minutes will be up soon.

  53. Tanya Vece07-05-09

    BTW – get your link right. NO FINANCIAL ADVISOR

  54. Tanya Vece07-05-09

    This is Tanya Vece. I would like the owner of this site to email, or myspace me,

    I know you feel like you're a part of Layne's life because you are a fan, but that does not mean you have the right to judge on things you were not a part of. This site came up on my press ticket while pulling clips for some of my clients.

    Don't you think before you write about what you think you KNOW you should contact the author of the book for their statement? I am getting so tired of hearing what FANS have to say when they never KNEW Layne. Write what you want but have the balls to contact me first. I can't believe how stupid some of the stuff even sounds. Before you make me out to be this lunatic you should get your facts straight. Layne's mom doesn't want the book out and I am publishing the letter she sent to me as to why she doesn't want it out. I am tired of reading all this crap about people who only own a record but were no where close to the situation itself! I have a publisher. Facts have to be checked. Photos don't lie. Next time contact me! I would be more than happy to answer questions then have you write your "fan" point of you without fact checking!

  55. Lior07-01-09

    im trying to find the admin email adress so i can mail him.. i can't find it anywhere here in the site (sound stupid?) i only want to ask a couple of question… NOT bad ones
    by the way, thanks you very much for this site it mean alot to some of us 🙂

    • Barbara06-17-14

      My email for those looking for it is
      I know this was years ago but I want to make sure people can reach me if they can’t find my contact info.

  56. Olivia06-27-09

    I will tell you this, Everyone who was in Layne's life has fought to keep this pile of trash from seeing the light of day. I've seen excerpts and they physically sickened me that a so called friend would ever try to put out such filth about Layne. Everyone who knew Layne knew how much his privacy meant. Hopefully, it will never see the light of day….this girl is a so called party organizer in Vegas and loves to ride the coattails of the glitterati. Honor Layne by takiing her picture and all mention of her book down. Thank you….and I can tell you are here for the sole purpose of honoring the good parts of Layne & have a good heart…

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